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  • Oct 16, 2020
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Why Hospitals Should Have Mobile App

Mobile phones are an inevitable part of our life. The revolutionary changes it has made in the healthcare sectors are appreciable. In earlier times, we know how the picture of a hospital would look, crowded patients, unhealthy conditions, lack of coordination, and all these issues have been solved with the mobile apps to Hospitals and healthcare centres. As per the estimate of IMS Institute of Healthcare, we have more than 165,000 mobile applications for various purposes in the medical field that can help patients, doctors as well as other medical staff with consultation bookings, track and manage parameters like heart rate and calorie, streamlined billing, automated scheduling, and so on. These vast pools of mHealth apps have offered much leverage to all the people who are connected to health sectors directly or indirectly to overcome the barriers. Let’s have a look at the various benefits offered by mobile applications to the healthcare sectors.

Hospital benefits doctors, nurses and medical staff

Healthcare apps are a boon for doctors, nurses, and medical staff that it eases the work. Nowadays, the prescription of doctors is digitalized and thus information can be sent rapidly without any delay. The medical conditions of the patients can be updated through these mHealth apps so that it helps in emergency situations. According to the statistics, it is believed that 80% of doctors use mobile facilities to extend their medical services. A customized approach is also possible through these apps to give special care for the needy.

Seamless services to patients

Patients are the prime individuals getting seamless services through mHealth apps that it saves a lot of costs. Mobile apps are user-friendly and it helps them to schedule a quick appointment with their preferred doctor, view medical test reports, buy medicines and related products at affordable rates, contact nutritionists online, manage their diet charts, and get health-related tips. Patients can have a video chat with their doctor. The apps also give details regarding their medicines and their side effects.

A boon for far remote places

It is true that extending medical services to far remote places, many rural communities, and post-disaster areas are difficult and inaccessible due to several factors. In most of these places, people are struggling hard to seek help when even at the time of emergencies they couldn’t find any solutions. The higher percentage of elderly patients, lack of necessary medicines and types of equipment, etc. has created an imbalance in rural hospitals. Sometimes doctors are not willing to reach rural areas. This challenging situation can be effectively tackled with the help of mHealth apps. Patients can book their appointments with their expected doctors and could buy medicines without actually travelling to the hospital. This facility reduces other human service costs and prevents the chances of spreading infectious diseases among patients. Push notifications enable them to get the necessary health and nutrition tips.

Impact of The Internet of Things (IoT)

Due to the higher level of chronic diseases, and population ageing, it becomes difficult to give basic necessary medical services to everyone. Now, technology has changed its pattern from hospital-centric to a home-centric routine and it improves the quality and efficiency of treatments, eventually the health conditions of the patients. It’s a comforting paradigm shift, satisfies the necessities of patients and the medical staff to hope for better medical treatment experience. 

In the latest medical treatments, IoT simplifies the task where advanced medical types of equipment are connected with the patient’s body to monitor the vital parameters. IoT streamlines the complete data and has access to all information and data on their smart devices. Real-time monitoring and simultaneous reporting of health conditions are possible. IoT provides mobility solutions and other new technologies and next-gen healthcare facilities. It has data assortment and analysis features.

The advent of new business models and opportunities

The mHealth apps not only aid doctors and patients but also have offered new business models and opportunities. Many apps provide personalized health care solutions and offer access to innumerable health-related information. People can download healthcare apps for distinct purposes such as to reduce weight, women’s health tips, pregnancy care, etc. This creates new vibrant opportunities towards the formation of a new comfort system that changes the overall perspective of healthcare ideas satisfying all the requirements of the consumers.

Reduced error in the diagnostic approach

During past times, we have come across stories of patients who had lost their lives due to the errors that happened in the diagnostic approach or due to overdose of medicine.  But, now these kinds of fears are out of consideration since mobile apps eliminate all possibilities that can be a threat to the patients. The medical staff can enter the details of patients precisely and store the record with cloud facilities. When the doctors receive the report having all the health conditions of the patient, they can prescribe accurate medicine with the right dosage and chemical compositions.

Reduction in the medical bill and expenses by mobile app

The high medical bills and expenses have always been an intense fear among people. Mobile apps are a solution to this headache. You can do some of the tasks with the assistance of it and can choose any hospital according to your budget and preferences.

Why Healthcare Centers Should Have Mobile App

Secure and easy bill payment system

Standing in a queue for a very long time costs a lot of time and energy. Mobile apps can solve this issue easily where they provide an easy and secure payment gateway integration helping the users to pay the bill on time. It is really flexible that it offers different payment methods like debit/credit facilities, direct bank transfer, UPI money transfer, etc. It is a secure system that you will receive notification after each payment.

Personal health monitoring

The mobile apps for Hospitals and Healthcare centres are highly recommendable because it helps you to monitor your own health. You can check different parameters like weight, blood sugar level, cholesterol, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. Any changes in the above initials can be analyzed and seek medical help if necessary.

Mobile App For Hospital

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The mobile apps for Hospitals and Healthcare centres have become a commonplace that simplifies the lives of the people to a greater extent. It has offered a plethora of features for doctors, patients, and medical staff where it helps in data storage, easy communication, patient management, and monitoring and much more. Numerous apps are now available in the online market that could tackle your health problems with correct tips and guidance. Next brain Technologies is a leading mobile app development agency in Canada offering customized mHealth apps that offer health-related services and keep track of your day to day health conditions.



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