5 min readTop 6 Best IoT App Development Companies in Toronto, Canada
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  • Aug 18, 2021
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been rapidly growing in today’s technological era. From the last few years, it has been witnessed that the phenomenal potential of IoT technology mainly utilizes network sensors for transmitting data across various platforms and devices.

According to the research, more than 90% of users spend their time on mobile phones, especially mobile apps. Hence, mobile apps have significantly become very powerful and popular in the past couple of years.

This gave rise to the growth and importance of the Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT technology is used in various sectors like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking, finance, etc. IoT app development companies started developing smart applications that can ease customers’ needs.

Best IoT app development companies in Toronto, Canada

Nbcanada Top 6 Iot App Development Companies In Toronto Canada

There are many IoT application development companies in Canada providing end-to-end IoT app development services to many clients worldwide. Below given is the list of top IoT app development companies in Toronto, Canada.


Solulab is the best IoT app development company in Toronto, Canada founded in 2014. They provide various IoT app development services like wearable apps development, IoT and Blockchain, IoT and ML, IoT and Big data, etc. Their dedicated team of developers is experienced in various technologies like NodeJs, Vuejs, Reactjs, AngularJs, Laravel, IoT System Integrator, Cloud integration, etc.

IoT developers of this company are providing smart IoT solutions to automate their business operations and enhance the ROI. The company has more than 6 years of experience in delivering exceptional IoT app development services to numerous clients all over the world. 


AppStudio, a leading IoT consulting and development company in Toronto was established in 2009 offering full stack IoT software development services. The team of expert app developers deliver world-class IoT app development services tailored to the specific business requirements of the clients.

They provide custom IoT business solutions and IoT-enabled products by offering advanced IoT services like Interactive wearable applications, image recognition apps, etc. in almost all industries like healthcare, fitness, residential, etc. The team of talented IoT app developers in AppStudio develops and designs native and cross-platform mobile apps which allows controlling and monitoring smart devices and digital gadgets.

Nextbrain Technologies

Nbcanada Nextbrain Technologies

Nextbrain Technologies is the top IoT app development company in Toronto, Canada founded in 2016 with a team of highly skilled IoT developers delivering top-notch IoT app development services globally.

The IoT app development company develops and designs scalable, robust, and custom IoT app development services,  voice-enabled technology solutions, IoT gateway development, IoT consulting services, connectivity with wearable devices, voice-enabled technology devices, and various other IoT business solutions to many reputed organizations in almost all industry verticals.

With good experience in delivering IoT app development solutions, the team of IoT developers assists in delivering world-class IoT applications for connected devices. 

iQlance Solutions

iQlance is one of the best IoT application development companies Toronto, Canada started in 2010 providing end-to-end IoT app development services delivering world-class IoT business solutions to various industry giants all over the world.

The company offers various services like IoT module development, IoT architecture development, IoT app development, IoT testing, IoT support and maintenance services, IoT app design, and IoT based business solutions to many clients in almost all industries. With technical expertise the team of IoT developers empower organizations with  scalable and custom IoT solutions to deliver better connectivity and offer a competitive edge to their clients in various industries.

Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics, a leading IoT software development company in Toronto was established in 2003 having a team of highly experienced and certified IoT professionals delivering top-notch IoT business solutions to many businesses, startups, large sized companies, and many top companies across the globe.

As a top-rated IoT application development company, the company offers full-stack IoT development services, unique and custom IoT design solutions, and various other IoT solutions to meet the client’s business needs. The IoT solutions provided by this company are up to the application standards in order to ensure advanced and robust functionality as well as secure operability.

Guarana Technologies 

Guarana Technologies is the renowned IoT application development company in Toronto, Canada founded in 2011. The team of IoT app developers are specialized in delivering custom IoT business solutions and smart IoT application development to the clients all over the world.

They provide various IoT services which includes custom IoT application design and development services, IoT gateway development, voice enabled technology solutions, IoT implementation and support, IoT consulting services, etc.

With many years of experience in IoT app development, they ensure quality products with robust functionalities. With deep knowledge of the latest IoT technologies, the IoT app developers create industry-specific IoT software solutions as per the client’s business needs. 


IoT application development provides the best potential value to many businesses by improving productivity and enhancing operation management. Nextbrain Technologies is a top web and mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada providing robust, scalable, and custom IoT app development services and industry-specific IoT business solutions in order to deliver great connectivity and provide a competitive advantage to the clients.