6 min readTop 5 Reasons Why Web Design remains Important in 2021
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  • Sep 23, 2021
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Web design is the process of designing a website from start to finish, simply put, and it contains a lot of processes within it. It remains one of the important sectors of industry as internet companies continue to grow, and websites with many types of requirements continue to be an important need.

The statistics seem to suggest that 66 percent of people would look at a website that is beautifully designed and attracts attention rather than something plain and simple, and new technologies in the field are continuously used to make this happen.

What is Web Designing?

Nbcanada What Is Web Designing

Web designing as we mentioned is the process of designing a fully functional website in an attractive manner. But there are many underlying processes that go into it. Following are some important elements that come under web designing, and each will be explained briefly.

  • UX design

UX design or user experience design is a primary design process that is required for every large website that is often used by industries. The developers in this stage try to develop wireframes and basic designs that help determine page navigation and the relationship between certain elements in the page. The basic idea of how a website should look will already be known after completing this phase.

  • UI design

UI design stands for user interface design, and it is here where computer code is used to actually create all the elements that form the interface between the human and the website functionality. Technologies like HTML 5, Javascript and bootstrap are used in this phase. Responsive website design, where the website is designed to easily be accessed through smaller devices like mobile phones are also taken care of here. The website will be fully functional after the developers complete this phase.

  • Performance optimizations

Performance optimizations are the parts of website design that must be done often so that the website is in optimal condition and has all the properties like speed, visualizations and security measures against the latest threats put in place. Failing to have this phase in designing a website will soon make your website obsolete compared to other sites on the interwebs. 

These phases when completed successfully help businesses and website owners get more value out of their audience via helping the website be more marketable and having an impact on people’s minds about what the website is about.

Top 5 Reasons Why Web Design is Important

Nbcanada 5 Reasons Why Web Design Is Important

Website design and development is important for many reasons. In this blog, we shall explore exactly how the success of both small and large businesses that take their products online can be traced in a large part, back down to the design of their website.

Your SEO strategy 

Web design and development ultimately decide how content is spread over a website, and this content is the one that is crawled by search engines which decide what the optimal place is for such websites in their search results. This is called the search engine ranking position(SERP).

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of understanding the algorithm of various search engines and then using them to increase their SERP which will help the website’s market value. The SEO strategy is also heavily influenced by how fast the website is and how responsive it is on different devices, which again tells us how website design is crucial to the SEO process.

Site navigation

Nbcanada Site Navigation

Website design is important on a psychological level as well. The internet has turned into an attention economy in recent years with sites that appear attractive and easy to use performing better over their competitors consistently. The first phase of website design which is the user experience design is incredibly important in creating seamless site navigation. The web designers must try their best to design a website that has important information on the forefront but also can provide users with any kind of detail they are looking for relating to what the website is selling.  

It boosts your brand

Even though every website may look the same, people can readily differentiate the website brand by simply visiting the website. This is because website designers also use creativity to implement a unique look in their website that helps it identify as their website. This creative and unique look is sometimes referred to as a brand, and it is very important when marketing is concerned as it imprints itself on the user’s mind. When the right brand design meets the right website with all the features aligned in the latest design principles, the brand gets a huge boost over the internet.

It helps build trust with your audience 

People these days are not gullible enough that they trust websites that are not in good shape. It is important for businesses to understand that there are thousands of businesses online that do the same thing as them and probably sell similar products simply because the internet is worldwide. Although small businesses may compete with other small businesses in their local area of service, people expect even their websites to be top-notch as most business websites have standardized this approach to marketing their products online.

Impressions matter

The website is kind of like a business representative in modern times for customers that want to do business with the creators of the website. A good website design creates a good impression on newcomers who want to deal with the website especially when it comes to financial investment.


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