6 min read10 Simple SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better Ranking
SEO Mistakes To Avoid Nextbrain

To increase the visibility of your website, we do SEO optimization as a prime marketing strategy to enhance the traffic. You add a lot of keywords, links, and expect to see the rapid growth, but the results might not be the same as your expectation. It is not very easy to stay at the top of search engine optimization techniques because of the developments of search engines and changes in user’s perspectives. The SEO methods are evolving; some steps can generate more conversion rates while some cannot. In order to get more visitors for your sites in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, it is mandatory to avoid some common SEO mistakes that can occur during optimization. SEO is a major part of DIgital Marketing.

Importance of analytics package

You add some competitive, high-traffic keywords and phrases to get free traffic, getting into first page rankings, but fail to generate the expected results. At the same time, you can see even lower-traffic phrases convert better because they are more specific thus show up on first page rankings. The best way to tackle this problem is to track it with an analytics package that regularly reviews the analytics for efficient SEO optimization. The tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster help to analyze and evaluate the overall performance of your website. Google Webmaster tools verify that Google can access the content, maintain the website, and helps in discovering the malware or spam. Optimization techniques work differently for various strategies and content that helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses.

Neglecting local SEO

Avoid SEO Mistakes Nextbrain

Local search optimization is quite different from general SEO, where it requires a distinct strategy and targeted approach. Suppose you plan to start a business in a particular region of the city, your prime importance must concentrate on customers around the region, their preferences, and expectations. You must have the ability to supply quality products since customers always seek the best products nearby them. Try to include specific keywords in your page titles and meta descriptions. You can include the contact details regarding your company like address, and contact number in the header or footer of all pages to list yourself at the top in local search results.

Choosing the wrong keywords

There is a lot more competition in SEO experts that they work to find the right keywords for the changing preferences of the market. Keywords bring you customers who are searching for information, not the prospective customers who aren’t interested in your products/services. Try to include Generic keywords that attract prospective customers with very specific phrases that lead to high traffic and fast rankings. Stuffing your content with many keywords might get spammed by search engines, thus reducing the SEO performance.

Absence of unique titles and meta descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are a basic part of SEO optimization that can improve the performance of your content. They are very important not only for SEO but also for making your website captivating and engaging to the customers. Never give your company’s name or website name as the main title for every page of your blog. It’s obviously a damaging mistake; instead, you can mention your company name all over the pages while concentrating on particular keywords that are specific and relevant to each page. Make it more unique and persuasive; use custom meta titles that entice them to click on the listings in search results.

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Providing low-quality links

The quality of external links included in your content is much more important than their quantity. In order to make it a well-ranking website with good visibility, make sure you are using the best possible links that are relevant.

Repeated use of anchor text

You might have seen a web page with anchor text showing “click here”. This is a complete waste from the perspective of SEO optimization. Using the same text over and over again spams your website. Therefore optimizing your anchor text is necessary. Avoid using “click here” text and provide a variety of other anchor texts that are relevant. Occasionally, use the name of your company or a URL that looks natural to the search engines as well as the visitors.

Emphasizing link quantity over link quality

In SEO optimization, we have seen many companies overcrowd their websites with a high volume of links rather than focussing on its quality. One good quality link does much better comparing a hundred low-quality links. Focus on high-quality links that are relevant to your company. Try not to use many outgoing links and links that redirect to adult, pharmacy, or gambling sites. Use efficient tools to check the strength of the incoming links and make sure that it reaches out to many users and improves the website traffic.

Poorly written content

The website content should be precise, well-structured, enticing, updated, and relevant to your company’s products/services. Poorly optimized content will ruin the first impression of the visitors that can lose their trust in you. If it’s necessary to outsource content, hire professional writers who can write quality and new content that makes your website original and unique.

Lack of link-worthy content

Sometimes, well-written content might not get quality links. Quality content doesn’t mean people want to link to it. You need to make remarkable content that is likely to attract links and is a  time-consuming process. You need to do some research to find sites that are likely interested in your content. Invest some big chunk of time to create content for that.

Unique website design matters

If your website is custom made, its unique design adds up a lot to get more links. You can seek blogs that do reviews of good designs so that you can contact them to add your website to their list. It is an easy method. Submit it to some websites, then you could get some high-quality links.


Search engine optimization is an inevitable part of content marketing strategy and can be done effectively only if you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.  It might seem unnecessary to consider all these mistakes, but it drastically affects the visibility and ranking of your website. Nextbrain Technologies is a leading company in Canada that offers efficient SEO services to improve your website traffic and reach top rankings.



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