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One of the significant aspects of establishing a new business is by ensuring that you have a powerful marketing approach. A business without a strong marketing strategy will not be able to make a difference in promoting business growth. Nowadays, when every individual is opting for online business, it is important to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, it is important to rank higher in the SERPs to get identified by the potential audience. 

The effective digital marketing strategies adopted by the professionals are high-end and help to generate lead conversions. This, in turn, generates more revenue and earns better ROI. However, one can choose to opt for a digital agency or even consider a freelancer marketer who has expertise in helping organizations with digital marketing solutions.

In this article, we have set forth how businesses can make the right choice by considering the various differential factors between a digital marketing agency and a freelance marketer. In this context, readers will acknowledge the differences between working with a digital agency and a freelancer. Get the best ways herein to make the right choice.

Why Is It Challenging To Select Between A Freelancer Marketer & Digital Agency?

When you have numerous options available, it becomes difficult to find the right one that is suitable for your business. You may end up searching for the best digital agency or the best freelancer in Google. The search results come with various companies and freelancers that you begin filtering haphazardly. Herein lies the issue of ending up with a misplaced focus.

Nextbrain is the leading digital marketing service provider in Toronto, Canada that offers a huge range of digital marketing solutions such as SEO services, social media marketing, Google ads, marketing campaigns, PPC, backlinking and many more. Having worked with many top brands they have the expertise in offering the best-needed solution to your business that will elevate ROI and generate more revenue. 

When it comes to a freelancer there are times when they might not have expertise in offering 360-degree services and specialize in a single subject. However, a digital marketing agency like Nextbrain comprises a complete team of SEO professionals who have proficiency in offering a complete range of marketing solutions.   

The Freelancer: The Introduction

A freelance marketer is generally considered an independent consultant who has previous working experience for a big company. The individual is completely responsible for delivering projects to clients, interacting with clients, acquiring clients, and obtaining repeated freelance business. A freelancer plays multiple roles all at a time such as writer, marketing consultant, virtual assistant, email marketer, strategist or other. 

The Importance Of Digital Agency

A digital agency comprises a complete team of professionals who have full-time employees and professionals that carry out different marketing activities for clients. The experts have proficiency in offering services including social media marketing, content writing, email marketing, marketing, graphic designs, and consulting.

A digital agency has properly segmented groups that have a dedicated project management team, digital marketing professionals and consultants. They have highly skilled professionals to have expected targets and submit works by the deadline. They can execute numerous projects with expertise.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Freelancer And Digital Agency

2 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Freelancer And Digital Agency

While making the choice between a freelancing individual or a digital marketing company, one needs to look forward to the various pros and cons of a digital marketing agency. In terms of different factors, the differences are detailed below so that you can have a complete understanding while making the right decision.

Considering Skills

  • Pros of Freelancing Marketer

Most freelance internet marketers have previous experience with big companies after which they decided to work in a freelancing model. As a result, it offers them a wider perspective and also a different outlook. At the time of selecting a freelancer, one can find someone who can administer you with the specific needs that you are looking for.                 

  • Cons of Freelancing Marketer

However, this has become a problem as a specific individual freelancer may not have a wide range of focussed skills. This situation can lead you to look for other freelancers for different tasks. This may result in increased confusion while in the process of project management.

  • Pros of Digital Marketing Agency

If you have tied up with an experienced digital marketing agency, you will get a complete team of professionals and marketing experts. The experts have a huge range of skills. The team will analyze the requirements and objectives of your business and outline what works best for your enterprises.

  • Cons of Digital Marketing Agency

The digital agency has many marketing professionals from which some will get your task who will be working for you. The digital company allocates tasks based on the size of your business. A small business enterprise is more likely to get mid-level marketing experts whereas a larger enterprise will get proficient experts to work on.

Considering The Service Factor

  • Pros of Freelancing Marketer

Freelancing individuals mostly work on their own and thus, their reputation is vital to their business. They always strive to offer high-quality service for meeting the requirements of a project. With excellent services and high-end results, they always want to recommend them to other businesses. Freelancers are proficient in communicating with business partners for explaining marketing aspects.

  • Cons of Freelancing Marketer

As most freelancers work remotely, they tend to vanish anytime they wish. However, professional freelancers did not disappear in the midst of tasks. But they will not be signing any project completion compulsion agreement prior to starting it. 

