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Software as a service, also known by its acronym SaaS, is a type of software that is centrally hosted on a web server rather than installed on local devices like desktops or mobile phones. Due to their nature, they handle many users at once and have capacities only limited by the developer’s intentions. Most SaaS applications today have been used for various purposes ranging from simple accounting to complicated geographic information systems(GIS).

The data storage capacity is very large for a SaaS application due to it being hosted on the server. The only issue in this type of software is secure, but they are mostly safe due to the measures being implemented by developers during SaaS development. These types of apps are also highly scalable in nature and are faster to develop and test as they only have a single configuration. 

Unlike software that is generally installed on local machines like desktops or other devices, SaaS software usually has a subscription fee that is paid by its users on a regular, usually monthly basis for its usage. This makes it highly profitable, and it is the largest revenue in the cloud computing market. However, SaaS is also incredibly difficult to develop for any new businesses that want to provide service for their customers based on this method.

For this reason, there exist lots of SaaS application development companies around the world that specialize in this. They help create and maintain the software while the business holds the right and profits to the software services that are provided to its consumers. The vendors of such software usually determine when the updates are rolled out since users of the software do not decide it here.

List of Top SaaS Product Developers in Toronto

Nbcanada List Of Top Saas Product Developers In Toronto

Canada also has its own set of companies that provide SaaS applications, and they have lots of expertise in the process. They often work for multiple clients at a time and provide in-depth features for all the types of services you may want to provide to your customers. Following is a list of such companies located in Toronto, Canada that you may want to approach if you want a SaaS application developed.

Nextbrain Technologies

Nextbrain Technologies is one of the best SaaS software development companies to exist. They help bring the software envisioned by their client to live by adding their own insight into SaaS development. They can do this because of the years of experience they have, and also because of their expertise in developing SaaS products that cater to different clients. They focus on a thorough development process maintaining strong communication with the client along the entirety of the development phase.


Nbcanada Appstudio

Appstudio is a major SaaS product developer in Canada and has offices in Toronto. They also have offices in the United states. They are a software development company that have experience in developing SaaS applications for various sectors, including healthcare, Ecommerce, Education, government services and more. They help maintain the product and upgrade the product as per business or market requirements once it is developed. They have a very successful track record of developing such applications, and as such attract a lot of clients around the world.


With over 12 years of experience, Selleo is no stranger to SaaS application development services. They have their headquarters in Poland, but develop SaaS software for clients all around the world. They use certain methods to reduce any unwanted complications in the development process. They focus on rapid development and testing of SaaS tools while effective communication between the client and the developers are maintained. This fast development process helps delay certain crucial decisions until customers have realized their needs better. After that, necessary changes are implemented in the final product so that it performs well in the market.


Nbcanada Leewayhertz

They are another important company in Canada that possesses expertise in the field of SaaS development. They provide SaaS services that are customized to the client’s needs and also provide UX or UI design to the custom software. Every update goes through multiple test stages in this company so that the failure rates are low. They focus on strong architecture that is secure yet fast to support the various kinds of businesses that come to them. They also help maintain the software and upgrade it from time to time once it is in the market. They have their offices in Toronto, Canada. 


Nbcanada Sumasoft

SumaSoft is another SaaS software producer in Toronto, Canada that has many clients depending on it. They have a rigid focus on developing the latest technology into every SaaS product they develop. Every development phase is followed by a rigorous testing phase. They also develop the UI/UX design beforehand so that the SaaS platform is attractive and easier to use. They have a good track record of developing such apps, having developed SaaS-based trading and management applications for various businesses.

No matter the company you may choose, you have to make sure that they deliver what you ask for.


The software as a service platform remains the largest market segment for public cloud services and this is not likely to change anytime soon. With the added advantage of unlimited storage and faster speeds provided the person operates in high bandwidth, SaaS applications are set to take over both desktop and mobile devices. Nextbrain technologies are one of the best SaaS software development company in Toronto, Canada, having developed various of them over the past few years.

We also develop mobile applications and websites with unique UX design that is easy to use and is engaging. We implement all the important steps in SaaS development, from security to the most advanced functions, whatever that may be for the type of software being developed. We have many years of experience doing this and hence our clients around the world trust us.