5 min readRole of influential footfall analytics to drive sales in shopping malls
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Today we have entered a world where technological advancements have taken a major portion of society. The retail market is evolving rapidly and with strategic planning, it provides valuable insights. The adoption of innovative tools has led to the improvement in operational efficiencies, enhanced customer experience, and driven more sales over time. Foot traffic analytics emphasizes pedestrian counts offering an accurate measure of how many people enter a shopping mall and pass through a specific area. By means of foot traffic count, the tools paint a detailed picture of customer behaviour, assisting mall operators and store owners. 

In this article, we are going to focus on the major aspects of how shopping malls utilize footfall analytics to drive sales. Foot traffic counts are fundamental for footfall analytics. At Nextbrain, we have created a robust AI video analytics software that can combine numerical footfall data with visualizations thereby giving retailers the opportunity to align stores with customers.

Comprehending the importance of footfall counting

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Door counting is one of the relevant aspects of footfall analytics. It involves placing sensors at entrances and exits to count the number of people entering and exiting the shopping mall premises. The data gathered from retail door counting is crucial for mall operators to evaluate their property’s attractiveness. 

Nextbrain’s advanced AI video analytics technology can be a game-changer in elevating the shopping experience of customers. It offers a robust technology to effectively draw in visitors and capture figures. An ample range of functionalities makes it a best fit for shopping malls.

Footfall aspects that can be extracted from video analytics are mentioned below.

  • Footfall patterns 
  • Foot traffic counts
  • Footfall distribution during daytime and evening time
  • Peak footfall hours
  • Heat maps

Footfall counters providing A comprehensive solution

With advancements in AI technology, the integration of footfall counters has been influential. Including every foot of the shopping mall under the footfall tracking zone will help in generating overall analytics. By comprehending customer behaviour such as more visiting departments, and how long they stay, shopping malls can easily adjust signage, store layouts, and promotions. Having Nextbrain’s Footfall counting software helps in-store traffic monitoring, it can make data-driven decisions to embellish the customer experience as well as drive sales. For instance, if the data displays that a specific store or area consistently receives foot traffic the location can be used to host special events. 

Significance of retail traffic counters in driving sales   

One of the relevant parts of footfall analytics is retail traffic counters. The tools can administer data on customer demographics, repeat visits and dwelling time. 

The efficacy of footfall analytics is all about grabbing the attention of the highest number of viewers. It creates an experience that makes them want to stop and shop. Our retail store traffic counter assists mall operators in identifying peak shopping times.

Core features of footfall tracking software

Having detailed foot traffic data, numbers can be turned into insights.

Performance monitoring

As your store is set up, users can easily leverage foot traffic analytics to monitor its performance. Footfall data can help you create KPIs which can measure a shopping mall’s performance. Footfall-driven performance monitoring enables the way foot traffic patterns change with time. 

Competitive analysis

Footfall analytics enables you to check during high and low foot traffic. With competitive analysis, video analytics powered by AI can recognize the strategies adopted by others. The analysis helps in gathering insights from competitors. 

Selecting business location 

For a shopping mall business, it is relevant to find an area that thrives with bustling foot traffic. Foot traffic data can be analyzed including pedestrian counts and footfall patterns. In this way, one can select a location with maximum exposure to potential shoppers depending on data.

Operational retail planning

From a better perspective, it can leverage foot traffic data to time all the marketing strategies. Proper retail planning requires staffing and it avoids shift changes to tackle customer demand. Nextbrain’s footfall tracking software assists retailers in acquiring insights into shopper behaviour. By harnessing the foot traffic count, retailers can strategically manage their resources, improve marketing effectiveness and increase sales.

Advance shopping experience with in-store traffic monitoring

The in-store traffic monitoring is considered a relevant aspect of footfall analytics. State-of-the-art solutions enable mall operators to track customers’ paths through the mall environment. By harnessing the multiple facets of foot traffic within their properties. 

Final thought

In order to optimize retail business for the highest sales, you need to harness any advantage you can acquire. Footfall data enables you to pick the best store location and capitalize. As the leading AI technology company, Nextbrain is redefining retail analytics with its unique footfall analytics solution and retail traffic counting. We have a core team of skilled professionals having deep insights into consumer behavior. It enables shopping malls and retailers to create personalized shopping experiences and optimize store layouts.  

Computer vision based footfall analysis works for small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale retail areas. Integrated with AI technology, footfall data analytics have become seamless and easy. Are you ready to take the next step? Connect with our experts to learn more about footfall analytics and how it can help you to drive sales.