6 min readHow To Build Metaverse Games That Attract Users?
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In the realm of gaming, the word “metaverse” is not new. The gaming industry is one of the forerunners when it comes to incorporating elements that the metaverse seeks to give for its customers, and developers and even players have long realized the potential of the metaverse. In this article, we’ll look at how gaming and the metaverse are linked, what the metaverse is made up of and how it operates, and how game creators can make their own games that incorporate metaverse elements.

What is the metaverse, exactly?

The term “metaverse” refers to an ever-expanding online, three-dimensional universe with a variety of real-world-inspired elements. It’s like a more advanced internet. Users will be able to collaborate, interact, play games, and socialize in these three-dimensional environments thanks to the metaverse. Despite the fact that the entire metaverse is still unavailable, metaverse-like qualities can be discovered on a variety of platforms. People need to authorize themselves to access the metaverse, just like they do on various other social networks.

Furthermore, blockchain technology has the ability to be used in the metaverse to create a secure and predictable governance structure, and bitcoin fits in well. by leveraging multiple utility tokens or virtual assets, crypto transactions to support the creation of a digital world. Metaverse app development has broadened the meaning of things like online games by coordinating in-game events and establishing virtual economies inside those games.

What is the impact of video games on the metaverse?

High-end games are now focusing on 3D virtual reality, and video games are currently providing the closest metaverse experience. However, gaming’s success in the metaverse is due to more than just this factor. A single metaverse can contain numerous games, with each player being able to choose which one they want to play.  With the developers trying to integrate high end games inside the metaverse, the metaverse itself is also being developed to include new features.

Metaverse app developers are releasing video games that are quickly outpacing anything that old games have to offer in terms of features and functionality. Technologies like augmented reality(AR) & virtual reality(VR) which are essential to the architecture of the metaverse, receive a boost. Other technologies like gaming & artificial intelligence(AI) integration also significantly impact metaverse development.

What is the major role of cryptocurrency in the metaverse?

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Cryptocurrencies and the emergence of NFT marketplaces regulate the metaverse economy. Users acquire NFTs with tangible dollars, which was formerly a one-way trade. Now, as it has evolved and grown in popularity, the same individuals can trade cryptocurrency for real-world money. Existing games that provide such trading opportunities include the long-running Second Life and Axie Infinity.

The value of a player’s assets is maintained across environments when they are owned by that person. Avatars and accompanying features, such as weapons and graphics, can all be simply ported whenever the person intends to. However, NFT ownership rights are still ambiguous in the real world, so the developers at the most part are still sticking to cryptocurrencies until it’s resolved.

How to create a metaverse game?

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Following are some essential features a metaverse game should have .

  • Digital Identity

Developers can instantaneously obtain proof of ownership of a blockchain action or item if they can verify secret keys of digital wallets. Users will be able to get exact transcripts of their blockchain transactions during business hours. Furthermore, developers also make such digital identities closely tied to & secure in regards to the digital wallet.

  • Security: 

The metaverse needs a reliable and safe system for exchanging value. In traditional multiplayer games, in-game currency is not as secure as other cryptos on the blockchain. So metaverse developers install a stable currency that can be used within the game if they spend a significant amount of time in it.

  • Ease of access: 

the metaverse game should be accessible by almost anyone, just like traditional games. For now however, only people with specialized AR & VR games are able to play metaverse games, but this is going to change in the future. Regardless, developers must take ease of access seriously when creating the metaverse game.

  • Compatibility: 

The interoperability of numerous systems inside the blockchain that the metaverse operates on becomes important in this kind of development. Polkadot (DOT) and Avalanche (AVAX) are two projects that let developers create their own blockchains that can communicate with one another easily. Developers must make sure multiple projects can be linked in a single metaverse through blockchain technology.

  • Virtual collectibility

It must be shown to a user that virtual digital assets have value and are one-of-a-kind that can be tied to their digital identity. The blockchain might potentially be used to track the ownership of such non fungible assets. It’s also necessary for metaverse games to include more real-world action, and blockchain development can help connect physical assets to the game environment too. 

Understanding Metaverse and Gaming’s future

In this section we will take a look at how metaverse and gaming might change in the future.

Changes expected in the metaverse:

At present, Metaverse uses HCI (human-computer interaction) hardware and software to connect people all over the world. People can do things in this virtual world that they can do in real life, but metaverse can also offer unique experiences to users that aren’t available in real life. As the HCI software and hardware continue to evolve, this ability of giving unique experiences to users will also be strengthened.  It is also expected that the ease of access, security and interactiveness of the metaverse as explained earlier will improve as technology improves.

Changes to user interaction

Every metaverse development company in the future is significantly expected to spend the bulk of their time making sure the metaverse itself offers a more realistic experience inside it. It is the opinion of developers that In traditional systems like social networks and older games, true interaction is lacking, despite the fact that users interact meaningfully with text and emoticons. Whatever the lost dimension is, is expected to be filled by people using the metaverse.

Changes to monetary investment in gaming

Traditionally, games were not seen as monetary investment. However, with the blockchain tokenizing everything in-game, the games can now be a significant monetary investment with increasing returns to players who are interested in them. NFTs and cryptocurrencies will play a big part in it. As regulations concerning NFTs improve, this can improve the gaming economy and make it available to mainstream players.


As you can see, with the help of a good metaverse gaming app development company, one can easily build complicated and entertaining game worlds that can be integrated with the metaverse of choice. The game can also be developed further when it is needed and because of the inherent nature of the metaverse, the game will be able to gather more users and work in different bandwidths. Nextbrain is a Canadian company that has expertise in both gaming apps and the metaverse so if you want such a game developed, you can contact us.