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  • Oct 10, 2020
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Hotel Booking Mobile App Nextbain Technologies

The ultimate aim of any technology is to make life simple, easier and hassle-free. In the hotel business, a number of factors determine the smooth running along with the systematic coordination and management of whole services. That’s why hotels are depending on mobile apps to make the business more interactive, faster hotel bookings, and to keep a close alliance with the customers anywhere in the world.

The customers always opt for a mobile-friendly hotel experience so that they can understand the features and services of the hotel through the mobile app before check-in. Integrating a hotel booking business to mobile apps assist in many ways. It makes bookings faster, easy social media sharing, quick-guide to all services, special offers, local information services, job opportunities, ratings and customer feedback.

The prime step to making your business stand out of the crowd depends on finding a good hotel booking app development company. There are many leading hotel booking app development companies in Toronto. Select the right one that has the ability to develop your dream app by including all your requirements and goals. Let’s check on how a mobile app reinforces your dream hotel business.

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Hotel Booking Mobile app

One-touch booking services

The app should store the details of all users and payment details that it helps customers to book a room within a few clicks. This offers a better user experience and hassle-free payment transactions in the booking process.

Efficient consolidation of details

The app helps to consolidate the details of the guests by tracking their in-house behaviour, booking habits, dining reservations, spa appointment, extra services, etc. This helps to save the details of guests in case of a future stay.

Self-service features

Instead of calling room service all the time, you can schedule it through the self-service features in the mobile app. They can check-in, upload documents that save time and energy of the guests instead of unnecessarily waiting in a queue. The self-service feature should be integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology so that the hotel staff can offer better hospitality services in a well-organised manner and lead to efficient communication with the guests. The utilization of AI helps in making smarter decisions. In peak hours, the hotel management team can allot various services and resources to the guests by efficiently managing all the staff. App also ensures other staff-intensive services like service payments, request for valet services, etc. offering better service-related efficiency.

Hassle-free communication

The communication between staff and guests can be made easier through mobile apps. Staff can easily respond to guests requests and can provide them with real-time updates. Guests can also request room service, early check-ins, special services, and request their car from valet.

Hassle Free Communication By Hotel Booking Mobile App Nextbrain
Hassle-free Communication between Guest and Staff

Improve hotel staff productivity

Mobile app not only helps customers but also a hotel manager that he can efficiently streamline hotel operations. There will be an account for each employee so that their tasks and status can be easily monitored. This feature helps to update details immediately on all devices.

Perfect marketing tool

The customers can easily connect with your business with the help of an app, a digital key to every social media platform. The app is a brand-focused idea where details of your hotel, location, services, trips & tours, and offers can be shared to customers; hence, increases the visibility and sales. The integration of the latest technologies, powerful tools and a team of talented professionals can handicraft a feasible app for your dream hotel business

The app development company must build all features that make your app attractive, flexible, browser efficient and secure. The features like stream-lined hotel bookings, reservation facilities, secure payment options, contacts, digital tour guides, multilingual features, technical chatbots, enticing photographs and videos, quality and comprehensive content that gives a basic idea of what the hotel holds onto, etc. should be considered. It should also have feeds with remainders and engagement and without carousels or sliders, tick boxes and other pop-ups that hinders the user experience.

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Book your Hotel Now

Customer loyalty program

A good and friendly connection with customers can be maintained through a customer loyalty program where hotel guests can collect their points for experiencing the services and direct bookings, which can be eventually converted into rewards. But some research suggests the customer loyalty is a semi-myth that it’s becoming out of flavour, but it creates a positive impact among customers who like to receive offers from the hotel providers.

Stay away from app traps

Care must be taken to avoid app traps that hotel booking development companies offer brand-new features with inexpensive rates, but fail to provide a well-functioning app. A customized app with functional features, services, information, and feedback sections are mandatory to digitalize the whole area of business. Feedback provides an extra value to the hotels to gain higher Google ratings.


The hospitality industries have flourished drastically due to the wide use of hotel booking apps that offer a unique user experience to the guests. The hotel booking app must have all the qualities that meet all the requirements of the business as well as the customer thus promoting unique brand identity. The key step is to select the right hotel booking app development company to handcraft the best apps with the right tools, technologies and expertise. Next brain Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in Toronto, offering end-to-end digital solutions to clients all over the world with an insight to provide the best experience in the industry.



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