6 min readHow Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile App Development and User Experience?
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most advanced technology which became popular among all the digital platforms. AI is also used in various sectors to enhance the user experience and the customer journey. AI takes over all the tedious jobs which greatly saves time, resources, and also increases efficiency. AI thinks like a human and provides the best results with less effort.

Artificial Intelligence is mainly utilized for making user-centric interactions and offering the proper results. Artificial intelligence (AI) will assist human beings in making better decisions. AI-powered tools and gadgets minimize the requirement for any such human inputs. This AI technology will utilize the best outcomes that benefit humanity.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is similar to the intelligence of humans in machines. It has the capability of copying intelligent behavior and making automatic decisions. This AI technology is a part of computer science where the computers are able to perform certain tasks which usually need human intelligence like problem-solving, situational analysis, environmental analysis, learning, comprehending language, and reasoning.

Different Types of Artificial Intelligence

Today, there are many types of Artificial Intelligence where businesses can find custom AI applications from the best AI application development company. Below given are the various types of Artificial Intelligence. 

  • Reactive machines 
Nbcanada Reactive Machines

These Reactive machines will react to the present situation by making an analysis of all the possible things that happened and then select the better one. A popular example of a reactive machine is Deep Blue which is an IBM chess program. It can analyze on its own all the moves of the opponent and select the best one strategically. But, it will not store any past experience. Another example of reactive AI is Google’s  AlphaGo. 

  • Limited memory
Nbcanada Limited Memory

This kind of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) system will perform all the tasks that are done by a reactive machine, but the advantage is it stores past experiences. This AI will be majorly used for Self-driving cars which makes use of past observation or memory in order to make a decision such as changing the lane of a car and many more. However, the stored memory is limited and not permanent.

  • Theory of mind 

Theory of mind refers to a psychological term that refers to understanding the intentions, desires, and beliefs of others that affect decision-making. This kind of AI will get to know you and then make intelligent decisions. This kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) still doesn’t exist.

  • Self-awareness 

This type of AI is the one that you usually watch in many movies which have self-awareness, emotional feeling, and self-consciousness for others. This type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not yet created.  

Importance of Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a very crucial role in the life of mankind. This AI technology will provide more output with less input. Most importantly, Artificial Intelligence can handle tedious jobs while saving time, resources, as well as increasing efficiency. Even in agriculture, farmers will make use of robots for planting and cultivating seeds and also make use of drones to look after their fields.

This kind of smart work done by AIs will highly increase the output with less effort. Also, the Artificial Intelligence development company has come up with many advancements in various other fields like healthcare and education.  

Impact of AI on Mobile App Development and User Experience

User engagement

Most mobile applications will not offer the best results because they lack proper user engagement. Artificial Intelligence is now used for making analysis of user behavior for providing clear insight about the user. AI will also update the mobile apps with information like what users are looking at in mobile apps and how users are making use of their apps. Even mobile app developers will utilize this data for making changes to get the best user engagement.

AI helps in better decision making

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make an analysis of large bits of information that humans probably can not. If there exists a large amount of data about the customer’s feedback on the mobile app. Usually, businesses will technically run a program in order to read all the feedback. But AI will read the feedback in a humane way to offer better conclusions to the developers. In later stages, this will be used in making well-informed decisions.

Personalization with AI

Already, mobile phones are marketed as personalized things for every user. But, most of the mobile apps will be the same for every user. There is no proper level of personalization for each individual. Also, Flutter mobile applications have enhanced the user experience with the personalization of the mobile apps based on the user’s needs. AI-first analyzes user behavior and based on that changes the app or recommends changes for a better user experience.

Context-driven user experience

Mobile is also used to detect the location, but the user experience can not be changed. With AI-based algorithms, it is possible to utilize the location of the user along with various crucial aspects, finally coming up with customer-centric messages and suggestions. For instance, if a user is on a road trip, the mobile AI will suggest apps that will update notifications in case there is no fuel availability nearby. 

Mobile can connect with users better

Nbcanada Mobile Can Connect With Users Better

AI analyzes large amounts of information even mobile applications may connect with users on a higher level. They will be able to store the user’s behavior and provide users much control. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are some examples. There are many new wonders to take place with the advancement of AI.


With artificial intelligence, the role of human interference is minimized as it automates all business operations. AI-powered robots like Chatbots can communicate with users in the same way that a human does. Nextbrain Technologies is the best AI app development company in Toronto, Canada delivering custom and scalable AI applications that can customize user journeys and enhance user engagement.