Royaloak is the leading furniture retailer brand in India that has a national footprint of over 120 locations across the country. Emerging as the global leader in the furniture industry, the brand has created its own niche rendering a wide spectrum of opportunities for furniture designers and makers. Set on the aim of elevating the individual lifestyle of every customer, Royaloak administers international quality furniture collection at a competitive range. With superior-quality home, office, and home-office furniture products, the brand caters to reach all the cities across the country. From providing American, German, Italian, Malaysian, Turkish to Indian collections, the brand has more than 2 million happy customers all over India.




Royaloak Overview


One of the main challenges involved was bringing in a good presence and authority in the furniture retailing sector as the website was lacking it. The technical strategies of search engine optimization are used to augment the quality as well as quantity of inbound traffic to the Royaloak official website by rendering relevant content and bringing a target audience.

  • Rendering more visibility in organic search and resulting in gained traffic.
  • Analysing search engines fetching patterns to generate inbound leads.
  • SEO serves as the online engagement yielding better results.
  • Aiming at effective online visibility by targeting effective keywords.
  • Helps in boosting ranking to create business awareness.


The main approach towards the brand was determined from the business perspective. One of the prime objectives was to bring the brand website towards the top search results of the popular search engine, Google. Additionally, it includes the strategy of bringing keyword ranking in the top 10 results in search engines.

  • On-page SEO optimization and also improving content for the target landing pages.
  • Powerful link building to advance authority and popularity of the landing pages.
  • Improving page speed of all landing pages.
  • Furniture product valuable keywords ranking.
  • Complete search engine optimization services resulted in increased online visibility and authority resulting in increased conversions.
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Search engine OPtimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing pages on a website to rank towards the top of the search engine results page for keywords associated with the business. Several SEO services and strategies are used by SEO experts for creating valuable content and targeting website keywords. The process enables them to target the qualified leads with important content. The biggest goal of SEO is to create brand awareness of the business to reach a mass audience and the potential target market. Nextbrain offers robust optimization techniques to uplift the ultimate authority of the furniture brand in the broader retailing market by promoting business and driving more purchases with time.

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SEO for Ecommerce

SEO for ecommerce is a powerful optimization strategy adopted by Nextbrain SEO professionals to bring a higher ranking of websites in SERPs. Ecommerce SEO is more than content-focussed websites. SEO experts perform navigation, internal links, creating valuable unique content, and analysing the web traffic in the right way.

Rayaloak Seo Ecommerce

Audience review

Our SEO experts analyse full-fledged audience review reports to understand the pattern of returning visitors and new visitors in a graph. Additionally, one can analyse the number of total visitors along with the pages they were engaged in and how much time they spent on products.

Rayaloak Audience Review

Keyword ranking

Nextbrain specialists help professional service firms and brand websites to rank for valuable product keywords. Our SEO professionals follow best SEO practices and methods to achieve desirable results within a time frame.

Rayaloak Keyword Ranking Rayaloak Google


Our SEO experts team have engaged their complete skill and expertise to drive an unprecedented number of keywords relating to furniture products and brand websites into the top position in search engines. Many target keywords have ranked for qualified leads and resulted in increased lead conversion. With improved online visibility and increased sales, the brand generated increased revenue.





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