  • Pros of Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to the services of a digital marketing agency they always ace the race. The team will conduct scheduled meetings for checking on the different levels of progress. From time to time they will change campaigns and marketing strategies for the needful.

  • Cons of Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is keen on its reputation but for any kind of task issue, one cannot hold anyone from the team. This is because it is teamwork done from their end. On the other hand, a freelancer can be easily held accountable for the issues that have arisen. 

Flexibility Is Important 

  • Pros of Freelancing Marketer

When it comes to flexibility the main advantage of freelancing individuals is that they do not work during the 9 to 5-time frame. They are flexible round the clock and easily embrace the unstructured working day. Freelancing does not have any relevant time frame. This makes them popular as you can even get them working during very urgent times of weekends. 

  • Cons of Freelancing Marketer

Freelancers take the advantage of the odd hours of urgent tasks when you need to have them done even during weekends. They generally charge extra for working during weekends and holidays.  

  • Pros of Digital Marketing Agency

Having a digital marketing company working for your business, you can easily base your business around it. Different models of payment structures are available for small businesses, medium-sized and large businesses.

  • Cons of Digital Marketing Agency

As a digital marketing company that operates all throughout the week, they are available during business hours. Do you own a business that has the odds to work even during the weekends and nontraditional hours? Then a digital marketing firm may not offer assistance during nontraditional business hours.    

Communication Skills

  • Pros of Freelancing Marketer

If you are the business owner then you need to set up the expectations and communicate with the freelancer marketer regarding the project requirements. One can set the project goals and the freelancers are more flexible in interacting with you through messaging or even social media. 

  • Cons of Freelancing Marketer

There are times when it becomes difficult to communicate with a freelancer as their time zones can be different from your time zone.

  • Pros of Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency always tries to maintain formal communication with their clients so as to remain consistent on a professional ground. The project manager from the management team will organize weekly calls and monthly meetings for discussing progress and things to be done. For larger projects, additional project people are present to communicate. 

  • Cons of Digital Marketing Agency

At times, call scheduling and monthly reports can lead to increased costs. Digital marketing companies may not get the opportunity to discuss the real information that your business needs without scheduled calls and meetings.

Budget Factors    

  • Pros of Freelancing Marketer

One of the main benefits of a freelancer is that they will not ask for a full-time salary. Their means of charging depends on project needs and complexities per project. As freelancers are working in their own time, they are quite more productive than office working professionals. They can work freely without any disruption.

  • Cons of Freelancing Marketer

If you are determined to get your work done from a freelancer then the payment schedule has to be more predefined rather than working with a company.

  • Pros of Digital Marketing Agency

The foremost important advantage of a digital agency is that you will get high-quality work and you will also get a comfortable paying schedule.

  • Cons of Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to the budget of a digital marketing agency it has huge overhead costs. The cost is due to the rented space of the office, hiring creatives, graphic designers, marketing professionals, content writers, and many more.  

Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing Between Digital Agency & Freelancer

3 Factors To Be Considered Before Choosing Between Digital Agency Freelancer

Proven High Performance

Prior to determining the right choice, it is important to note the performance data of the company or the freelancer. Some agencies or freelancers have proven performance reports however everyone cannot provide this kind of data to businesses. Nextbrain is the top Digital Marketing company Toronto, Canada that offers specific scores to marketers that track past campaign performance.

Experience In The Niche

Before hiring any agency or professional, make sure that they have relevant experience in the industry or niche. One can go through the brands they have worked with and knowledge. If they are amateurs then chances are that they will face challenges while working on your project.  


Recommendations matter the most when it comes to having the final process of selection. Actual reviews from clients and previous customers can offer critical insight to you in working with the individual freelancer or the digital marketing company.  

Why Choose Nextbrain As Your Digital Agency Partner?

At Nextbrain, the main objective lies in helping businesses and enterprises with powerful marketing strategies. The company has helped many organizations to boost their organic traffic and generate leads with time. It is the leading digital marketing agency that comprises experienced SEO professionals and marketing experts.

They have hands-on experience in offering high-end results to top brands and enterprises. Following unique industry standards and best practices, our company offers quality marketing solutions that are appropriate for your business prospect. 

Nextbrain has settled on an algorithm that matches the business needs and requisites. Our team will provide you with an audit report to look over all your accounts and customize the needed services to meet all the marketing loopholes. 


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