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  • Sep 21, 2020
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Top Features Of IOS 14 To Update In Your IOS App

What are the new features in iOS 14 to update in your iOS application?

An efficient iOS app development company can develop the best apps that are functional, innovative, scalable, and secure. An iOS developer in Toronto, Canada can provide the best mobility solutions and services to a wide range of businesses. The iOS 14 mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. hit the online market with stunning and excellent features to make the app experience immersive, secure, and easy.

Home screen with an app library

Home Screen With An App Library

Apple has brought a fresh look to the iOS 14 home screen. The iOS developers have made provisions to remove the apps from the screens or the screen itself. All these apps are stored in the App library as big folders that are closer to the final home screen. All these folders can be automatically arranged into a single easy navigation view. The recently used apps can be visible in those folders. One can choose an app from the search tab shown at the top of the screen.

Better widget experience

Widgets are a fundamental part of the iOS operating system that performs special functions and can be dragged to the home screen. The new iOS has offered significant widgets experience with a bunch of new sizes and information.

Picture-in-picture mode

The compact user interface helps the user to simply swipe back to the home screen when they are on a video call or while watching a video and the screen will continue to appear on the screen. Phone and face calls occupy positions in the banners. This provides more room to perform other activities while attending a call.

App clips

iOS app developers have created App Clips that encourages the user to use Apple Pay. Apple facility helps users to prevent signing in with certain other applications. App clips help your business in acquiring new customers through messages, maps, web, QR codes, NFC tags, etc. Without actually signing up to an app or downloading and installing it, one can perform tasks with the aid of micro parts of the applications ensuring the experience is below 10 MB.

Substantial privacy tweaks

The expanded privacy features include providing an approximate location instead of the exact location, provision to share particular photos and signals will be shown in status when some application accesses your camera and microphone with a green dot and amber dot respectively.

Updations on Apple Arcade

iOS 14 shows users the games all of their Game Center plays, provides access to recent games they play and makes it easy to find and sort the arcade games.


Siri in iOS 14 has a new compact design. When you start a request, Siri pops at the bottom and answers appear on the top of the screen as a notification. Siri has greatly expanded knowledge with 02x more facts, helps you find answers to a wide range of questions without browsing the web; shares EDTA with a contact while navigating with Apple apps, etc.

Translate App

iOS has brought an innovative feature by creating an in-built Apple translate app that will enable the voice to be translated online into chosen languages. It can currently translate 11 languages comprising Mandarin, Spanish, and French. This feature gives a smooth translation in offline-mode with downloaded languages and also works in landscape mode.

Expansive ARKit 4 tools

Apple has expanded AR tools for the iPhone app development company with ARKit 4. It offers stunning features for all devices with the A12 Bionic chip by creating more realistic augmented reality experiences. ARKit 4 has introduced a brand-new Depth API on iPadOS. It can acquire the detailed depth information assembled by the LiDAR Scanner on iPad Pro. Location Anchors, Expanded Face Tracking Support, Multiple face tracking, Collaborative sessions between multiple people, Face and world tracking using simultaneous front and back cameras gives a better experience of augmented reality.


One can pin a favourite message in iOS 14 to get back to them later. You can pin a maximum of nine messages to the top of the app that can be synced across all Apple devices. It also has a direct reply feature in a group conversation while tagging an individual. The customized features enable you to receive messages only when the name gets mentioned.


A perfect iOS app development company can design your dream app for your iOS operating system with the best innovative solutions to meet all your necessities. The recent innovations like iOS 14 make life easier with the amazing features it provides. Next brain Technologies is a top mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada that fulfils all your requirements by ensuring customized apps and iOS app development services.



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