4 min readHow to elevate your digital employee experience with digital signage
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Digital signage has been evolving since its inception. For getting a precise picture of the digital employee experience we need to comprehend the role of digital signage in uplifting the digital employee experience. With interactive content displayed in break rooms, communal areas, and conference rooms in the workplace, employees can have a digital podium where interactions become easier than ever. 

This article delineates the importance of digital signage in effective digital employee experience. Digital signage for employees has huge benefits for employee engagement and business success. Let’s take a look at how human resource teams are leveraging digital signage to boost productivity, internal communication and advance employee experience.        

What is the digital employee experience? 

Digitally employee experience is delineated as a combination of all digital interactions. It involves everything right from the initial recruitment process to training, communication and ongoing engagement. Digital employee experience covers both the content that is communicated and the channels that are being used to communicate it.      

Relevance of employee experience in organizations

Within a workplace, companies need to create a happy employee experience in organizations. When it comes to employees, job satisfaction is the primary priority. It will ensure a reduction in turnover rates, efficient work culture and increased productivity.

Employee engagement is directly linked to seamless established communication. Employee motivation creates a positive experience leading to better team collaboration and assists in creating constructive work environments. 

Application of Digital Signage in Improving employee experience

Digital signage has major advantages in determining employee benefits. It can be used as a potential tool to inform employees and remind them of events and policies. 

Company announcements & events

Company Announcements Events 2

The best way to engage employees is by keeping them informed regarding recent company news and developments. As you keep employees in the loop, favor a transparent culture and ensure that they have all the information they need. Having signage software, employers can seamlessly announce upcoming events and updates to business policy. Certain time-sensitive notices and declarations can be conveyed via digital signage. 

Employee rewards & recognition

In an organizational work culture, it is important to recognize and value workers otherwise they will feel demotivated. Digital signage enables you to celebrate achievements with the entire company by sharing the recognition on-screen. Having cloud-based digital signage software enables employees to access it from anywhere and anytime. 

Onboarding & training employees

Digital signage turns out to be a potential tool to convey employees regarding training and development opportunities. Digital screens integrated with digital signage software can display links to training and development opportunities. It attracts new hires and introduces them by displaying their picture and administering orientation.

Health and safety guidelines 

Health And Safety Guidelines

Digital signage is ideal for promoting employee benefits. Right from information sharing on health-related concerns and safety policies to real-time alerts for emergencies, different types of info can be distributed to all workers instantly. 

Major safety-related tips can be circulated for the workplace in addition to health & wellness programs. Not only can this keep your workers motivated but also engaged.

Effective strategies for using digital signage in HR 

Planning & streamlining content

Prior to implementing digital signage for employees, it is relevant to set a goal. Content across digital signs needs to be updated from time to time. Additionally, the signage should be easy to comprehend considering the format and design. Different screens displaying different information can grab the attention of employees and keep them engaged. 

Budget for digital signage

If digital signage is meant to create content for uplifting employee experience, it is worth investing in it. Digital signage needs tools for creating content in an interactive way. It can transmit multimedia messages to the screens. For grabbing employees’ glances, interactive features with visuals like videos, pictures and graphs can be created. 

How digital signage can improve employee experience in frontline organizations?

When it comes to frontline employees, they lack access to digital devices on the job. Digital signage offers an innovative way to reach these employees and keep them engaged with content that builds connection and community. 

Final thought

Nextbrain is a leading digital signage software that can create connected workplaces and workforces. Digital signage assists you in presenting important information in an appealing way. In addition to improving internal communication, it adds transparency to your business and boosts motivation. Digital signage can automate and scale internal communications driving more ROI. Connect with our professionals to learn more about digital signage.