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1Bloomimg Beauty Business

Business owners have a hard time keeping track of the progress of a business when it seems to go well. However if you are limited to traditional ways of doing business, you will have limited returns from your business. Your business will not expand, and will only make money from existing customers. Most beauty salons suffer from this phenomenon and hence we decided to start this article highlighting this. However, there are ways to increase profits from your beauty salon business.

This can be done by making it easier for customers to book appointments, helping them pay easily and with better marketing. In this article, we will see how a salon booking app can be incredibly beneficial to such businesses and how such benefits are connected to the app in different ways. 

How to grow your salon business?

The following things must be present in your business plan so that your salon business can grow at a gradual but steady rate. 

  • Grow the number of customers in your salon
  • Make your existing customers visit more often by giving the best customer experience
  • Sell more services and products
  • Increase the quality of services and products in the parlor
  • Reduce salon operating costs
  • Add non-traditional business strategies to increase your business growth
  • Upscale your business

All of the above strategies can be implemented in a nonlinear manner as required for the business, and in general, applications can help this process by diagnosing the customer experience, gaining customer reviews and improving the customer experience.

Ways to help build a booming beauty business

2Bloomimg Beauty Business

The following points can be used to improve your salon business and build a successful business model that can change its business strategies according to the market both in terms of what customers want and what new services you can incorporate within your business.

Educate customers about services

The first thing you should do to increase your business potential is to educate your customers about all the services and products you are selling. This can be done by posting articles about specific services and products. They can also be notified about any new articles you post if they use your salon application. This strategy also helps customers counter any misinformation that might be spread on the internet and possibly even save their skin from any damage that would otherwise occur because of such measures.

Know your niche

It is important to know your niche well if you want to grow your business well. You can further look into the following categories to understand what treatments you can specialize in for your customers

  • Ambiance: some beauty parlors and spas can provide different types of environments for the customers by focusing on the ambiance. They can change the environment by popularity. Oriental and wintery, log cabin-Esque environments are popular among spas.
  • Age group: if you know the age group that comes to your parlor, you can tailor the services according to their preference to increase your popularity
  • Subculture: you can then dive into the culture of your age group that visits your parlor. This is beneficial if you specialise in styles like emo, punk or other similar styles.

Do not be upfront with prices

This is not to say that you should be dishonest about prices. However, over the internet you should be very careful to not let customers judge you based on your price alone. You can stress this in your salon booking app by making sure customers know about the app only after the customers get to know the whole experience of the service. You can include articles and videos of the service. However you should always make sure that your customers can pay with ease from the app.

Reward loyalty

You should always make sure that regular customers are rewarded by things like discounted prices. You can also use freebies, gifts, and coupon marketing with your customers. Making such coupons shareable through the app can also increase app popularity.

However you should more than anything, reward your customers with attention. Make their experience better by providing personalized experience as much as possible. The beauty salon appointment app can only help that much, and you should make sure this translates well in the real world.

Measure your KPI

You should also relentlessly measure all your key performance indicators(KPIs) in your beauty salon business. Following are some KPIs in a beauty salon business

  • Salon profit margin
  • Number of customers
  • Profits per customer
  • Average product/service price
  • Customer visit frequency

If most of your customers use the app, these KPIs can be automatically tracked via systems that are pre programmed in the beauty salon booking software.

Promote your business

You should never stop promoting to compete well with your competitors. You can keep customers interested in your business by promoting different services at different times. However you should always use every social media and promotion channel available to promote the business. You should also respond to all the comments posted in social media so that your customers get an impression that you care. 

You can also evaluate individual employee performance based on comments and reviews on the app so business models using such solutions benefit in multiple different ways.


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