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Website Designing And SEO For Realtor

The real estate business is a dynamic industry where a number of industries compete to capture their share and the real growth of the business depends on new marketing techniques. You might have experienced the shift in the real estate business recently because the clients have precise ideas about their dream home or property. They seek the help of the internet and do some online market research. Thus finding a new client is really challenging. A successful real estate agent must be determined, honest, dedicated, and should have negotiation skills enough to captivate the customers. Let’s check on the effective tips you should know before you make the jump into a real estate business.

Importance of email marketing campaigns

Email marketing techniques can create a positive effect on the growth of the real estate business as it is an important tool in generating new leads and hitting the profit margin. The email nurture campaign keeps constant contact with past clients. Email campaigns will help us to gain the attention of potential clients through the right kind of emails at the right time in their journey of sale. About 63% of email marketing campaigns in the real estate business have received positive responses. As per the statistics of Smart Insights, around 27% is the average open rate of emails for real estate business. Make sure that you have an enticing, short, precise, and valid content; otherwise, they won’t be interested in opening your emails.  You can attach the newsletter packed with attractive articles, tips, and valid information in your email that convey your expertise in the business. You can keep the former clients updated with the latest listings through weekly, monthly, or frequent email blasts.

Handcraft a responsive and user-friendly website

Have you ever thought of the importance of a website in the real estate business? As per the NAR studies, 42% of realtors have a website that was provided by their firm and only 26% of the realtors have their own website. Having a responsive and browser efficient website is a key strategy for SEO and organic web traffic. A good website development company can sort out the problems with the right technologies and expertise. Care should be taken to handcraft a customized website that is mobile compatible, user-friendly, responsive, easy to navigate, accessible to all users, browser compatibility, etc. The slow loading websites with a large volume of unoptimized images, links, etc. is definitely an important problem to be solved. Try to make your website more attractive to your target audience with well-written content and well-planned information architecture to ensure them a better user experience. You can include new listings, apt content that entices them to buy homes, and links that connect to the services of lawyers, movers, and home inspectors. The website must be more people-centric where you can provide 24/7 technical chatbot features for quick replies to their queries and schedule appointments.

Realtor Website
Website for Realtor

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a search engine marketing option for realtors to seek potential clients, generate new leads through ads that they pay when someone clicks it. PPC works through correlated keywords in Google or another search engine when people search for them on the Internet. You need to know how the system works, how to set up an ad and have a good understanding of Google Adwords that helps to advertise your real estate business.

Create well-written and relevant blogs

In a real estate business, digital marketing might fail if your website has very poor content that is not at all captivating and informative. On average, 77% of realtors do not have a blog, and only 13% wish to have one in the future. A well-written and relevant blog having more indexed pages can create a positive impact on SEO, attracting the audience to buy or sell the property. Write blogs that establish a subject matter expertise; thus it acts as a driving force to enhance more traffic and generate new leads. Try to give content regularly answering the most expected questions that naturally encourage them to visit your websites again.

Make the process easier through virtual tours

The real barrier in front of a realtor is to make the real estate process much easier for customers. You have to find ways to explain the nature of the property and home clearing all their doubts. According to the study, 48% of the realtors used video rarely or never. Virtual tours of home help clients to get an idea of the home, to know what the home offers them. Use real footage of a home in 3D that is user-friendly, responsive to all gadgets, and interactive. It is found that virtual tours help to generate revenue 49% faster when compared to non-video realtors and a big opportunity for realtors to create brand awareness. Virtual tours are incredible pieces of content that keep the digital marketing process more effective.

Full-fledged social media marketing

The success of a real estate business depends on the reach you get on social media platforms so that people know about your business insights enticing them to visit your websites. Among realtors, only 30% use YouTube, 28% use Twitter, 21% use Pinterest, and the maximum percentage is for Facebook at 80%, and LinkedIn at 71%. You need to post real estate-related content on Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis. Try to give a variety of contents that are original and informative. You can post new or existing listings, relevant blogs, case studies, and featured stories. Make Youtube videos, and other articles with a goal to reach the maximum audience, other than just lead generation. This is an important digital marketing strategy to be focused on to develop an expected outreach. Use tools like Buffer that are designed to manage social media accounts and to make its development and scheduling simple and clear.

Hosts webinars and workshops

You can use all possible resources to share your expertise with the audience. With the help of webinars and online workshops, you can reach a large crowd and let them stay connected with your business.

Focus on search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in generating leads for your business. The correct SEO improves the ranking of your page in Google and other search engine result pages (SERPs) during relevant searches. The prime barrier that hinders the optimization technique is the changing algorithm. So, more focus should be given on SEO and include high-ranking keywords such as your location and your industry throughout your blog content and website. Meta titles and descriptions, backlinks, social media pages, and online directories are the other elements of a strong SEO strategy.

SEO For Realtor
SEO for Realtor Website


The real estate business is absolutely competitive and finding opportunities are really difficult unless you tackle it using the right marketing strategies and good expertise. Choose a good SEO company that can boost your visibility on search engines and ranks it higher in the results. Nextbrain Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in Canada, offering SEO services with well-defined marketing strategies and world-class expertise.



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