6 min readWhat are the best eCommerce marketing strategies you need to consider?
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  • Aug 18, 2021
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Ecommerce websites are facing a lot of challenges due to huge competition from numerous shopping websites. Almost all the customers search for the required products in search engines to compare your products and their prices with your competitors before going to purchase a product.

Most importantly, you need to have a responsive website, as 73% of customers will not stay on a website that is not mobile-friendly. So every eCommerce business must implement an effective marketing plan or strategy to attract their target audience and showcase their products. 

Ecommerce marketing types and strategies 

There are various e-commerce techniques and strategies that help in expanding your business and reach a huge customer base. Below are some of the important ecommerce marketing strategies that drive more traffic to your website and enhance your brand awareness.

Social media marketing

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Many top brands and emerging businesses are promoting their products on social media networks in order to easily connect with their end-users and post information that their potential customers are interested in. As eCommerce websites are mostly regarding visuals, brands need to showcase their products on social media to attract end-users and drive the traffic to the product pages of your website.

Instagram is the proper platform for all eCommerce businesses where you can post photos of your products and make your products reach a lot of users. Attractive content on social media, display ads, etc. can be strategically so as to redirect the customers to the shopping cart of your website directly.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best techniques that enable you to increase your website traffic and improve your website ranking in search engine results. You can promote your product through relevant blogs, videos, and infographics. The keyword-based and high-quality content in your website attracts more users and makes them stay on your website for a longer time.

As your website is the most important thing to showcase your brand, it is essential to update your website content so that you can get more quality traffic which results in an increase in your leads, sales, and overall revenue of your business.

Optimize product page

It is important to optimize your product page of the website with product-driven and short keywords which include the product name so that your end users can easily find your product and website whenever they search for the product. If your website is not optimized with relevant keywords your customers will not be able to find your product. So ensure that the titles, image alt tags, headers, etc. of your product page are optimized with relevant keywords so that when your customers search with a product-based query they will be able to find your product. 

Guest posts for external websites

Guest posts will take your products and your website in front of the right audiences. Guest post submission will help in getting good domain authority to your eCommerce website which makes the search engines understand that your website is secure and reliable.

It is recommended to search for those websites that are related to your services or products and rank high for keywords. In some cases, you need not create the entire blog post. You can find any related post on that website and provide additional content like infographics or videos giving a link to your website.

Add product-related videos on Youtube

Nbcanada Add Product Related Videos On Youtube

As there are many active users on Youtube, it is the best strategy to promote your products on Youtube. Most of the users on Youtube may watch your videos and there may be many chances that your end-users also watch your videos. If you are looking for a huge and massive audience to be aware of your products and services, then Youtube is the perfect platform.

Use high search volume keywords to describe the topic of your video and then share an interesting video of your product to make your audience aware of your product. You can explain to your customers through the video about your product, how to use it, etc. This type of videos helps to build good relationships with your customers and improves your brand identity.

Keyword-driven FAQ page

Most of the customers often ask various queries related to your services or products. Then your customers must find your website with an answer to their questions. For this, you need to create a keyword-driven FAQ page on your website with long-tail keywords and high search volume keywords that are most likely used by your target audience.

This helps to get your end-users to your website whenever they search for a product-related query. This helps to drive more traffic to your website and improves lead generation which are the key components for the success of your eCommerce store.

Search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will include both Paid advertising as well as Search engine optimization (SEO). While SEO focuses on optimizing the content of websites and improving your website ranking on the search engines, SEM focuses on display campaigns, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, product-specific ad campaigns, etc. that enables you to pay for top places on the search engine pages.

Email marketing

Nbcanada Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies to attract new customers and communicate with present customers. You can also send emails to the customers who leave their shopping cart to know the specific reason so that you can provide them with a proper solution.

This helps in regaining your lost customers and bringing them back to your website. You can also ask customers for feedback or any help after the post-purchase which will attract your customers and improve customer credibility.


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