4 min readTop 8 mistakes to avoid during the Digital marketing process
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Digital marketing is an uncertain process as there may be many chances to make mistakes with complex strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and content marketing. It’s a great opportunity to reconsider your digital marketing methods and make sure whether your digital marketing strategy is suitable for your business. It is always recommended to keep up to date with the best practices of digital marketing so that it is possible to avoid mistakes during the process of digital marketing.

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Missing your target market

According to the metrics if the number of visitors to your website gets increased, it is more essential for you to clearly know whether those visitors represent your target audience. There may be many chances that the traffic which is generating is not your target audience, as it may be either inaccurate marketing communication or misplaced digital advertisements. In such a case, you need to again assess the digital platforms where your ads are visible to make it more engaging for the actual target audience.  

Not having a proper SEO strategy   

Not having an appropriate SEO strategy can  greatly affect your business. It is highly beneficial to ensure that you have a proper SEO strategy which helps your brand in securing the top slots in the SERPs. To initiate a digital marketing campaign without paying much attention to Search Engine Optimization can be a greatest flaw which you need to avoid. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO plays a key role in optimizing the online presence of a business.

Neglecting to remarket

One of the great digital marketing mistakes that businesses do is neglecting the customers who have already shown interest in their products. Usually all the businesses tend to focus more on gaining the new customers, apart from focusing on the leads. To avoid this you can create an email marketing campaign to get emails from your audience and make them think about the products again, so that you can create interest in them.

Using clickbait 

Usually many digital marketing analysts in order to improve customer engagement focus on investing content which sounds much appealing to customers, without having proper content strategy. To avoid this mistake, focus on creating content which offers actual value to the end users, and let the users know exactly what they can expect inside the post. By doing this your website visitors will never be disappointed and become regular visitors due to the availability of quality content.  

Ignoring video marketing 

Video marketing plays an unique role in attracting the users. Most of the SEO analysts ignore video marketing or post videos with poor sound quality which will be a great barrier to their business. You need not spend much money to make good videos on the social media platforms which can convince the end-users. Most of the mobile phones have great camera functions which make real-life videos to show a considerable impact on the target audience.

Not replying to customers  

According to research, while using the internet users spend 28% of their time on social media. Most of the users make use of online platforms to get a proper reply from their shopping brands. Users who came across your post on social media may comment on your posts or may ask any queries which you must answer promptly. In case if you don’t reply or reply inappropriately it may affect your business a lot as there will be many users who come across those comments.

Setting unrealistic goals 

One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes is not having a systematic approach and not having proper goals. So it is not possible to know clearly when you will achieve your goals. Without realistic goals, your business will be a failure. Unrealistic goals are highly impossible to achieve even if you implement your digital marketing strategies perfectly. It is recommended to track your goals to drive your campaign successfully. Without proper goals, it is not possible to know what areas you need to improve.

Overlooking analytics

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The devices such as Google Analytics or SEMrush play a key role in getting an analysis about what is working and what is not. Many companies commit a great mistake by making social media blogs or posts without properly assessing the performances. Analytics about your website will give you good support in looking into the content and let you know whether the content is useful for your viewers. 


Most of the entrepreneurs think that their digital marketing efforts should give results much quickly which is highly impossible. Digital marketing is a long-term strategy which needs more efforts and proper planning along with a clear understanding of common mistakes that occur during the digital marketing process. Nextbrain Technologies is the top web and mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada offering outstanding digital marketing services to the clients.



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