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Mobile apps have transformed the way that we live as most people are relying on mobile apps for their day-to-day tasks. Mobile app development has been booming in various industries like finance, health, food, and many more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is contributing a lot to mobile app development as it helps app developers in making a groundbreaking competition through a simple process for the users. 

According to recent research, 84% of the reputed companies and businesses prefer Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it offers a competitive advantage. It has been predicted that by the year 2022, the business value that is derived from AI will reach nearly $3.9 trillion. Many trendsetters and industry giants are implementing AI in mobile applications to enhance their productivity and increase their business revenue. 

Benefits of AI in Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one of the sectors where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been driving the progress of the customer experience.

Below are the major advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile app development. 

AI Voice Interface for IoT

Nbcanada Ai Voice Interface For Iot

There are various advantages provided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with respect to the IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices. Despite the fact that IoT itself is an amazing idea, it is difficult to think of individual interfaces for complete home appliances, security systems, smartwatches, and mobile phones. In order to resolve this the integration of the AI voice interface came into existence. By making use of the voice interface for every IoT device, it became very simple to connect, control, and monitor each of them. The artificial intelligence application development company offers an AI voice interface for IoT devices.

Quick interactions

With the introduction of ML in Artificial Intelligence systems, many organizations are reforming their entire methods to engage their customers. With the personalized intelligence of AI many companies, developers, and customers will all get together to examine the intelligent and quick interactions in mobile applications. AI will read the customer’s trends and choices and later will process the information that is gathered in order to provide a proper solution. 

Many organizations choose to integrate Artificial Intelligence technology into the service strategy of customers because the users will get the required help according to their wishes. Many businesses will ignore the power of Artificial Intelligence which has the potential to make them stand ahead of their competitors. The entrepreneurs who have implemented AI in their business will ultimately get more productivity and profits. Many businesses are willing to have artificial intelligence app development for their business.

AI Apps holds customers

The mobile applications which are enabled with AI will signify offering an all-in-one, spontaneous, and personalized customer experience. The basic principle of Artificial Intelligence for any mobile application is to collect the information from the earlier interactive sessions. The outcome of this will be a clear understanding of the behavior that any AI machine will utilize in connecting the user to a brand or company.

The users will usually ignore mobile apps that are having no new features. This can be changed by making use of AI technology. Mobile applications which make use of AI algorithms will have maximum customers as it provides a quick and exceptional user experience. The Artificial intelligence development company is coming up with many advanced technologies to enhance the user experience.

Predictive intelligence 

Nbcanada Predictive Intelligence

Usually, many customers will receive various kinds of updates or notifications especially related to the latest products, special offers, discounts, and any new arrivals. The predictive pattern-reading AI algorithms will keep on analyzing the history of customers and observe their most frequently purchased products or the products they usually look for and then recommend customized options. Hence, predictive AI algorithms will assist a lot to attract new customers and inspire them to do more shopping, thereby making the businesses earn more profits.

Increases Automation

There is no particular reason to say why AI minimizes human intervention while performing a task and makes an analysis design. The fact is entirely different from what we usually think. AI assists humans to make well-informed and much better decisions. Most of the AI-powered development tools and designs usually replace all the given tasks which will be automated and implemented without any need for input from human. Hence, AI has been used in most of the reputed companies in order to automate tasks and streamline business operations.

Boosts personalized experience

Nbcanada Boosts Personalized Experience

All the digital applications and interfaces will be based on some personalization to make users interested and engaged. Users are looking for those apps which can provide a unique and interactive experience through ease of use, accessibility, user interface, content, or other user-friendly features. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), the personalized user experience will be better. 

Content suggestions and personalized product recommendations by the AI-powered algorithm will depend on the interactions, preferences, and user behavior. These are a few examples of the various ways through which a personalized user experience will be delivered. User preferences as well as user contexts and personalized user notifications will be added with Artificial Intelligence. It makes users prioritize the application features depending on the usage and accessibility frequency. 

Quality user experience

AI will make user interactions in mobile applications more personalized and intuitive. Mobile app development makes use of AI-powered sentiment analysis to interpret the emotions of the user.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) will understand the user’s opinion about the services, products, and other information. Also, AI-infused technologies like image, intelligent character recognition and NLP assists organizations to build customer credibility. AI can achieve all these tasks by simply automating all the manual tasks. Artificial Intelligence-powered OCR will make banking applications work more efficiently and make all transactions simpler. 


By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the mobile app industry, the industry has gradually changed and has benefited customers as well as businesses. Nextbrain Technologies is the best AI application development company in Toronto, Canada with a team of experienced AI developers delivering custom AI development services to help clients automate their business processes and make well-informed decisions.