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Internet of Things(IoT) is a technology that connects everyday hardware to a network and adds extra features to it with the help of the network. It has both a hardware and a software layer. Owing to the increase in features this technology provides, IoT can be found practically everywhere these days. It can be found in smartwatches, smart cars, smart wearables, smartphones, and other “smart” devices.

The sensors in the hardware and the custom software installed on it help bring this smartness in them. While customers appreciate the convenience they provide, companies also benefit from the increased revenue these IoT-enabled devices provide. 

Despite the continuing economic crisis, researchers expect the worldwide IoT industry to expand to $1256.1 billion. Furthermore, between now and 2025, IoT app development is predicted to contribute up to $11 trillion in financial advantages in the market, so to gain a portion of this market capital, businesses are definitely gearing up to integrate IoT into them.

This is because businesses are inherently competitive and IoT integration into the businesses is predicted to become necessary to be profitable in the market. This is not only shown to be in the case of tech but in other industries like manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, energy and transportation. In this article, we will see more about exactly how IoT is transforming various businesses around the world. 

The ways IoT app development services are transforming businesses today

Even if a company cannot completely embrace IoT for whatever reason, it will benefit greatly by integrating little portions of the technology since it is rapidly becoming the standard. Following are the many ways in which IoT apps are transforming businesses today. 

Improving consumer experience

Without an improvement in customer experience, any new technology cannot claim to revolutionize any industry. IoT assists businesses in quickly addressing and resolving problems by providing new tools to the support team for monitoring customer issues. Following are some important ways IoT technology helps increase customer experience.

  • Chatbots help in keeping the communications open between the consumer and the business at all times. They also analyze data and identify problems with any service or product that may be improved.
  • The integration of AI into IoT operations gives customer relationship managers with important data and provides customers with immediate help, allowing them to make better use of the goods.

Increasing business revenue

IoT app development services are also helpful when the revenue of the business is concerned. IoT can offer companies the most up-to-date business models and trends that may significantly boost their profits. This is done in multiple ways but is specific to the industry of choice.

Apart from the points listed here which contribute to higher revenue, IoT increases the efficiency and productivity of any hardware that it is associated with. This is because IoT devices effectively transform conventional hardware into computing machines, allowing them to employ the most efficient power and resources for their tasks. 

Asset tracking

In storehouses, retail malls, and other locations, IoT technology can effortlessly track your inventory. 

  • IoT is used in conjunction with various forms of surveillance cameras and other sensors to prevent the theft of critical corporate assets. 
  • Asset tracking is likely to be automated in the future with the aid of intelligent algorithms capable of managing such situations. 
  • Inventory health is also maintained by software that is associated with IoT.  

workplace safety

To improve workplace safety in novel and highly effective ways, all businesses have hopped on the IoT bandwagon, including the government and health sectors. Construction, mining, and other heavy sectors employ sensors and wearables in high-risk work environments. This is one of the methods used by project managers to examine the safety and well-being of their employees. Apart from this, IoT-enabled automation is also helping workplace safety a lot. In some cases, it has replaced obsolete safety nets in big industries.

Real-time analytics

The software that is associated with IoT devices is really powerful and is only set to become more powerful in the coming days. This is why it can provide analytics in real-time for both consumers and businesses. This is more useful for business owners, but there is no shortage of people who enjoy more information about their own devices or appreciate the capacity of their IoT devices to gather analytics about their environment. IoT-enabled devices can also gather a lot of information about any connected devices, which is what more users want.

Cost cutting

IoT is helpful for both industries and consumers in the cost cutting department. The annual loss that industries must bear as a result of ineffective and inefficient energy management is enormous. Here’s how IoT technology helps in cost cutting.

  •  IoT sensors can track beep alerts and notify business employees about any accidents inside an industry by constantly monitoring the state of the industry. 
  • For consumers, their hardware will last longer if it uses IoT software. This is despite the fact that many consumers think IoT devices cost them higher.  

Increase Data access and management

By virtue of their design, IoT apps can track the patterns in which a user communicates with the device, in addition to enabling broader access to personal data. 

  • The software grows smarter and is designed to provide a better user experience as it learns from the patterns. 
  • Simultaneously, IoT products assist businesses in interpreting such data in order to expand their enterprises. 

The businesses get a greater opportunity to utilize the data to research customer needs, the buyer cycle, the potential for improvement and inventions, and marketing and advertising strategies.

Omnichannel services

By merging several channels into a single system, omni-channel customer service seeks to deliver a consistent customer experience across different channels. There is currently no technology better than IoT to help build such services.

  •  IoT combines hardware, software and firmware to receive information from multiple channels. 
  • IoT also delivers the customer experience via new methods, like augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR). The bulk data transmission is handled well using IoT.

Changing the consumption model

The influence of the internet of things on business is driving changes in consumption models. This is just the market’s way of adjusting to a better consumer experience. Just like software as a service(SaaS) gaining prominence in the application development realm, IoT integrations will become more subscription based. This will help businesses provide a seamless, ever improving experience to the customer while making sure the experience is personalized based on each user. This change in consumption models will also benefit an IoT application development company as that means they get more opportunities to innovate in this sector.

Generating new demands

Customers begin to seek more features as they become aware of the benefits of IoT applications. For example, there are now intelligent refrigerators that generate grocery lists depending on their supplies. This will become a typical feature of refrigerators in the future as demands increase because of the increase in the accessibility of the technology. IoT has already generated new demands in the industrial sector. Smart cities, smart homes, connectivity between cars, and e-health are just a few examples of ground-breaking Industrial-scale IoT technology.

Market visualization

Any IoT development company in general often helps businesses visualize their market to help determine what pricing to establish in order to maximize revenues. This is done by utilizing market data that can be recognised and controlled by specialized tools designed for the purpose.  As Artificial intelligence around IoT increases its data management capabilities, this type of visualization is going to help businesses thwart their competition effectively.

Forming new business lines

Research and development in IoT technology is still undergoing. There is likely to be new business lines that emerge from the technological advancements in the IoT sector. There will also be sectors dedicated to IoT technology development. One of the examples is of IoT security, which is being researched heavily. While that is a new line of business within just the IT industry, consumer focussed businesses that will come out of this technology will probably be more popular and also generate more revenue for the businesses. 


As you can see, IoT is revolutionizing multiple domains of the modern business environment in multiple ways. IoT is likely going to be integrated in many more hardware in the coming days, and its software is going to be developed further as per the technology sector. However if you want to benefit from this currently booming technology, it is better to partner up with a good IoT development firm.

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