3 min readHow manufacturing industry is leveraging video analytics
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Nowadays, enterprises are capable of leveraging video analytics to streamline different manufacturing operations. Since the inception of security surveillance and the installation of video surveillance cameras to monitor distinct activities, AI Video analytics in the manufacturing industry has enabled machines to automatically analyze videos to detect and trigger alarms for different events. Motion detection during primordial times used to have technical flaws. However, with the implementation of modern-day technologies machine learning and deep analytics have advanced the accuracy of video analytics. Several cameras embedded with video analytics can find applications in almost all industries.

This article discusses how manufacturing industries are leveraging video analytics for distinct applications. By harnessing video analytics for manufacturing, enterprises can enhance operations, promote asset monitoring and increase worker safety. 

Use cases of Video analytics in the manufacturing industry

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Video analytics is capable of determining in case of any suspicious incidents occurring in the premises under surveillance. In this context, we will learn about the major use cases of AI Video analytics software in manufacturing industries. 

Quality control

Video analytics is implemented for sending alert notifications to the operator in situations of any error across production lines. It automates the manual tracking processes and administers a secure operation by preventing human faults. The technology can be used to run the process correctly. It prevents potential errors by sending real-time alerts and notifications. 

Safety measure detection

For manufacturing plants, worker safety is a vital concern. There are certain areas in a manufacturing facility such as forklift areas, robotic cells, high voltage, and other risky actions. There are times when companies need to ensure that they can manage their risks effectively. At Nextbrain, we have a video analytics solution that involves the detection of PPE like helmet detection, safety gear detection, glove detection and many more. 

Manufacturers can utilize video analytics to detect wrong-way motions that can trigger danger in the workplace. In a heavy machinery area proximity lines restrict the entry of workers. In this scenario, if a worker crosses the line, it will immediately trigger an alarm to alert the worker. 

Analyzing efficiency

When it comes to manufacturing facility operations, video analytics can assist increase productivity by monitoring production lines continuously. It can generate real-time data flow and provide for production lines continuously. Companies can get instant insights regarding the manufacturing facility. The AI technology generates actionable intelligence leveraging video data from the security cameras. This enables companies to seamlessly analyze the loopholes of production.

Asset security

AI technology offers effective security by enabling only authorized personnel to enter the predefined areas in manufacturing facilities. It enables only security personnel to enter surveillance rooms and prevent access for any worker rather than others. 

Having facial recognition features, and video analytics can assist in preventing theft in factories. As embedded with computer vision, cameras can classify distinct assets of the manufacturing company. 

Improving product quality

Video analytics can assist computer vision by detecting any errors or non-conformities in finished products as they move along the production line. It can assist in improving the quality of end products. Additionally, it can constantly monitor the conveyor belt and identify how each product is assembled. 

AI systems can automatically detect damaged products by identifying defects in products, thereby ensuring that quality products are reaching retailers and customers. 

Final thought

Artificial intelligence has a major impact on different industries. From providing real-time monitoring of people, processes and machinery, AI Video analytics create a smarter technology that generates more accurate results. Leveraging video analytics for manufacturing is a boon. Manufacturers have begun relying on several digital technologies such as IoT, robotics and AI. Looking to implement smart technology in your daily operations? As the leading software development company, Nextbrain creates effective AI Video Surveillance software for different industry verticals. Technology is advancing rapidly and to keep pace with the competitive curve, it is relevant to embrace modern tools and technologies.