9 min readHow Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our Lives In The Future?
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Artificial intelligence is very important for our future because AI creates a great foundation for computer learning. With the implementation of AI, computers have the capability to tackle huge amounts of information and make use of their intelligence to offer perfect decisions in a fraction of a second. Artificial intelligence has been becoming very responsible for almost everything from medical research to climate change research.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the crucial component of many advanced technologies including IoT, robotics, and big data. It will become more popular and will be implemented in almost all industries in the future. Machines that assist humans by using artificial intelligence can be now experienced in the real world and will enhance their performance in the years to come.

What is AI?


Nowadays Artificial intelligence (AI) has been progressing very rapidly. AI-powered robots are having human-like characteristics and are capable of doing any tasks without mistakes. Today, AI is popularly called a narrow AI where it can perform only a narrow task. But, the long-term target and goal of many scientists and researchers are to build general AI or strong AI or AGI. Strong AI or AGI is capable of performing various tasks where it outperforms humans at almost all cognitive tasks.

The Evolution of AI

IFM is one of the AI innovators in this sector that is more popular than ever and earning more popularity all the time. Here is a great indication: Out of the 9,100 patents that have been obtained by IBM inventors in the year 2018, almost 18 percent were AI-based. Let us consider another indicator: The founder of Tesla and tech giant Elon Musk has recently offered $10 million as a donation to fund and perform ongoing research at the research company OpenAI.

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great revolution in the field of computer science and also it is the major component of many emerging and advanced technologies like robotics, IoT, and big data. It continues to act as a powerful technological innovator in the years to come. Artificial Intelligence will be implemented by businesses in almost all industry domains in the near future.

How can Artificial Intelligence be dangerous?

Ai Dangerous

Many researchers found that super AI is not able to show any human emotions like kindness, hate, or love. Also, we may not expect Artificial Intelligence to become generous intentionally. Let’s discuss the two major scenarios that show that AI is dangerous and risky.

AI may do something destructive and harmful

Autonomous weapons are based on artificial intelligence which is programmed for killing. If these weapons are handled by the wrong candidate, they may easily cause some harm. Also, the AI arms race will unintentionally cause an AI war that may lead to mass casualties. To defeat the enemy, these weapons are designed to be very difficult to “turn off,” hence humans may easily lose control of those situations  

Misalignment between our requirements and machines

AI can be a risky technology because when intelligent AI has been designed to offer something beneficial, it may also develop destructive outcomes. For example, Suppose an instruction has been given to self-driving cars to drive fastly. The machine immediately follows the instruction and drives fastly. 

It will be highly dangerous for the lives of humans till we instruct that traffic rules need to be followed properly. It may meet with an accident or break all the traffic rules in order to drive fastly. Hence, super-intelligent machines are highly destructive if they are given an instruction to meet a goal that may not exactly meet the requirements

Myths about advanced Artificial Intelligence

There are various myths about advanced Artificial Intelligence that is worth considering. Let’s check some of the important myths about advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Superintelligence is highly impossible by the year 2100

Superintelligence may occur in centuries or decades, or it may never occur but nothing can be determined now. There are various surveys where AI researchers are asked about the possibility of human-scale Artificial Intelligence. All these surveys are having a similar conclusion which states that the leading experts of the world disagree, so nothing can be stated now.

Machines can replace all human jobs

With the implementation of AI, a transformation has come in almost all industries where employees are afraid of losing jobs due to the vast development of AI. But the reality is that AI has offered more opportunities and jobs to people in almost all sectors. Every machine requires the help of a human to operate it. Also, AI has the capability of replacing some roles, but in turn, it offers more jobs and opportunities for people.

Super intelligent computers becoming better than humans 

Currently, we use weak AI that is capable of performing a specific task and enhancing its performance. Also, Super AI and general AI are not developed and research has been going on. They can do various tasks same as human intelligence. But, the development of this kind of AI is very far away, and it may take centuries or years for creating such AI applications. Also, the efficiency and capability of such AI may or may not be better than humans. It can not be predictable at this stage.

AI doesn’t need human intervention

Many people are having a misconception that Artificial Intelligence does not require human intervention. But in reality, AI has been not yet created or capable of taking its own decisions. A machine learning specialist is needed to prepare the models and a training dataset,  process the data, detect the variance and bias and minimize them. Each Artificial Intelligence model is highly dependent on humans. Also, when the model has been prepared, it enhances the performance on its own as it has previous experiences.

Future impact of AI in different sectors

Future Health

Artificial Intelligence is going to bring a great transformation in almost every field in the near future. Let’s figure out the future impact of AI in various sectors.

  • Healthcare

AI plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry to diagnose diseases accurately and quickly. The discovery of new drugs will be more cost-effective and faster using AI. It also improves the engagement of patients in their care and makes simple appointment scheduling, and payment of bills, with minimum errors. Also, apart from these advantages, one major challenge of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare domain is to make sure it is implemented in clinical practices regularly. A top AI development company can assist you with developing custom and unique applications in the healthcare domain.

  • Cyber security

There is no doubt that cyber security is a great priority for all organizations to make sure data security. There are certain predictions that show cyber security with AI is having below changes:

  • By using AI tools, it is easy to monitor security incidents.
  • Identify the cause of cyber-attacks using NLP.
  • Automation of processes and tasks that are rule-based with the assistance of RPA bots.
  • Ecommerce

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in the eCommerce industry. It can positively influence each and every aspect of the e-commerce domain right from user experience to the distribution of products and marketing. It can also be expected to have e-commerce with automated inventory and warehouse, shopper personalization, along with the utilization of chatbots in the near future.

  • Employment 

Today, employment is becoming very simple for job seekers as well as for employers with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. AI is being used in the job search market with clear algorithms and rules that can reject the resume of an employee automatically if it does not meet the company requirements. It is certain that the process of employment will be carried out by AI-powered applications ranging in the near future.

AI is have a great influence on the job search

AI plays a vital role in the hiring and recruitment process such that around 75% of resumes will be rejected by an ATS (Automated Applicant Tracking System). For jobseekers, many AI applications are assisting to create perfect resumes and find a suitable job as per your talent and skills, such as Jobseer, Rezi, and many more.

  • Jobscan is a great resource that offers a similar kind of resume scanning to what will be exactly utilized by a hiring manager. 
  • Jobseer is an ultimate AI-powered tool for job seekers. Depending on the scan of the candidate’s resume, as well as skills and keywords related to the required jobs, Jobseer will assist in matching you with the proper job listings that perfectly fit your skills and experience.
  • Rezi is a powerful AI-powered resume builder that will have templates to assist you in designing a resume that will undoubtedly reach the recruiters, especially with the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). 


Artificial intelligence is having a great impact on the future of almost every industry. Artificial intelligence acts as the major foundation of emerging technologies including IoT, robotics, and other advanced technologies. Nextbrain Technologies is the leading AI app development company in Toronto, Canada specialized in offering secure and scalable AI solutions to businesses in almost every industry.