5 min readWhy do retail stores need to have the digital signage CMS software to update their contents?
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There are possible approaches to run a digital display from a USB drive or a pen drive. However, the complexity and scale of digital displays require proper planning and a content management system that allows businesses to have complete control of the content. If your business has just a limited number of screens located in a single space, then running a small set of files with limited changes and playing contents on a loop from a USB drive can seem sufficient. On the contrary, more screens at different locations often become difficult to manage. Herein lies the importance of digital signage CMS software.    

A powerful content management system is pivotal to a successful content deployment process. In the competitive world of retail, it is relevant to display content that promotes important promotions and products, values, store branding, and delivering premium quality content. It manages and monitors displays for sharing content. In this article, readers will get a clear insight into the digital transformation that brick-and-mortar stores should adopt in order to stay ahead of the competitive curve.       

Content management system platform 

The digital signage CMS platform comprises effective tools and capabilities. They administer file upload capabilities and review images and videos. Several well-established and sophisticated platforms on the market have content-authoring tools that enable users to build media from scratch to track designs. 

Some platforms feature content stores involving templates depending on predesigned functionality comprising a digital menu system. The brick-and-mortar stores must have a digital signage CMS system to properly manage and update their content without hassle. Several CMS platforms utilize modern web presentation technology, HTML5 to automatically update content. The various digital screen data/content can be automatically updated in real-time in a data repository.  

Content management 

Digital signage networks need to be updated in real time so that content gets updated across different locations and time zones. Real-time marketing requires a proactive approach to different factors like store conditions, trends and consumer behaviors. Capable of deploying content, digital signage CMS can be updated instantly. Retail stores need to get a complete view of the store, employees and customers to offer a positive store experience. With the help of integrating CMS into digital signage, retailers can have seamless content updates deployed through a CMS enabling brands to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant to their customers. 

A well-planned promotional dynamic content displayed through digital signage has more response than a static campaign. Integrating this content with digital signage CMS software helps in running multiple looping campaigns, messages and content at different points within the in-store journey.

Advantages of retail signage CMS solution

Advantages Of Retail Signage CMS Solution


One of the great challenges that retailers face is increasing customer engagement. Nowadays, e-commerce platforms are increasing and becoming popular. Brick-and-mortar stores have been trying to shift their business operations. Retail stores can leverage the potential of digital signage and intuitive displays in digital screens that are placed in high-traffic areas including the checkout queue, in front of stores, and in product-specific areas. This will ensure dynamic content by reaching the target audience. 

Content update in real-time

When it comes to retail digital signage CMS platforms, scalability and flexibility are relevant to consider. Reliable tools are available to deploy, update, and manage content in real time. The digital signage CMS must tackle the scale and complexity of the latest in-store digital signage network. With cloud-based digital signage software, users can access content from anywhere around the world and update content with just a few clicks. It gets circulated to all digital screens within seconds.

Remote management

With the best CMS digital signage platform device monitoring becomes easier. It runs computing routines to watch media players and screens that are deployed across your network. Digital signage platforms come with online tools that automatically offer flexibility to update content and provide easy access to users.


In general, maximum digital signage platforms utilize third-party network systems to host and run their systems. This, in turn, grants greater accessibility to end users as there are backups for databases and stored files. 


Retailers with digital screens located at different places often find digital signage CMS beneficial cutting down overall costs in labour and saving time. The digital signage CMS platform offers content updates that can be easily sent to a media player and screen across the city or any other part of the world. This is an effective system that is designed to tackle spikes in demand and content distribution.

Content scheduling & playlists

The CMS can be utilized to create playlists that display relevant and personalized messaging depending on the location in the store at any time of the day and customer interactions. With the help of the digital signage CMS system, multiple playlists can be created and deployed at many stores at the same time so that the right audiences can find them easily.

Analytics & reporting 

One can easily capture detailed analytics of digital signs with the right digital signage CMS solution. The data is based on customer interactions with showcased products and content. 

Effective customer experience

Retailers should look forward to creating content tailor-made to individual customers and content that is universal to adapting customer needs with changing seasons and holidays. Digital signage CMS system helps in-app integration with which more data can be collected and used to further improve customer engagement.

Final verdict

Digital signage software is modeled to function both in cloud and on-premise. The way the CMS sends and manages the content across the areas has relevant implications for the response time of your signage. As the top digital signage CMS service provider, Nextbrain creates world-class solutions for different industry verticals by harnessing advanced tech stacks and development methods. We leverage a scalable and flexible CMS platform enabling brands to deploy and manage content to digital networks of any size. At Nextbrain, our professionals have creative and professional expertise in creating world-class software solutions for businesses. It can tackle different digital signage networks together. Do you want to learn more about digital signage objectives? Connect with our experts now.