Custom Entertainment Software Development Company in Toronto, Canada

We are one of the most trusted entertainment software developers in Toronto, and as such, we analyze the project requirements carefully before starting our work with the client. We maintain close relationships to both the client and the market and discuss strategies to make the planned app perform the best in the given conditions. Our entertainment mobile application developers have a history of developing successful and highly interactive apps that engage the audience. We also make the software as modular as possible, as this helps in scalability and easy bug fixes in the development process.


Through our carefully crafted design process, we make sure that whatever we implement on your app is efficient, fast and does the job in a secure manner. We provide many entertainment apps to clients ranging from broadcasters, advertisers, gaming companies and even entertainment businesses. Our apps follow strict performance standards that help them perform better than our competitors, and we constantly help our clients to integrate newest technologies into their apps and upgrade their applications whenever they want to.

Our Entertainment app development services

As one of the best entertainment app development companies in Toronto, we are involved in providing various entertainment
services in the form of cutting edge software. Following are some of the many services we provide, so if any
of these is what you are looking for, please feel free to approach us.
Multimedia Content Distribution

Multimedia content distribution

We are involved in the development of various multimedia content distribution apps like video streaming. We ensure to use the latest technologies that suit this process including optimal storage mechanisms, connection reuse and download segmentation. 

Music Apps

Music apps

We have developed various music streaming and sharing services for our clients. We have also developed audio editing, effects and audio synchronization features that go hand in hand with applications that have a bigger purpose in the entertainment industry.

Ar Vr Apps

AR and VR apps

We implement Augmented reality and Virtual reality technologies in our entertainment apps if the clients ask for it. We use algorithms that make it easy to simulate otherwise complicated environments and we reduce the barriers of human and machine interface.

Multiplayer Gaming App

Multiplayer gaming apps

We integrate cloud services with our entertainment apps, and this is incredibly beneficial when it comes to developing multiplayer games. The client’s customers can simply log in to their in-game account and access all of the playerbase to get a multiplayer approach.

Custom Entertainment FAQ

What are the benefits of mobile app development services for the entertainment industry?

A significantly large portion of the general public uses mobile apps these days, as the processing prowess of mobile devices have increased. By developing entertainment apps for mobile devices, one can increase their audience reach and also get more feedback rather quickly. It also helps increase the revenue from such apps.

Which platform is the best for entertainment app deployment? Android or iOS?

Both Android and iOS have a large amount of users making them viable options to choose to develop an entertainment software for. Android is slightly better if your entertainment app is often used with external hardware devices, and iOS performs well if you are creating an entertainment app that also includes a lot of user data within it. This is because of extended hardware support and better privacy practices respectively.

What is the cost of developing an entertainment app?

The answer to this question relies on many factors, including the scope of the project, type of project and the project criteria. Bigger projects require more time and money to develop when compared to smaller projects. The level of security and the amount of data that is being dealt with in the app also holds a considerable degree of affect on the cost of such an app.

What are the important features when it comes to an entertainment app?

There are many important features when it comes to entertainment apps. They all need to work very fast and support all the devices that the software platforms they are based on support. They must include a considerable degree of data privacy and use the latest technology that is available to gain maximum interaction from their users.

Why do clients keep choosing us for entertainment software development services?

Clients repeatedly choose us because we are the best entertainment software development company in Toronto, canada. We have also developed web apps and stand alone apps relating to media streaming or entertainment for computers running various operating systems. We provide custom API for every app we develop and include the fastest data caching and sharing techniques in the app.