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Are you aware of the latest UI/UX interface? UI is the abbreviation of the user interface and the full form of UX is user experience. Designers all around the world have to remain updated to the latest trends of designs and advance their working as per it. With the best practices of UI and UX trends, designers try distinct aspects of working with innovative as well as creative concepts. With the coming of the New Year 2021, the design received its new models and innovation. 

Let’s have a look at the different design trends.

Motion Graphics

Visual experience plays a significant role when it comes to user experience. Thus, motion graphics can be the visual information that comprehends items grabbing users’ attention to what is desired. Motion graphics is one of the visual graphics that help users to create a number of different elements:

  • Creating transition fluids
  • Comprehending multifaceted processes with simplicity
  • Giving a wide range of user experience
  • Drawing users’ interest in what is desired 

3D Illustrations

The world of 3D is quite vast as it always produces a life-like experience to users. With the broad spectrum of 3D animations, creating vivacious designs has become easier than ever. Its effect is also implemented on full-screen animations. Thereby, it assists in creating an eye-catching 3D background for your website.

The designers of Nextbrain have amazing techies following the latest UI/UX trends. Accompanied by professionals, the designing team uses end-to-end creative skills to modify and accustomed to the newest design fashion.

Immersive full-screen experience

With the age of social media trends, people are spending less time concentrating on the centre of the screen when in contrast the screen size getting bigger gradually. A very sophisticated user inclination happens is the central part of the screen receives much attention than any other section. In order to avoid this concept, the immersive full screen went on to eradicate any kind of distractions from the screen with immersive UI effect. With the help of such effect, users can remain engaged to your desired website and focus on them sans interruption.

Contrast Gradients 

NBCanada Top Ui Ux Trends Contrast Gradient

The term colour blending is very popular from the mid-1990s and has never been outdated since then. It plays a vital task in giving depth to the flat designs and thus attracting users’ interest to it. The Instagram logo created with the same theory is leading the social networking arena today. Contrast gradient is another name to the colour blending design strategy. 

Other than adding a scramble of shading to your design, gradients with less differentiating tones can likewise control clients’ action whenever utilized in the proper manner. While it is a pattern that is genuinely simple to consolidate in your UI configuration, a ton of contrast elements should be thought of. 

Voice user interface

NBCanada Top Ui Ux Trends Voice Ui

Audio content with natural language potential is in popular usage during 2021. A significant majority of brands are targeting on voice search method. A certain section of users goes local with just a headpiece attached to their smartphones or computers. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that technology speaks up to users. Voice help in brilliant home gadgets is becoming casual to individuals such as Google voice search and Alexa. Furthermore, as individuals become acclimated to innovation that discussions, the voice-based searching will get significant.

Giving Geometric Touch to Designs

NBCanada Top Ui Ux Trends Geometric Shapes

Various websites are proffering geometric structure to website designs. This is one of the best off-beat UI & UX design trends of 2021. A geometric structural touch to the website designs can add professionalism as well as a sense of assortment to it. A conventional and clean structural pattern helps in making the website data more vigorous and pragmatic. 

Design with speed

Nowadays, life without internet is unimaginable and similarly, the technology industry without the fast internet is next to impossible. The applicability of high-speed internet has its major impact on application and website. A design that goes mobile with fast loading time has its positive effects on the website and users. 

However, every positive element comes in with some difficulties. Similarly, when you add extensions and elements to your design, the website speed slows down with it. There are a number of tools which resolves this glitch and give the user a fast running web design experience.

Augmented reality

NBCanada Top Ui Ux Trends Augumented Reality

The mid-1990s evinced the advent of Augmented Reality, the most abbreviated form of which is AR. But the smartphone era has been able to reinitiate it to the mainstream. The world gaming industry has effectively used its benefits in the market. A well-applied tech in Instagram filters these days, Augmented Reality apps are becoming more usual with every generation. 

Among the top UI & UX trends in 2021, Augmented Reality can be counted as the foremost important design trends globally. The website designers are applying AR in every aspect of digital industry such as website designs for property sites and location spot tours. With the popular AR features, designers can concentrate on the varied 3D pathways, self-effacing buttons and dynamic design labels. The UX designers are giving us signs through this courageous new virtual world through savvy AR interfaces.


Design is basically a relevant arena of communication. Digital design helps to achieve a dual way process covering interaction and feedback. Whenever a user reacts to act by clicking on a design or button causing the webpage to react, this process is identified as micro-interactions. 

During the recent century, designers are building up the process with vigorous page transitions and tactile animations. From zooming in to zooming out, a complete page layout can be based on a specific design model. The final product is the user experience that reacts to enter in progressively stunning and imaginative manners, boosting the client’s association with the page.

Escapist culture

NBCanada Top Ui Ux Trends Escapist Culture

Nowadays, UI & UX designers are putting striking locations and exclusive scenario as the centrepiece of the webpage layout. The trend is counted among the top 10 UI UX design trends of 2021 where designers can execute colourful schemes, vivid lifestyles, and striking images creating a depth of realism unto their design. In addition to aestheticism, minimalism is an important strategy in UI drawing users’ attention to the desired page or layout. 

The conclusive verdict 

It can be well-stated that the design trends of 2021 are worth useful than any other ever imagined. With favorable UI & UX, designers are exposed to smarter tools and pave the way to more innovative researches ahead. Beginning from the propinquity of live-alliance and partnership to brand precision and performance, the 2021 design trends are a path-setter to a more exciting feature-rich future. 



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