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  • Jan 20, 2021
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Top 10 App Developers In Montreal

Since the humble beginnings of the software industry, software applications have come a long way from just being able to run on a single device to be seamlessly run on many devices in real-time and now are being used in a wide range of applications including but not limited to retail, finance, healthcare and entertainment.

Mobile App developers make life easier using the latest technologies and are essential in every part of the world, but as Montreal is emerging as one of Canada’s high-tech cities due to its strong start-up culture and innovation in the field of wearable devices, the presence of smart energy networks, and virtual reality, Today we’re going to take a look at some of the leading App developers based off Canada’s best App developers in Montreal.

Best App Developers In Montreal


AppStudio is a Mobile App Development company which develops apps on iOS and Java platforms, develop IOT(internet of things) products, and have experience in UX/UI(User interface) design. With 8 years in service, the developers at Appstudio have completed over a thousand projects and have developed apps for many industries ranging from healthcare, finance and on-demand software services.


NextBrain technologies is a Mobile App Development company which has expertise in SaaS(Software as a service), mobile app development and UI design. They develop apps on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and windows, Using technologies like .NET, PHP, Laravel and java along with Angular.js, vue.js, and React, for app development. They have developed apps like Deliforce, a fast track delivery management software, and MenuSys, a food order and delivering system. They also provide UX/UI design services using their skills in software like photoshop and illustrator.


Spaceo is another thing developed by App Developers in Montreal who use cross platform technologies like React.js and Kotlin to develop mobile apps. They have completed more than a hundred projects in 26 different countries, and their products range from desktop software, mobile apps, to smart wearable technology and AI chatbots.they have developed a number of apps which enable services like live streaming, stock trading and on-demand ride sharing.


Appvelocity is a leading cannadian company developed by App Developers in Montreal which concentrates mostly on developing mobile apps and they have developed apps like freewire and mission rabies, among others. Apart from usual Mobile App Development, developing applications for Android and iOS, they also specialize in IOT and cloud app development. 


App Developers in Montreal are also the team behind Iqlance, a company which has a broad spectrum of services including mobile and enterprise application development, web development and gaming. They have worked with technologies like ROR, .NET, PHP and Java across iOS, Android and Windows platforms. They have used unity game development engine and virtual reality technology in the gaming industry. 


Next in the list is Saigalmedia, who provide services on Mobile App development, UX/UI design services, e-commerce services using magento and Content management systems. They have designed web pages for airport bookings, made iOS apps like “score ice” and “Park for U”. they have been featured in clutch as one of the top B2B (Buissness to Buisness) companies in clutch.


Fueled is another company which provides services of Mobile App Development, their scope being enterprise applications and mobile apps. They have experience in developing software in multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and they use python and django for the backend development of their software. They also provide growth marketing and digital marketing services which increase customer retention and thereby increase revenue of the client.


Branex is a company which calls itself a Mobile app development, digital marketing, and web design company. They have services of web design, mobile app development on Android and iOS platforms, and digital marketing using SEO optimization and social media marketing. They have used augmented reality technology. They also have logo design, packaging design and print design services. They have completed over 683 projects, and Branex is certainly worth looking into if you are interested in mobile app development companies in canada.


Founded in 2015, App Developers in Montreal created Skyhidev, a mobile application development company which has completed more than 493 projects. They provide services of Mobile App Development, logo design, digital marketing and web design.


Theapplabb is another company which has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and has been responsible for Mobile App Development since 2007. The App Developers in Montreal at Theapplabb make custom mobile applications for clients using the latest technologies, and have services in the industry of rentals, grocery, retail, healthcare and restaurants.


It is no doubt that the App Developers in Montreal are not to be underestimated. App developers in Montreal will create many Apps that drive innovation and the tech industry to being ever more productive. Nextbrain Technologies is also a Mobile App Development Company in Toronto, Canada which offers custom mobile applications to enhance user engagement and business growth.



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