e-Learning Software Development Company

We are a highly sophisticated education elearning software development company who are headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We are known for our quality and reliability, and therefore many educational institutions have approached us to build applications that help people studying at different levels. We have developed apps that deal with simple calculations to enterprise level software that is used to control entire institutions. We have also developed other education related software apps, like remote and automated messaging, parental control, and those that help in report generation.


We maintain close relationships with our client at all times as we know that is necessary for a good development process. We also offer bug fixes and upgrades if our client asks us to check on a previous project which we may have completed with them. Each project is treated as a separate entity, and is worked on with a fresh set of eyes. We make the software as modular and scalable as possible because this will help the maintenance and upgrading process of the program. If you are looking for a good educational app to be developed, please contact us.

Our Education software development services

We are one of the best educational software developers in Toronto, canada. We use the latest technology and try to integrate
it into our projects that we undertake. This is because we believe education is an important process for sustaining and
developing the quality of life worldwide. Following are some types of education software services we provide.
Language Learning Applications

Language learning applications

We can and have developed software that helps students in learning language quickly. We use smart translation by AI mechanisms to simulate interactive learning. We also invest heavily in user experience design to keep the process fun.

Event Planner

Event planner

Schools and colleges have events like sport events, festivals and competitions. Event planner software have many tools that can help schools and colleges organize such events with ease without making any mistakes. This will help reduce stress on the school management.

Math Applications

Math applications

We develop Math applications that can be incredibly helpful tools for both the student and the teacher while solving more complex problems that require abstract thought. Our software in the form of apps can take care of the complex problems of any student.

School Management Erp

School management ERP

School management ERP is the most ambitious educational software out there, and they help in automatic management of entire school departments. They can help the school staff to focus less on the repetitive but important part of running the school.

Research Helper

Research helper

Higher education deals with a lot of research, and sometimes it can become difficult due to the lack of ways to reach the right citations. Our expert team of developers offers software that can help both students and the teachers to find the right research to help with a problem.

Custom Education software development FAQ

What are the benefits of software development services in the realm of education?

Education cannot keep on relying on the old methods that it used to rely on before. Modern education requires that the students learn as easily as possible, simply because there is more subject matter to be learnt. There is also the advantage of greater impact of educational software than traditional methods

Which platform serves the educational needs in the best manner?

There are many platforms that educational software can successfully work in. It ranges from remotely hosted cloud software that works like a web application to stand alone software on computers. Mobile devices can also run some types of educational software that we develop.

How much does completing an educational elearning software app cost?

This depends on the number of features the application contains, and the relative difficulty of achieving such features. A simple software app that helps with scientific calculations or brings up accurate references when keywords are typed will cost less than an ERP software that can control the entire school.

What are the most important features of an educational elearning software?

There are many features that can be considered important in an educational software. The accuracy of the information presented, the speed of the application, user experience and the utility of the applications are ones that developers and clients need to get a good grasp on to make the educational software a success.

Why do clients continually choose us?

This is because we have a track record of developing various educational software for various high profile clients. We also perform better than our competitions because we follow all the latest guidelines, security measures and trends in educational software development practices in the world.