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  • Dec 21, 2020
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Top 10 Best App Developers In Vancouver

In the past decade, the usage of mobile phones has increased drastically. Not only a mere source of communication but also smartphone users are interested in several apps that enhance their daily life activities and businesses. Thus more app development companies are now handcrafting unique and quality apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms. More efficient app development companies are there in Vancouver, Canada offering customized apps to meet client’s specific requirements.

List of “Top 10 Most Promising App Development Companies in Vancouver”.

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Nextbrain Technologies


Nextbrain Technologies is the best app development company in Vancouver, Canada.  Founded in 2016, they hand-craft customized apps that are unique, scalable, responsive and user-friendly. Through in-depth research and competitive market analysis, the company helps many business sectors to solve business challenges with profitable and quality-rich solutions.

They offer services in website development services, mobile app development, digital marketing services, eCommerce website development services and SEO Services. The talented app developers in Vancouver focus on developing delicate strategies and agile methodologies to turn their client’s businesses into a unique brand identity. The in-house team follows a user-oriented approach to meet the needs and goals of the customers.

The innovative technologies, tools, resources and expertise are meticulously utilized to handcraft the perfect solution that keeps the customers ahead of the crowd. J.M.Baxi & Co., Larsen & Toubro, Godrej, Tech Mahindra, Dalarna University, etc. are some of the esteemed clients. Inbloom, Deliva Africa, BeautyeBking, etc. are some of the major projects.


iQlance is an award-winning mobile app development agency in Vancouver, Canada. They offer services in web and mobile app development, enterprise solutions, game development, emerging technologies, and digital marketing. They work with a mission to reinforce the abilities of start-ups and deliver quality customer services with an agile approach. Through the integration of innovative technologies and tools,

iQlance has helped many enterprises with unique dynamic ideas to stand out from the competitive market. They deliver high-performance, scalable, and responsive mobile apps that assist clients to come up with proficient business. They believe in adopting the latest trends according to the preferences of the audience such as Apple TV, Android wear, AR/VR apps, IoT, Beacon, game app, and much more. Lejoy, Foxx Legacy, Dollar drive, etc. are some of their innovative apps.


Appstudio is the best mobile app developers in Vancouver, Canada. They offer services in Native iOS app development (Swift 5.1, Objective C, React Native, and Flutter), Native Android development (Java and Kotlin), React Native development, software development & unity game development. They have collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and medium-sized companies in different fields such as healthcare, finance, on-demand services, etc.

Having more than 8 years of service, they have successfully completed more than 1000 projects with a professional team of more than 75 members. We understand and develop unique technical solutions that meet the requirements and business goals of the target audience. Bookmii, ITAXI, Bgon, RecoSpot, etc. are their major projects.

Steamclock Software

Steamclock Software is the best app development company in Vancouver, Canada. They understand client’s requirements, strategize, do research, design and develop unique ideas, and ship products for businesses worldwide. The talented app developers in Vancouver develop precise strategies that grab the attraction of the audience. They handcraft the best apps that are easy-to-navigate, scalable, responsive, enticing, and offer a unique user experience.  They have collaborated with SaaS businesses, consumer brands, established tech companies, and more. Steamclock offers consulting services, app development, and training for the web and mobile platforms. WealthBar, Map of the Internet, Arc’teryx MCR are some of the featured client’s apps.

Atimi Software

Atimi Software is an end-to-end service mobile app development company in Vancouver, Canada. They are highly skilled in the design and development of mobile solutions for businesses and consumer markets. They also have deep expertise in consulting and have built hundreds of native, hybrid, and web apps for Fortune 1000 class companies.

The app developers in Vancouver craft native, hybrid, and progressive web apps that run smoother, faster, and are more reliable. Most of these apps were awarded and featured in the iTunes and Google stores. Having more than 16 years of experience, technologies, and resources, they focus on solid architecture, develop unique mobile strategies, on-time and budget-friendly deliveries that guarantee business success.

App-Scoop Solutions 

App-Scoop Solutions is the top web and mobile app development agency in Vancouver, Canada. They deliver dynamic mobile, web, blockchain, and AI solutions. They concentrate on building smooth, robust, scalable, and user-friendly mobile applications and web interfaces. They have a personalized app development strategy for each project. 

They analyze customer’s requirements and seek unique solutions to enhance existing systems amplifying the unified customer digital experience. They focus on developing your company into a unique brand. The global team of app developers in Vancouver delivers fixed-price projects rapidly and leverages standard tools such as Slack, JIRA, and Confluence to ensure seamless delivery.

RMD Studio

RMD Studio is a full-stack app development and consulting agency in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2006, they developed much online learning, e-commerce, and content management systems. They are experienced in mobile app development, enterprise mobile apps, web app development, scientific and healthcare apps, and consulting services.

The company offers help to several non-profit and healthcare organizations, professional consulting firms, construction, manufacturing, and natural resources industries. Since 2008, they have successfully launched more than 50 projects and studied various use case scenarios in different agencies. They have worked with remarkable companies like Vaisala, University of Northern British Columbia, SPARC BC, etc.


Pieoneers is the best web design and app development company in Vancouver, Canada. They launch enticing mobile apps, interfaces, and websites that are tailored to the customer’s requirements.  Through in-depth research, planning, research, and analysis, we develop a user-centric design process. They offer services in brand identity, web design, web & mobile app development, project planning & strategy.

They focus on achieving consistent results powered by their expertise in Ruby on Rails, Python, React, Android, and iOS. Having more than 10 years of industry experience and with a team of 15 + developers, designers, and strategists, they have successfully launched 40+ projects. The Embedding Project, GameSheet Inc., DRH, and Cannametrics are some of the remarkable projects.


Webilize is one of the best-customized web and app development companies in Vancouver, Canada. They have a team of result-oriented, highly skilled web, and app developer experts crafting unique tailor-made solutions.

They have developed many web pages in multiple languages, custom e-commerce websites, android-based app stores, and performed with data management for public sector projects. The company has 27 global offices connected by their content management system and gained $1M+Annual revenue processed through the e-commerce stores.

More than 70 First Nation schools in British Columbia use DRUMS, an app developed for educators to help them with student management, attendance, and report card flows.


SKYHiDEV is a web and mobile app development company in Vancouver, Canada. The company offers seamless services in web and mobile app development, mobile gaming development, e-commerce services, logo design & branding, and digital marketing. Started in 2015, the proficient app developers in Vancouver deliver top-most solutions that suit the requirements of the customers.

With utmost trust, dedication, and transparency, they have finished 471 projects and many more current works. They do research, strategize, design, develop, implement, and deploy enticing apps with quality features and functionalities. They also offer support and maintenance services. They focus on providing the best digital experiences and work towards the client’s business goals.


A perfect app development company strengthens customer engagements and helps to develop a good customer base. The company should provide customized solutions to build brand awareness and recognition. Develop unique app features and functionalities that make your business stand out from the competitors. If you are planning to build a tailor-made app for your dream business, we are here to help you. Contact us online!



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