5 min readThree Important Must-Have Functionalities for your Event Management Website or App
NBCanada Three Important Must Have Functionalities For Your Event Management Website Or App

Event management business is a complex process if you are not managing it properly. There are several tasks associated with event management such as planning events, managing huge events and conferences, selling tickets, arranging seats, etc. But all the problems related to inefficient management can be easily handled with the help of an event management website or app. It optimizes complex tasks, operations, provides efficient communication, and reduces the time needed to complete each task.

Engaging the attendees is the crucial factor of a successful event management business. We have many event management companies that can handcraft a website or app to automate your business. But always try to choose the right company that can offer unique features that help you to stay ahead of the competitors. As per the statistics, only 40 % of the event organizers use the software. But the growth is expected to increase by 11% in the US in 2016-2026. A good software development company can change the perspective of your event management business.  As per EventMB 2019, 85 % of the people in the event management industry have a positive outlook for the future. Integrate these 3 functionalities while you develop an event management website or app

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Event registrations

Event management websites and apps must be efficient and hassle-free allowing attendees to register easily. It is important to give some features that ease down the registration process such as providing a list showing all the registrations. This feature helps you to track the leads and it could be converted. You should keep in mind that all leads are not created equal. Even the attendees who failed to complete the registration process are potential targets. So the event management software must be capable of tracking these groups of people that have more probability to convert into leads than the new audiences.

For any event, there will be limited seats, thus providing a feature to automatically stop the registration process as soon as the registration hits the margin. In the limited-seating sessions, including new features like attendee session preferences helps you to adjust the event strategies. This provides a better event experience. The website and app must be scalable and responsive that fits to all screens of electronic gadgets. You can include different ‘ticket types’ based on their budget. Flexibility should be provided to access multiple ticket types. The event management software also has the capability to handle complex registration flows.

A good secure and flexible online payment system should be incorporated inside the app and website that helps attendees to pay the registration amount. The in-app payment feature is mandatory. You can also provide offers and coupons to attract more attendees to the events. 

Event marketing

To promote your event across the potential target audience, the website and app should suit the requirements of the basic marketing tactics. There are several marketing ideas and all those can be efficiently implemented through the app itself. Initially, you need a suitable marketing agenda for the event that meets the needs of the target audience. It should be creative and enticing enough to grab the attention of the audience. Handcraft the websites and app keeping the agendas in mind. 

Integrating with social media platforms helps to get a wider reach since most of the people are using it daily. Email marketing, SMS, well-planned campaigns, and content marketing strategies help you to promote your brand. Built-in email marketing platforms enhance email marketing capabilities. About 40% of the event marketers trust email marketing as a powerful medium to promote an event. Sending customized emails with precise content at the right time has great benefits. You can also empower the attendees to do promotions for you. For example, an option to share a promo code or discount offers when they bring more people to the platform.

Some other elements that lead to a successful event are sponsorship logos, special offers, banner ads, and contact details of the event attendees. Embeddable widgets such as registration forms, sponsor lists, event community areas, speaker lists, special programs, etc. can attract more audience.

Event reports and surveys

The event management software should have easy-to-use import and export tools. With the help of the available data, and these tools reports can be made. Care must be taken to provide key metrics such as conversion rates, revenue numbers, and even social mentions that help you to identify the most popular event sessions. The generated reports help you to make changes in your marketing strategies that enhance the business. The survey feature gives a lot of information regarding the existing issues of their services or any other aspects. You can take polls and provide feedback options that help you to get reviews. This can be done with event management tools. 


To enhance the efficiency of an event hosting process, it is necessary to have an efficient event management website and an app. It changes the outlook of your business, and it is the perfect solution to different business challenges. It helps in real-time data analysis, automation of tasks, helps to host even huge events, and offers easy communication. Nextbrain Technologies is the top web and mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada offering end-to-end digital solutions to enhance the performance of your event management business.



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