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Mobile apps since their introduction have become very popular, as they can do complicated processes within a limited time span, and are very convenient. The power of mobile applications keeps on increasing as the technology surrounding them evolves.

Smartphone manufacturers around the world have been developing more efficient and powerful hardware and operating systems for their phones, and mobile app developers are now following suit. Tourism applications with extensive features like destination exploration, route planning and even cost minimization can now be developed by custom travel app development companies in minimal time.

Why Focus on Travel App Development?

Travel app development is an interesting area an app development company may choose to focus its energy on. The customers can take advantage of the application if companies try to incorporate the most needed features into their app. 92% of travel brands are also in support of this idea, as a survey suggested. This can also act as an important revenue generation tool for the company as 62 % of people are nearly always on their phones.

Here are other reasons why it can be better to focus on app development that is related to travel

  • 62% of travellers say being able to book hotels and restaurants from their smartphones is important to them.
  • The global revenue of the booking segment of travel was 178.8 billion dollars in 2016, which is expected to grow to 288 billion dollars by 2021.

What We Can Provide to Your Customers

By choosing us to be your tourism app development company, you can enhance the customer experience by getting the most out of their vacations and holidays. The features can be made extensive but non-invasive when it comes to their privacy concerns.

Following are the features that we can develop in a travel application

  • Discovery of new places
  • Detailed information on each destination
  • Extensive search features, to find the best restaurants, hotels and every other category of products
  • In-app language translation and text to audio conversation
  • Remote payment features

Mobile App Features for the Tourism Industry

Nbcanada Mobile App Feature For The Tourism Industry

There are many mobile app features that when combined, give a good travel experience to the users. By making these features easier to use, a tourism agency can attempt to build the best tourism app for its users and be more successful.

Following are some important mobile app features that must be incorporated in a travel app

  • Travel Planning: This feature must let the customer pick their destinations from a list of other destinations, give information about the destination and allow their users to set their schedules and routines.
  • Recommendations and reviews: This is one of the most important features that must be present in the tourism app. Reviews and recommendations are important because they can steer the users of the app to better travel destinations and promote a reliable experience.
  • Maps and navigation: This is a feature without which the application is incomplete, as this is the feature that is most relied on by the app users whenever they try to explore new places. It also helps when they are lost, and this feature must be developed to run as smoothly as possible.
  • Local information: This is a feature that can help tourists explore more places and can include important information that the users might find helpful.
  • Expense tracking: Tourism can be an expensive hobby, and the tourists will use this feature to spend carefully. This feature must be integrated with notifications so that the user is notified well before the spending limit is reached.
  • Currency converter: This is a feature that is useful to travellers that travel to other countries. It is also integrated with the expense tracking feature so that the users can save on their spending.
  • Voice search: This is a requested feature by many consumers in a travel-related app. Almost 60 % of people would like to use a voice-based search to get to their favorite city centers or chat with their app.

How Mobile Apps are Transforming Tourism Industry

The tourism industry has been transformed in an interesting manner by the use of technology. It has had increasingly positive effects on the industry and has increased the safety and enjoyment of the tourists.

Following are the different effects mobile apps have had on tourism

  • 39% of users now find it easy to make bookings and other paperwork verification necessary in many travel arrangements. Mobile apps have certainly given way to easy and fast booking.
  • 66% of travellers look at the videos of their travel destination before landing there. 80% of people spend up to 4 weeks researching their travel destination.
  • Remote payment mechanisms with integrated currency conversion mechanisms have transformed tourist destinations to be especially helpful to local vendors.

Overall, the best mobile apps have had such an impact on the tourism industry that traditional practices in tourist destinations have almost completely vanished and everything has become more digital and fast-paced.

How to Build a Travel App? [step by step guide]

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It might be difficult for say, a travel agency to design and develop their own travel application. A typical tourism app can be developed by making sure the following steps are carefully followed.

Defining the App’s Objectives

This is a very important step in building the travel app. A travel agency can be focused on a hotel and restaurant booking, travel guide app, an app to find specific stuff related to a specific destination or another app simply based on communication. Ambitious projects may include combinations of the above. Regardless, defining the app’s objectives early on helps the development process immensely. 

Researching the Market

Nbcanada Researching The Market

This is another important step in developing the application. This step helps analyze your customer motivations. This can be done by looking at surveys or doing one yourself in the preliminary stages. Researching the features present in similar applications is also beneficial in the app development process. Additional features can be added that can help you beat the competition.

Deciding on Features to Include in the App

After one has decided the app’s objectives and researched their customer base, it is time to incorporate the features into the application. The decision must be based on the previous steps, but more emphasis must be given to the objectives of the application. The app must be made modular enough so that they can add extra features as customers request it and also for maintenance purposes.

Hiring a Good Travel App Development Company

Generally speaking, designing and developing a travel and tourism application can be difficult for a travel management agency. That is why it is here, when the app’s objectives and features are decided it is better to approach a tourism mobile app development company with your requests.

It is better to approach a company rather than freelance developers, as a typical mobile app development company also has UX/UI designers, web developers, analysts and experienced project managers that can handle such complex projects.

Discussions and Development

Nbcanada Discussions And Development

After selecting the company and giving them the task to develop your concept travel application, constant communication must be maintained with the app development company. The developers in the company might even suggest ideas about the project. These must be listened to and carefully considered, as they can affect the performance of the app in the real world.

Promoting the App

This is the final step where the developed app is marketed to the audience. This is important because if the application which has highly desirable features is not advertised enough, people will not know about it and it can’t generate enough revenue.

Why Should you Invest in Mobile Apps? 

Mobile apps are very popular among smartphone users. There were about 200 billion app downloads in a year alone in 2019. Considering that travel apps rank the 7th most popular on the apple store, it can be a huge gateway to income. Of course, developing a good mobile app requires that the best practices be incorporated in the app, but once such practices are incorporated it can generate income once it’s deployed it can serve as a constant revenue-generating mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to tourism app development.

How do I create a tourism app?

The creation of a tourism application can be done by following simple steps accurately. The objectives of the app must be defined and features of the app should be decided early on by consulting relevant market research. An app development company can be approached after these steps which will help complete the app.

How much can it cost to build a travel app?

The travel app development cost can be around 5,000 to 50,000 dollars. It obviously depends on the features that are included in the app. The price also depends on the app development company you may choose and their practice of in-house development or outsourcing the app development process.

How do travel apps work?

Travel apps work based on their functionality and user experience design. The user experience design also plays an important role because it helps the app be more desirable and user-friendly. The functionality if smooth, attracts a lot of customers which might mean further development of the app. If the functionality has reviews, you might need to fix them as the reviews might ask.


Developing a travel and tourism app can be incredibly beneficial both to the consumers and the business, as it can bring more people to appreciate tourism, and also generate revenue for travel management businesses.

Nextbrain Technologies is a mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada which has experience developing various custom mobile applications for different industries. It can easily create custom applications that are based on travel requirements.



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