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As the leading data visualization company, Nextbrain provides custom data visualization services that are tailor-made to your needs. We assist in turning your data into business intelligence dashboards at the time of connecting any business data sources to diminish dependency on manual data feeds. We have a core team of specialists having extensive experience in harnessing BI platforms such as Power BI and Tableau. They have in-depth knowledge of cloud services platforms.

What's our take on data visualization services?

Data visualization consulting assists in revealing critical data to clients. It administers data visualization advisory, implementation, and support services. Replenish your raw data into actionable visualizations with our data visualization services. Visual elements such as graphs, charts, and maps can administer a simplified way to understand trends.

Services We Offer

We assist organizations declutter information silos for better analysis. We assist in creating reports and dashboards that enable

businesses to simplify high volumes of complex data into interactive visualizations.

Data Platform Development

Data platform development

At Nextbrain, our professionals create custom platforms to administer high-end data management. Our services involve the integration of data sources, data storage, security, & centralizing data analysis.

Data Visualization Consulting

Data visualization consulting

At Nextbrain, our data visualization consultants help, define and advise clients in developing effective business intelligence strategies. We make your data easy to comprehend & impactful.

Data Visualization With Cloud Services

Data visualization with cloud services

Several cloud platforms are used like Azure and AWSfor connecting data from distinct sources in the cloud. We assist in integrating data sources into one dashboard.

Dashboard Optimization 1

Dashboard optimization

Our professionals have years of expertise in optimizing the dashboard at the data source & data model to meet client’s expectations. We enhance dashboards for visual parameters.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

In order to visualize data, our experts set up ELT/ETL processes for data integration. We ensure data security, data quality management, data reporting and visualization.

Bi Tools Implementation

BI tools implementation

From implementing BI tools to analytics use case identification and swift migration from legacy to Power BI platform, we have expertise in extensive data visualization processes.

Why Choose Nextbrain for Data Visualization Services?

Having 8+ years of experience, we assist enterprises and organizations with technological advancements in resolving real-world business challenges.
Collaborative Approaches

Dedicated experts

We have a core team of certified professionals having expert knowledge of working on projects that require the dissemination of large data sets into charts or tables.

Collaborative Approaches

Support & maintenance

At Nextbrain, our experts offer extensive support & maintenance for clients to deliver excellent data visuals with process-driven maintenance & upgrades.

Experienced Professionals

User-friendly Dashboards

Creating reports with smart visualizations has always been our professional expertise. Our specialists implement best practices with responsive design .

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis

With our services, companies can analyze processes & focus on areas of improvement, contributing to increased revenue generation & productive results.

Project Based Model

Collaborative & communicative

Among our policies, we always try to maintain project transparency & multiple open lines of communication. We ensure our clients receive every project update on time.

Transparent Policies

Transparent policies

We always remain keen in offering transparent policies while partnering with our clients for data visualization services.

Technology stack & tools

We have a dedicated team of professionals having expertise in developing customized GPT
for private businesses by harnessing modern business dynamics.
  • Python Microsoft SQL Server
  • FastAPI Power BI
  • GPT Tableau

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data visualization

Data visualization can be defined as the process of making use of visual elements such as graphs, charts, and maps to represent data. It can easily translate different data types into a visual representation.

What are the data visualization applications in the real world?

Our primary goal lies in turning data into highly immersive visuals that enable monitoring goals and objectives. Data visualization applications involve corporate performance, financials, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and assets.

How does data mining differ from data visualization?

Data mining involves assessing large datasets utilizing ML, statistics, and algorithms to collect and summarize the information. On the contrary, data visualization is mainly conveying information through visual representations.

What are the distinct types of data visualization?

Multiple data visualization types are available. However, from primordial times, the concept of visualization involves maps, graphs, charts, tables, and immersive dashboards.

What is the cost of dashboard development?

Dashboard development costs can vary based on a number of factors, specifications, scope of work, and many more.

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