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  • Sep 24, 2021
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There are dozens of small businesses in a modern city, and many surveys have shown that most small businesses including those that focus on the real estate do not tend to have a website. This is a shame because having a website can increase your chances of having a greater customer base and popularizes your brand recognition, no matter what business you run. In this blog, we shall look at how having a website design for a real estate business can be helpful, and why hiring real estate web design services is the best bet for taking such businesses to the next level.

What a Professional Real Estate Web Design Can Do for You

A professional website design for your real estate business gathers more than just a following for your business. It develops a brand, generates more opportunities, and people know your business more rapidly because of it. There are many reasons for this, and each of them are crucial to your business success. Most of them are dynamic, meaning one should work continuously to get the results, but others are a one-time investment, gathering results once that phase of the web design is completed. Due to such complexities, real estate website design should be made by professionals for best results.

Real Estate Web Design with a Plan

Nbcanada Real Estate Web Design With A Plan

One may ask, how does the web design process work? Well there are many parts to it. Without getting into too much detail, we shall explore each essential feature every good website should possess. These features are then handcrafted for the intended business which in this case would be those focused on the real estate industry. Following is a plan for effective real estate web design

  • Market research

By this, we mean the researching of demographics of your audience and finding out about what they like and what they dislike. This will be effective in the design process to make the website appealing.

  • UX/UI design

Aftermarket research comes the user experience and interface design phase, where actual coding is used to develop the real estate website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may be used in this phase.

  • SEO

SEO is a more dynamic part of web design, where effort is made to gather more recognition for the website. Effective content generation, backlinking and marketing practices are carried out in this phase. 

  • Performance optimizations

Many times, the website must go through a redesign phase, for many different reasons. This might be due to the implementation of new technologies, to increase speed or just to provide a different creative perspective to its consumers.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website

There are many benefits of having a real estate website design made by a good property web design agency. We will list the major benefits in the list below so that businessmen who do not have sufficient knowledge on technical jargon can easily understand.

Generate more leads

Nbcanada Generate More Leads

The first part you should understand if you don’t know anything else, that having a real estate website enormously helps generate effective ads for you. The old technique involved paying someone to answer phones every day and though that phase still exists, most leads aren’t generated in that manner anymore. Most websites can also incorporate an automated chatbot these days, that can help in sending intelligible messages to the buyer. The responses are immediate, warm, and friendly. 

Use it as a part of your listing presentation

A listing presentation is what a real estate agent would show to the buyer when asked about the conditions to be met to buy a certain home. This is important because of the law that abides most real estate sales must be met. Instead of reciting it to every customer’s face to face, which was the previous way of doing it, this information can be put up on the website so that the consumer knows exactly what is required. This information can be slightly different for every deal, but all those inconsistencies can be handled over the internet.

Build a strong web presence

Nbcanada Build A Strong Web Presence

Apart from this, having a website simply can help build your presence on the internet, which can make you famous for doing what you do. However, as many real estate agencies are trying the same strategy, there is a lot of competition on the internet and you need good real estate website design companies to compete with them.

Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs A Website

To those who might be still concerned about why they might need a website, we have some facts. Of all consumers of real estate businesses, 80 % of people found photos of the site helpful, 85% of people found detailed information on the website helpful and over 41% of them wanted to go on virtual tours of the homes they wanted to buy. The real estate agent can easily offer this through the best-built websites in the modern era.

How do you get a great website?

Now we get to a tricky part for businesses. It is hard to create a good website on your own, and harder still if you have a competition of which there is plenty on the internet.  A good property web design agency can be found through effectively picking between many numbers of them, and for that, you just need to look into their track record and the services they have given to similar businesses.


In today’s era, real estate businesses should move to the internet to maximize their potential profits. Nextbrain Technologies is one of the many companies that provide web designing services, and also does this for real estate services. We are located in Toronto, Canada. We provide all sorts of web design services for many different kinds of businesses. If you ever want to get a professionally developed website and further maintain it so that it can rise against the competition, please contact us.