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When it comes to shopping, every customer wants to experience a seamless shopping experience if it’s an online store. The online store should be created in such a way that it offers a better customer experience in addition to a convenient shopping experience and fast shopping access. If you are the owner of a retail or eCommerce store, then the main objective is to focus on user experience. 

In this blog, we are going to delineate the different ways how eCommerce UX design assists in obtaining customers. UX design has a major role to play in the eCommerce online shopping sector.   

Introduction To UX Design

User experience can be delineated as a person’s experience subsequent to using a system, service or product. The eCommerce user experience is considered as the ultimate experience of users after browsing the eCommerce website. Visitors when they go through online stores should want your online shopping to perform the desired action. One can easily apply the concept of user experience design when it comes to establishing your eCommerce website. 

The Reason Why Ecommerce UX Is Relevant For Online Stores

As the customer is not satisfied with the service, then the business is not going to make any profit. This is the scenario for all eCommerce stores and when your customer has a poor user experience, they abandon your website. These are the various reasons why user experience matters the most. 

However, if you administer a great user experience then you will earn customer loyalty, increase conversion rate and also encourage customers to spend money on your products. If you have a better UX design it would yield conversion rates up to 400%. In this context, we will provide various methods for improving the customer experience that can be easily implemented on your website. 

The Need Of A Mobile Responsive Website

2 The Need Of A Mobile Responsive Website

Nowadays as more people are using smartphones it is important to create mobile responsive apps and websites so that customers can browse freely on their smartphones. The eCommerce websites have to be optimized for mobile users too.    

As per the latest statistical report, it has been seen that mobile users are five times more likely to abandon the task when the website is optimized for mobile users. The eCommerce user-friendly design can be centralized on establishing a mobile-friendly website as it will raise the customer reach and in turn, increase sales. The website designers of Nextbrain have many years of expertise in offering quality mobile responsive sites that are highly optimized for mobile responsiveness. 

One can use plugins on your website that are mobile-friendly so that visitors are capable of using different features available on your online store. This will offer a seamless shopping experience to users. 

Services Should Be Catering To Customers

When you have a clear user base then you need to focus on the ways to improve the user experience. When it comes to online stores the opinions of end-users will matter the most as they will give critical insights rather than the people who are involved in managing the online store. If there are any customer queries then you should act in resolving them. One can also make use of effective feedback forms that comprehend the experience of customers of your website. 

Reduce The Loading Time Of Online Store

3 Reduce The Loading Time Of Online Store

One of the distinct reasons that have compelled people to purchase online is that they will not have to wait in the queue for checkout for items. Online shopping will save more time. When a customer is visiting your online store the first thing that catches their attention is the loading speed. If the customer visiting your website finds that it is taking a longer time (more than 3 seconds) to load and open the page, then more than 45% of people are supposed to abandon the website. 

UX design plays a significant role in determining the loading time of the website. Custom quality eCommerce UX design will make the website rank faster and customers will get a better user experience. 

Personalization Is Important To A Good User Experience

For ecommerce websites personalization is considered as a relevant process in building customer loyalty and amplifying UX design. Personalized experience makes the users feel more valued and relevant making the purchase easier. With the power of personalization, one can offer an enhanced customer experience and increase the sale margins of the business. Personalization can be executed with recommendations, time, IP, and user profiles. 

For instance, the user’s IP address can be located and rendered a good personal message to make them inclined to your business. Considering the time of users as they access online stores, you can offer them a personalized experience. 

Helps To Optimize Product Descriptions

4 Helps To Optimize Product Descriptions

A user-friendly UX design comes with optimized product descriptions that let the users acknowledge your product easily. The UX designers optimize the product descriptions for administering the best product-related information to your customers. In this context, we will lead users through the various practices for optimizing product descriptions and amplifying the ultimate user experience.

  • Product Description

Several product manufacturers copy and paste the descriptions and features however this will not make your description optimized. The descriptions should be easy to understand so that customers can well comprehend the product details.

  • Writing A Product Story

A product story can be created for informing the customers of the product value. A simplified story can work out well if you present it in a unique way.

  • Evaluate Product Description

It is relevant to evaluate the product description performance. For some poor performing products, you can set, update and adjust the product descriptions in an optimized process. A well comprehensive product description improves the overall UX design.

Provide MultiChannel Experience

Different channels are available which make it easier for users to shop for eCommerce products. With time the options are increasing like websites, mobile apps, social media pages and so forth. An easy multichannel experience is a relevant aspect of the best eCommerce experience.

Enable Easy Guest Checkout Option

Quality UX experience is influenced by certain factors like guest checkout that adds importance to the ultimate experience of online store shopping. The seamless guest experience while checkout has the following benefits are as follows:

Increment in Sales

5 Increment In Sales

There are times when new visitors abandon their carts when their checkout page requires a sign-in for completing the procedure of purchase. However, the availability of a guest checkout will lend them the ease of making a purchase easily. 

Diminishing The Cart Abandonment Rate

There are times when the lack of guests checkout process can leave any potential buyers from making the purchase. This will seriously result in losing many customers in the process. If the checkout is only meant for account holders then rest assured you are going to lose potential customers.

Ensure that you opt for a smooth checkout process even for first time visitors so that they can make purchases easily. It will surely decrease the cart abandonment rate. During the process of UX design, this characteristic should be given priority as it will not only increase the sales but also earn more ROI.

Add Multiple Payment Gateways

One of the significant aspects of an effective UX design is the ease of payment. It should have enough payment options so that customers may not have to face issues while paying online. At times, a lack of payment options can result in losing potential customers. The experienced UX designs should implement ample options like Paypal, credit card, debit card and e-wallets to offer ease of payment. 

With passing time, the utilization of payment applications is increasing day by day. One should always optimize their online ecommerce store for accepting payments from the popularly used payment apps. As you save more time with customers, you acknowledge a positive approach within them. 

The Importance of Hiring A UX Design Agency For Ecommerce Services

The primary motive of every business industry is to satisfy customers and when your website has a good ecommerce UX design, it helps your business to reach a higher audience base. However, different ecommerce ventures have distinct stories including their products, customer base, target audience, and their services.

As you have a highly skilled UX design company at your service, they will offer an efficient designing process with all features that are required making your business enhanced and better. Having their plan and expertise, your business will get a solution that is appealing to customers and offers them value. 

Final Conclusion

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