6 min readFeatures of Drone Inspection and AI Data Processing Management Software
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With high-speed operation and minimal loading times, drone data processing software will enable users to analyze and manage various images, tags and interpret faults, speeding up the generation of completely customizable and professional reports. The real-time data insights gathered from the drone image processing helps in making it simpler to spot long-term problems, identifying faults and consistently optimizing your predictive performance strategy.

Drone-based solutions will revolutionize operations in mining, surveying as well as construction sectors by making use of aerial data for digitizing the physical world.

Important features of drone inspection and AI data processing management software.

Streamlined sharing and actionable insights

Nbcanada Streamlined Sharing And Actionable Insights

Images which are captured while drone inspection can be backed up securely to the drone data processing platform that will be shared easily with repair crews, infrastructure specialists, as well as customers. Image geotagging capability will make quick generation of list of locations for further action. 

Repair persons may even browse the data captured and get crucial insights before starting work. This will result in enhanced planning along with savings on equipment, spare parts, and man-hours. You can assign any tasks quickly resulting in an efficient workflow and retaining all interested people in the loop. Also, the drone data processing software will allow the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the workflow. AI minimizes the tedious task of making a review of tens or hundreds of various images and analyzing them for the location of various issues which need to be monitored or fixed.

Fully customizable drone data storage & processing

Drone inspection and data processing software is a scalable solution, having safe and secure storage alternatives that are upgradeable and available based on your requirements. License options may include per-asset, full enterprise, and per-image license. Drone data storage & processing software also has the feature of on-premise installation mainly for the users who want complete control of their platform. You can also install on the private servers for creating your own in-house solution which can be integrated easily with various asset management systems like ESRI, IBM Maximo, and SAP.

Expert data analysis

Nbcanada Expert Data Analysis

Customers can send their complete drone data which helps to save manpower as well as time by utilizing data analysis. As a top AI app development company in Toronto, Canada, we leverage world-class artificial intelligence techniques in order to find faults in the drone inspection imagery. We make image analysis that curates the necessary images from a nearer to thousands of captured images making the final process quickly. We also provide expert advice to improve the quality of the drone captured images.

Accurate labels and Machine Learning

User-defined segmentation along with the labeling will provide a total control over the quality of your data. You can decide your own terminology in order to make sure that the labels are correct and also your team is working using that specific data. Each time you are inspecting an asset, machine learning (ML) trains your Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to find any defects and consistently optimize the predictive performance technique.

Profitable decisions based on reliable data

Nbcanada Profitable Decisions Based On Reliable Data

AI provides complete control over how you are training your AI model. Depending on the input given, it will constantly enhance the data quality with which you will be able to detect faults easily. It helps you to take action in advance before the defects become more dangerous. Whenever you implement AI, it provides smart results by leveraging machine learning and computer vision in order to understand the particular problems of your organization and enable your inspections in a more efficient way.

Manage users and data in a single platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring all the stakeholders together through a safe and secure platform that helps you in collaborating during the inspections. You can easily manage users using a central console and keep all your information highly secure by providing various kinds of access levels for your vendors, clients, and even other business partners.

Data Processing Software for Drone Inspections

  • Power line inspections

Drone based power line inspection is very common and data processing software is a perfect solution to handle, organize and process various images that are generated. Image geotagging facility will help in quickly identifying major locations across thousands of power lines. The real-time data insights collected from the drone image processing assists in making it easy to identify long-term problems, detect faults and in turn the maintenance will be enhanced along with the power line installation’s expected lifetime.

  • Wind farm inspections
Nbcanada Wind Farm Inspections

Drone-based aerial imaging will help to make repairs and inspections of wind farms easily and efficiently and makes the best planning of repairs, enhanced investment analysis, lifetime assessment, and a safe work environment to the inspection crews. It can easily store and process huge amounts of drone inspection data of wind farms making it simple to identify long-term issues and to track the condition of various components. This wind helps in an improved expected lifetime as well as enhanced ROI.

  • Solar farm inspections

Drone-based thermal imaging will identify faults in solar panels which are not even visible to the eye. Manually analyzing large solar farms to find the faults that decrease their efficiency and minimize the lifespan, will not be possible, which makes UAV thermal surveying a perfect solution. It can organize and process thermal imaging data, by making custom maps and letting users manually identify faults. This software also makes use of intelligent AI-based analysis in order to offer dependable and quick results.


Drone inspection and data processing software offers a scalable solution with secure storage options which can be upgradeable based on your business requirements. Nextbrain Technologies is the top AI app development company in Toronto, Canada specialized in offering drone inspection and AI data processing management software according to the specific needs of the business.