5 min readHow to Select a Perfect Pricing Strategy for Mobile App Development?
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  • Dec 8, 2021
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1Perfect Pricing Strategy For Mobile App

Product pricing strategy plays a crucial role to obtain initial friction and more online visibility to your app in the app store. The simple way to determine the cost of your product is by testing it on various prices and analyzing how the customers are responding to price. A mobile app price can be something that the target audience is willing to pay for.

It is very essential to determine what are the benefits of your product and what will be the value of your app in the current market. Test your app for various prices to observe how the customers react to each price. Also, while considering the pricing strategy for mobile app development, it is essential to take into account various other products present in the market. 

Perfect Pricing Strategy for Mobile App Development 

2Perfect Pricing Strategy For Mobile App

It is very essential to determine the perfect pricing strategy for your mobile applications. Below are a few important factors to consider while deciding the price of your mobile app.

Analyze customer behaviour  

A customer must always realize that the cost of any of your products is correct and entering into this phase will become very simple when your customers are not having any specific reference to start with. Before coming to a decision, it’s the human tendency to make comparisons of your products with the various alternatives in the market and make a clear assessment of them to arrive at a final decision.

Any reliable mobile app development company can provide scalable iOS app development, Android app development, Flutter app development, and React Native app development services for affordable prices. Also, identify your specific value proposition and make sure you always provide a better value when compared to your competitors.

Build a user-centric product

A product must be developed completely focusing on satisfying the concerns of the end-user and it should resolve their specific problems. While you develop a product which the customers really want, it will be very simple to decide the proper price. Always analyze the various factors which will improve the value of the mobile app like an appealing design, an ultimate user journey, etc.

To decide the mobile application pricing models, it is necessary to understand the development cost of the app that may involve various factors including the actual app development cost, the value that the product provides and the money needed to flourish it. 

Look at your competitors

The important thing about mobile applications is they always have a recurring revenue stream. It is also required to observe the price your competitors have placed before deciding your app development price. Analyze the following factors to have a proper pricing strategy: 

  • Your mobile app price must not cross the limit that your competitors have fixed. You can only do that if you have valid reasons to convince your potential customers.
  • Make an ultimate product with robust functionalities and unique features to make your end users understand the quality of your product. This helps to attract a huge customer base to be interested in your product.
  • Determine various mobile application pricing models that the competitors are using and make your own pricing strategy depending on the information obtained.

Study the current market approach

Understanding the competitive world and observing your customer base will certainly assist you in finding correct opportunities where competition lacks. Also, if you launch your mobile app for a very low price when compared to your competitors offers you great benefits.

Analyzing the market demand of a mobile app and understanding it from the user’s perspective will certainly assist in arriving at the correct price. You need to approach a top app development company with expert Android app developers to build a robust and user-centric mobile app. 

Efficient marketing strategy

In the present scenario, it is well-known to everyone the power of social media as it has a greater reach to potential customers. In such a case, your pricing strategy must have an efficient marketing strategy to reach quickly to your end-users.

A better understanding of the present market demands, latest trends and a robust marketing strategy will obtain a larger number of users. To obtain more customers, coming up with the latest improvements frequently is a perfect strategy. Hence, utilize social media for promoting your product and gaining more customers.  


Apart from providing the required functionalities, the mobile app must also be cost-effective for your end-users. It will be better to provide value for your potential customers at a proper price. Proper pricing strategy assists businesses in obtaining new customers because of the low app development cost.

It is the best strategy as it utilizes user behaviour to make an end-users purchase your product. The pricing of a product must also be considered for the growth of your business

Understand your customer demands 

It is very important to understand the demands of customers for successful results. What has offered profits for your competitors, may not work properly for your business. There are various opportunities which you need to consider for developing apps for business.

You need to consider various ways and think of other methods for generating more productivity and sales. Also, the various information obtained from your app will certainly be useful to someone. Some apps related to healthcare will generate a large amount of information which is helpful for various clinics, hospitals, and doctors.

Paid vs free

To decide whether to launch your mobile app for paid or free may involve various factors including the number of users needed, etc. If you are looking to have a great user base quickly, it is better to launch free. By using paid apps, customers will expect many features as well as functionalities.

They will not like to pay every time a new improvement is done. When the users pay to use in-app purchases, it is very important for you to make sure it provides enough value.


To decide the pricing of developing a mobile app analyzing your competitors and the current market trends is the best approach to reach a proper price point for the mobile app. Nextbrain Technologies is the top mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada well-versed in creating secure and scalable mobile apps from users perspective for affordable prices.