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The technological advancements during the last few years have led enterprises and organizations to build professional websites. Thus, it has become important for businesses to create a professional online presence that can operate seamlessly.

In today’s digital world, the designing, development, and launching of websites require the effective expertise of website developers. Few factors are there that affects the size of a website and therefore, the complexity of features that it comprises. Therefore, a common question that arises is what is the cost of making a website. 

Why Invest in Website Development? 

The creation of a website assists businesses to expand the reach of their brand. A professional and attractive website has the ability to generate more leads and prospective customers during the course of time. A designed website helps to build an audience and also target the potential customer base to generate more revenue with time. Thus, investing in a professional website for the business is worth it. 

What is a Custom Website Design?

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A website design can be completely unique and it is a profound creation after giving shape to the idea concepts that have been garnering for the functional reality. As per the business model, the specifications are set. The custom web solutions are specially customized for your business, brand, product, services and features. A website that is built with good design and with the expertise of a website designer is relevant for customer engagement. 

There are Three Phases of Custom Website Design:

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  • Research and analysis: The process of web design and development requires the effective analysis of the competitors and recognizes the target market as well as their preferences.
  • Initial design: As per the research and planning, the initial designs are prepared as layouts and sent for client feedback.
  • Final design: This stage is followed by revisions and involving the additional features required by the client. And by following this the final website design is created. 

Why Does a Website Matter?

A business website has different benefits for the ultimate productivity of the enterprise or brand. While delineating the reason why a website matters for a brand and business, we cannot deny the relevant benefits. 

Building Brand Value & Recognition

A professional website is one of the most powerful presentations of an enterprise or brand. From creating unique designs as well as content to UX design, your website tells the entire story of your business and also administers more opportunities in creating a valuable niche for customers. As you are giving a better online experience, the customers can correspond with the brand.

Amplifying Credibility in Market

The presence of a website proffer potential customers the backdrop to consider exploring more of your business. They assist in establishing a trust prior to making a purchase. The website design and custom quality are responsible for contributing to customer loyalty and thus, generate more revenue over time.

Circulating over A Large Customer Base 

The business website enables brands and enterprises to reach a larger market base. As more people learn and explore your brand through the online presence, there are chances of getting converted from target customers to real ones. 

What Can Be The Cost of A Website Using a Web Designer?

If you are thinking of building a professional website for your business, then you need to select the way to create a website. One can use a website builder, or can essentially opt for a Website Design Company. Selecting the right method for building a professional website gives you the flexibility to settle your mind towards the budget.

Though the cost of developing a website depends on distinct factors like features, complexities involved, specifications, and many more, the charges involved in website development within a range of $5000 to $25000 and the website design services include a cost of $2800 to $4000. The price is determined after subsequent discussions regarding the project. 

Interactive Features of A Website

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A website is built upon different interactive features like a blog section, a portal for contact form, custom plugins, valuable contents, website hosting, SSL certificate, stock gallery pictures, and many more. 

Website Content Development

The website content is written aimed at the services and products of the brand or enterprise. The inclusion of engaging and valuable contents serve as the important backbone of a website. A website built from scratch requires adding new contents whereas an existing website requires the updating of outdated contents. 

Website Hosting

The website hosting depends on the domain that you are putting up your hosting for. Nextbrain offers specialized website hosting for client’s websites. Thus, it can lead to some additional cost-effective charges.

Professional Email

The possession of a professional email relevant to your brand business and having a brand domain will not only place you among the professional genre but also your customers will identify you as having a business profile. Our company offers a combination of all these services to clients in Toronto, Canada.  

SSL Certificate

It also plays a relevant role in ranking as per Google’s search algorithm. It is not always compulsory to install an SSL certificate, however, it is a pro way to have SSL certificates. Nextbrain Technologies is a top Web design company in Toronto that proffers services within a cost-effective budget.

What Can Be The Cost of Creating a Website Using A Website Builder? 

When it comes to building a professional website, a website builder has the potential to build a high-end website complying with the business objectives. Website builders are quite easy to use and it also reduces the cost of hiring professional website designers for your brand. One can easily opt for the subscription on a monthly or annual basis. 

