5 min readWhat Will Be The eCommerce Trends for 2022?
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Today, customers are expecting a convenient, memorable, and seamless shopping experience. Investing in the perfect eCommerce trends enables you to follow these fast-changing preferences and needs. In order to make your business unique, you need to determine if specific areas of the e-commerce industry are growing and how much you need to invest in order to create an ultimate online experience.

Creating a customized shopping experience is crucial in order to satisfy customers. Shoppers always need some assistance in order to find the required products and have a personalized shopping experience meeting their business needs. 

Ecommerce websites are adopting trending technologies in order to send customized pop-ups, marketing offers, follow-up emails, and a lot more in order to create an amazing shopping experience and enhance relationships with their customers.

Top 9 eCommerce trends to dominate in 2022

One of the best ways to set up your business in order to gain more success is to invest in areas of the eCommerce industry that are growing. Let’s discuss the top eCommerce trends to dominate in 2022.


As machine learning technology is more advanced, brands started to utilize Artificial Intelligence and automation in order to enhance the customer experience. Chatbots are a clear example of this which can communicate with customers through a live chat interface in real-time. Chatbots offer instant 24/7 customer service and will act as a resource for driving customers to the desired pages and making them interested in your business.

Voice shopping

By using voice eCommerce, sales are estimated to reach around $19.4 billion in the year 2023. We always see many businesses implementing voice shopping in order to make it more simple for customers to buy any product. Conversational shopping will also assist you in interacting with your customers in real-time.

You need to experiment using chat apps such as Facebook Messenger as well as voice technology such as Siri and Alexa to let customers engage with your business, receive recommendations, as well as even make them purchase your product.

Diverse payment methods

2 Diverse Payment Methods

Customers need the option in order to select the payment method of their choice to complete the checkout process. Businesses that provide various payment options utilizing advanced payment technology will certainly build trust, minimize cart abandonment, as well as encourage customers to spend more time.

Many financing solutions such as buy now itself and you pay later and seamless single click payment methods will consistently grow popular and make customers feel more flexible with their online shopping.

Video marketing

Among various forms of content marketing, videos are the most effective method to market your products as well as attract new customers. Create and update videos on your social media as well as on your website including your about us page, homepage, product pages, etc.

Tutorials, unboxing videos, user-generated content, explainers, etc. are better examples of videos that can connect with customers and assist them to make proper buying decisions. 

Augmented reality

Most businesses are experimenting with emerging technologies to stand ahead of competitors. Features such as 3D mapping, product visualizers, augmented reality, product builders, etc. make it even simpler for customers to explore, visualize, and try your products.

This enhanced product marketing will assist in recreating a better offline retail experience which many shoppers look for. So you need to provide them with an engaging and convenient buying experience. Today, eCommerce website development has become very popular as it connects easily with consumers and helps in business promotion. 

Subscriptions and loyalty programs

3 Subscriptions And Loyalty Programs

It is a known fact that eCommerce will constantly keep growing more competitive. Most of the businesses feel customer retention is a top priority for their business success. We may expect loyalty programs and subscription and loyalty programs to always continue to grow, offering convenience, and savings for the consumers.

This creates a good relationship with the shoppers and makes them become your long-term customers. Any top eCommerce website agency offers customized eCommerce websites in Toronto offering great sales and conversions to businesses.

Omnichannel customer experience

Nowadays customers value convenience and simple shopping procedures. An omnichannel method offers that convenience as it creates a seamless shopping experience if the customers are doing purchases on a desktop, or browsing required products on a smartphone, or just picking up products with a single click and collecting services from the physical store. Companies that invest in this omnichannel strategy will always be in a great position in order to increase sales and earn customer loyalty.

Mobile commerce

4 Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce sales are estimated to increase exponentially by the end of 2025. In order to stand out from the crowd, your business requires to offer an engaging and ultimate user experience for the customers.

A great mobile commerce experience helps you in making your customers come back to your online store and thereby helps in increasing your sales. You may also include things such as SMS, push notifications, mobile content, a mobile-optimized website, a mobile eCommerce app, and a lot more.

Buyer journey optimization

Ecommerce has become a basic customer purchase path for most of businesses. Due to this, it became critical for businesses to analyze and improve the touchpoint of each and every customer in order to remain competitive.

You need to optimize the buyer paths by completely focusing on enhancing your product search, offering amazing product merchandising, providing a streamlined and customized mobile experience, as well as capturing your return processes.


Customer preferences are rapidly turning towards the eCommerce industry because of its convenience. Machine learning is more likely to minimize costs along with increasing sales for eCommerce businesses. Nextbrain Technologies is the leading eCommerce website development company in Toronto, Canada offering ultimate eCommerce solutions to strengthen your business and increase your sales.