6 min readWhy is the Laravel 8.x framework best for your back end development?
Laravel 8.x Framework For Development

Many app developers have faced some issues in developing an app that is efficient, robust, and dynamic. In the process of developing the best possible solution, the app development companies have struggled to handcraft a dream app including all the requirements of the customer. Laravel Framework is the finest result of the dedicated work of Taylor Otwell, the founder of Laravel, who worked towards a goal to develop an accessible simple web application framework. The extremely popular Laravel framework was developed through state-of-the-art technology offering better user experience and functionality. In this article, we will see how Laravel 8.x framework is best for backend development.

To start a dream business, the difficult task is to find the perfect PHP framework for building a robust, efficient, and powerful web application. The Laravel development services have come up with the right coding framework, the recent and most demanded Laravel 8.x PHP framework create an excellent app. 

Introduction to Laravel 8.x PHP Framework

Laravel framework is an innovative solution that has gained momentum among the business verticals because of its capability to make tasks easier for developers such as authentication, sessions, caching, and routing. Comparing the contemporaries, this open-source PHP framework is highly promising and gives a standardized as well as a feature-laden platform for creating efficient, customized, and high-performing web apps. The Model-View-Controller pattern of Laravel framework improves the development process of websites, acting as a control container with an expressive migration system. Laravel developers have effectively used their resources, skills, and technology to find an ideal, extensible, and pluggable framework to develop complex and lightweight applications and to seek real-time solutions for your business with the best Laravel development services.

Laravel 8.x PHP Framework toolkit features

Laravel framework is the next-gen tool that helps clients to do bigger projects that naturally become the popular framework among businesses. The Laravel ecosystem comprises a plethora of tools that are user-friendly and efficient to mould your dream business app. The Laravel development services offer a broader range of services that include Laravel web development services, social media, and third-party integration to enhance web development potential. Let’s check on the toolkit provided by Laravel development services.

Laravel 8.x PHP

Laravel Dusk

Laravel Dusk is the best tool for application testing from a users’ perspective. It ensures seamless and expressive automated browser testing with unique developer-friendly API capabilities. It also helps in testing Javascript driven applications.

Laravel Lumen

Laravel Lumen has optimized for lightning-fast microservices and secure APIs. It is a micro-framework within the Laravel ecosystem that helps in building efficient Laravel web apps and also trims down the bootstrapping processes. It is stripped down for speed to make your app extremely fast and reliable.

Laravel Telescope

Laravel Telescope is the best debug assistant for Laravel development that it debugs the application code. It has a standalone user interface that hosts many easy debugging tools. The telescope is a new wizard of Laravel development where it gives information about the requests coming into your application, exceptions, log entries, queries about the database, mail, notifications, cache operations, scheduled tasks, etc.

Laravel Homestead

Laravel Homestead is excellent for providing a development environment and even the Laravel community suggests its usage. Without installing PHP, application, or other server-side software on the local system, it provides an amazing development environment where you need not worry about the operating system. It is a pre-packaged Vagrant box which can be easily removed and re-created if necessary. It is fast to set up and add sites, easy to diagnose issues that you’ll have a massive community to assist in case of problems.

Laravel Nova

It is an important tool among the Laravel development services that offer a higher level of customization. This captivation administration dashboard improves the app development process. It has user-friendly UI and strong UX capabilities that provide resource management, search, actions, filters, lenses, authorization, and metrics.

Laravel Jetstream

It is excellent application scaffolding and the perfect starting point for new projects including login, registration, email verification, two-factor authentication, session management, API support through Laravel, and team management.

Laravel 8.x Framework

Why is the Laravel 8.x PHP Framework popular among businesses?

Higher levels of routing flexibilities

The higher routing flexibilities help in the easy building of responsive apps. It is much popular even among beginners that you can use simple closures in order to respond to requests from your application

Eloquent and powerful ORM

Laravel framework includes its own powerful ORM having easy to manage capabilities and helps effectively with organizing the database of the application. It works perfectly in tandem with SQL server, SQLite, MySQL, and Postgres.

Perfect documentation

Laravel framework has excellent documentation capabilities for organizing and managing large volumes of data to enhance the efficiency of access to it. It is really helpful for beginners as well as experienced users.

Suitable for all sizes

It gives the flexibility to build apps for small as well as big enterprises making your business unique.

Laravel developer-friendly 

Laravel frameworks make the web development process easy for Laravel developers that it saves time and money. The Laravel framework has libraries, tools, and templates that overall improves the lives of Laravel developers and also aids in building functional and powerful web apps.

Artisan, Laravel CLI

These Laravel framework tools provide an easy solution to perform multiple tasks such as seeding, database migration, cache clearance, and lot more.

Unit Testing

User testing is mandatory to know the flaws in the apps before it hits the online market. Make sure that the application flow is not broken by the changes you have incorporated. It can be well-noted while testing and debugging. Laravel framework is stable as well as flexible and is much easier to design apps. 

Base collections

Laravel base collection helps in addition, deletion, and iteration of the contents which is similar to arrays. The Collection class naturally inherits dozens of methods used to fluently work with arrays of eloquent models.

Real-Time Facades

Laravel facades act as “static proxies”. Real-time facades help to provide a terse, memorable syntax that provides access to almost all of Laravel’s features while facilitating more testability and flexibility than traditional static methods.

Blade Templating

They have similar advantages to layouts and sections. The blade is a powerful templating engine provided with the Laravel framework. Two of the primary merits of Blade are inheritance and sections. Blade templating also helps Laravel developers to write the code easily and build light-weighted websites. Slots and Components can be added to Blade templates that can simplify the building of reusable HTML elements.

Markdown Mail

Markdown Mailables and Notifications permit you to take advantage of the pre-built templates and components of mail notifications in your mailable. Laravel developers rendered responsive and attractive HTML emails as an easier path to send emails.  


Laravel 8.x has recently been released onto the market with unique features to give new dimensions to technology and business. It has huge community support. Select an apt Laravel development company that can build robust, responsive, user-friendly, easy to navigate, quick, and efficient applications. Nextbrain Technologies is the best Laravel Development Company in Toronto, Canada offering Laravel development services. The professional Laravel developers mould the customized apps using the latest Laravel 8.x framework with an insight to make your dream business stand out from the competitive market.



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