Different domains have different prices and there are options where one can choose a free custom domain for the first year. The approximate cost may range around $12 per year. Additional costs may come your way if you want to include apps on your website. 

What Can Be The Price of a Website Using WordPress?

WordPress gives more technicality as well as professional touch to the website. It can be completely customized with blogs, sites, plugins, web pages as per services and products. WordPress is absolutely free and the investments one has to make is for apps, plugins, themes, hosting, security, and other additional services. 

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  • Apps/ plugins: Free as well as premium plugins are available. It’s up to the brand to opt for the free version or the premium ones.
  •    Themes: Themes are available for premium and free.   
  • Hosting: Hosting is a significant part of the website.
  • Security: As you get a hosting plan the data security comes integrated with it. 
  • Professional Designers: It depends on the brand owners whether to involve professional web designers. One can Hire a Website Design Company that comprises a team of designers who have many years of expertise in designing professional websites for top brands.

Introduction to Responsive Website

A responsive website can be defined as a website that runs on desktop, mobile devices, tablets, providing a seamless experience with more consumers on the go. 

The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

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Among the different WordPress hosting service providers, Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers. It provides a number of features through which one can easily create websites.

Among the best hosting providers, the cost of a few is Bluehost, iPage, Host Gater that may range from $80 to $300 per month.

Hostings are of Different Types:

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is considered as an arrangement in which different websites are kept on the same server comprising resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and storage. It’s cost-effective, it has offbeat native website management features, and managed server environment.
  • VPS hosting: The Virtual Private Server hosting is following the upgrade of the shared hosting. With the help of private hosting, you can get access to private hosting resources. With virtual hosting, one needs to set up a parent server. 
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: With the help of the dedicated server hosting, one can tackle higher traffic and also enables installing the operating system. Additionally, it also helps to build essential tools for performing all kinds of operations. Dedicated server hosting can be defined as getting explicit rights over the webserver. It can easily simulate website performance optimization and resources. In addition to this, it also builds a security perimeter in order to protect the web infrastructure. 
  • Managed hosting: Managed hosting is regarded as a subtype of hosting solutions that enables hosting for large organizations, small-scale industries, and startups. 
  • Cloud hosting: Cloud computing is closely related to the term cloud hosting. Cloud technologies have gained significance that has enabled the on-demand access to several computing tools comprising RAM, CPU, security devices, storage, and many others. It gives instant scalability, access to the latest software, greater security, and value-added services. 
  • Colocation: Colocation can be defined as an updated alternative to in-house hosting data. If one has some personal servers, one can easily host them in a colocation centre with it. It has some advantages such as lowering costs, complete control over the environment, greater compliance, and so forth. 


What is my realistic budget for WordPress website development?

The average budget of website development and web design may depend upon several factors such as complexities, features, platform specifications, and the tools involved. Our company offers $2000 to $15,000 CAD based on the pages and functionality.

What is the price of a basic website?

The building of a fundamental website also requires few upfront costs and features. It may cost as per the website requirements and features required by the business. It can cost around $1000 and it can go up to $30000. 

What types of websites can I create for business?

A number of websites can be built for brands and enterprises such as business websites, eCommerce websites, portfolio websites, brochure websites, media websites, educational websites, a non-profit websites, personal websites, infopreneur websites, web portals, and many more others.

Can you make a website for free?

Nextbrain is the leading WordPress Website Development Company that offers a custom-quality professional website platform for establishing brand identity and awareness among a targeted audience base. WordPress is a great CMS platform that enables the creation of blogs and contents relevant to the website.

What is the cost of a domain name?

The cost of buying a new domain may vary from $15 to $20 a year. The price range varies depending on the registrar from where you buy a domain. 

Can I build my own website or hire a company?

If you are in a hurry and looking for a basic page website, then you can build your own website. However, if you are looking for a professional business website, then hiring a good web design and development company is worth the investment that you make for the website.

Are there any hidden costs involved in web design and development services?

No, there are no hidden costs in any services that we offer, may it be web design or development. From the beginning of project discussions, we clear every query and place the budget quotation depending on the pages and requirements of design, and so forth.



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