6 min readHow much does it cost to build a mindfulness and meditation app?
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  • Dec 7, 2021
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Most people are facing a lot of stress in their day-to-day activities and looking for a way to lead a stress-free life. In order to change this scenario, many mindfulness and meditation apps came into existence and are greatly appreciated by almost all the users in all corners of the world.

According to a recent survey, the mindfulness and meditation app market is expected to grow up to $4,377.95 million by the year 2027. Even these meditation apps are being implemented in many corporate companies in order to improve the efficiency of their employees and work culture in their company.

Major factors to consider while developing a mindfulness & meditation app

In order to get successful results in mindfulness and meditation app development, it is important to consider the below factors:

Decide about your business idea

Before going to hire the app development team for your mindfulness and meditation app, it is very important to clarify your business idea and concept of the app including the app type, etc. Now there are various kinds of relaxation meditation apps available on the market such as guided meditation apps, mindfulness morning meditation apps, mediator network apps, and more.

Choose proper UI/UX design approach

Nbcanada Choose Proper Ui Ux Design Approach

If you are looking to build a mindfulness and meditation app in order to help people with stress, depression, and anxiety, you should be very particular when it comes to the design of the app. Below given are the few design tips to be followed while designing a mindfulness and meditation app:

  • It is better to use more natural palettes of light shades instead of using too bright colors.
  • Too many design elements, as well as overloaded patterns, will certainly distract app users from what they are looking for and focusing on their goals like getting rid of stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Implementing animations will work best especially for welcome screens, explaining meditation techniques, and updating on the progress of user statistics.

Select the mobile app platform

It is always recommended to develop your app on both iOS and Android platforms for better customer reach. In case your budget is limited, you can choose the platform to develop your app carefully by taking the guidance of expert app developers. As iOS and Android users usually have distinct demographic profiles, it is necessary to choose the platform of your mindfulness and meditation app based on the details of your end-users, their location, preferences, education, level of income, and other details.

Consider gamification for user engagement

Nbcanada Consider Gamification For User Engagement

Initially, you can easily gain app users by using marketing campaigns and a good social media presence. But it is important to make users who downloaded your app use it on a daily basis. Otherwise, the app users delete your app after a few days resulting in a failure of your monetization strategy.

To resolve this situation, you can implement gamification in your app in advance. For example, you may integrate various elements of gamification like some points for motivating users of app users to listen to various meditation sessions daily and observe progress. After completion of the meditation session, app users will get points by which they can unlock the next level in the meditation programs.

Create an MVP model

If you are looking for validation of your business idea on a mindfulness and meditation app, consider creating an MVP with less functionalities. This helps you in saving your money as well as analyzing user behavior to include the most important and demanding features in the next stage of development.

While developing an MVP for the mindfulness and meditation app, it is strongly recommended to avoid certain features like chats, video streams, and in-app payment. Rather, your mindfulness app MVP may include features like:

  • User registration and sign in
  • Profile of users along with progress statistics
  • Short animation or video with training or introduction course
  • Limited library having pre-recorded meditation training sessions   
  • Gamification in order to enter a new level of meditation 

Cost to build a mindfulness and meditation app

Nbcanada Cost To Build A Mindfulness And Meditation App

The cost to develop a mindfulness and meditation app is not fixed. It will differ based on various factors as given below:

Specifications of the app

The cost to develop a mindfulness and meditation app will depend on the app size, features to be included, and functionalities of the app. After analyzing all the above factors, a rough cost estimate can be given. So, in case you are planning to develop a unique, full-fledged, and custom app, the budget that you need to invest will certainly be more.  

Experience of the development team

The size of the team, location, experience, and skill set of the developers from the app development company you are hiring will certainly affect the price of developing your app. It is always a better idea to choose a reliable and most reputed app development company with professional app developers offering cost-effective and scalable apps 

Technology stack

Also, the technology stack like programming languages, development tools, UI/UX design, and various technical elements used to develop the apps will greatly affect the cost of mindfulness and meditation app development. Even the backend server maintenance, post-launch services, and various other factors influence the cost of app development

Time and complexity

In order to develop a mindfulness and meditation app, it may take three to five months or even more based on the team size and experience of the developers. A rough estimate of the price of a basic mindfulness and meditation app will be around $25k to $40k for the app development. If any additional features and functionalities are added the price of the app may increase.


If you are looking for mindfulness and meditation app development, it is always important to know what are the various factors that influence the cost of app development. Nextbrain Technologies is a reliable mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada delivering custom and scalable mindfulness and meditation apps with user-friendly features and aesthetic designs.