Metaverse Development Services

Metaverse is a virtual environment that is a 3D replica of the actual world. It utilizes the most up-to-date virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. Metaverse is bringing new dimensions to the business, allowing it to reach new heights never seen before. Users find the metaverse appealing because of the visual interaction, while companies find it appealing because of the huge data collection capacity. Businesses all over the world are interested in creating their own metaverse because it allows them to give their consumers with feature-rich services and get access to user data, which can then be leveraged to deliver greater value to both the business and the consumer.

Our metaverse development standards

We are well versed with the latest development standards in the metaverse development industry and always adhere to them no matter the services we provide.

Full stack development process

We approach Metaverse development without the help of a third party because we are capable of doing so. Our tech stack uses HTML, Java, PHP, Golang, and other widely used programming languages. After the programming work is finished, we have an in-house UX/UI design team that works on the metaverse’s user experience.


Decentralization is one of the core themes of the metaverse and blockchain development so we obviously integrate it in its networks. We make sure users experience significant freedom while utilizing your metaverse. We also integrate many different payment types with the metaverse as your users require and will make sure that they enjoy their freedom.

High security

We prioritize security and use the highest level of security available in all the metaverse services we provide. Interoperability is used to strengthen security inside the metaverse and to prevent any data from being handled in an unknown or undesirable manner. The encrypted data includes all data that is inside the metaverse and connected to the metaverse. We use the latest technologies to ensure this stays that way.

Transparent transactions

We are experienced in creating what is known as smart contracts. This way, the users will have their transactions recorded on a secure blockchain which will also make them fast, permissionless and efficient. The admins will have complete control of whatever is traded.

Services we provide as a metaverse development company

These are the many metaverse related services we provide. Many more may be added with the development in technologies surrounding the metaverse.

Metaverse for Gaming

Ask any metaverse developer and you will know that the gaming industry has the most use for a metaverse at the current time. We will assist you in providing your gamers with improved gameplay and an engaging 3D virtual world. Better Metaverse play and in-game money exchange may be carried out with NFT and crypto coins like bitcoin and ethereum, which boosts the system’s security and attraction.

Virtual 3D worlds design

Our developers will try to make the metaverse compatible with the majority of 3D hardware and to make the metaverse more accessible to the general population. We have experience in building the most visually appealing 3D worlds in metaverses and we  have been doing that with the help of the latest VR, AR, and web development technologies available on the internet.

Third party integration

We will help you integrate third party services with your metaverse. It might be things like third party APIs, server architecture or plugins you may be interested in using in a particular part of your metaverse. It can also be things like IoT technology which certain hardware that is connected to your metaverse may support.

Metaverse for social media

Many businesses are interested in building a metaverse with social media capabilities. We offer the tech stack and expertise when it comes to such requests. We’re always experimenting with new technologies that can help us achieve better connectivity, social engagement, and a more realistic approach to consumers. With our 3D environment, Metaverse will also provide a more engaging virtual experience.

Blockchain specific metaverse services

Metaverse and the blockchain pair together very well. We develop metaverse according to the blockchain you prefer. We will help you integrate multiple crypto currencies into your Metaverse and help automate many parts of the metaverse using blockchain related technologies. We will also help you upgrade your metaverse without ever compromising blockchain technology.

Support and maintenance services

We provide support and maintenance for all metaverse development services that we provide you. Our design team uses modularity as a core principle, so your users will not experience major drawbacks when the metaverse is undergoing support or upgrade services.

Metaverse marketplaces

We can design and deploy metaverse marketplaces, as well as integrate customized NFT and cryptocurrency services with them. We provide a multi featured metaverse marketplace with features such as price bidding, product galleries, and product resales. We also provide a secure multi user access where admins can effectively control the marketplace.

Metaverse app development

We provide both Web apps and mobile apps for the metaverse that can run on a variety of operating systems. We’ll work on any number of your Metaverse app creations, all in compliance with your worldwide market standards and criteria. Our apps will have excellent UI design, as we employ our in-house UI design team to develop them.

Why choose Nextbrain to develop your Metaverse?

It is interesting to note that there is no single metaverse that dominates the internet space. Tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and others have created their own metaverse but these virtual worlds don’t interact with one another. In the end, the features and applications of the metaverse is what matters. It is here where experience of Nextbrain as a metaverse development company comes into picture. Metaverse has lots of applications in fields like gaming, social media and marketplaces which is only set to increase in the coming days. Therefore it is vital you partner up with the right metaverse developers early on to gain as much market capital as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a metaverse?

Metaverse is a 3D simulation of the real world which can be accessed by virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. It has various applications in many industries.

How long will it take to make a metaverse?

This depends on the scope of your metaverse project. Call us with a list of your requirements to find out how long it will take to deploy your metaverse solution.

What is the pricing for your metaverse development services?

It depends on the number of services you require and the scope of your project. Contact us with your requirements to connect with our experts.

Why should you work with Nextbrain to build your metaverse?

We are a recognised metaverse development agency with years of expertise working with diverse customers and technologies in the field of metaverse development.

Do you provide support services for your metaverse?

Yes. All of our metaverse-related projects receive support and upgrades from us.

What if I'm unsatisfied with the results?

If you are unsatisfied with the app or any part of the metaverse development process, we will work together to fix any issues you deem need fixing.