7 min readWhat are the essential features of effective dental website design and development?
What Are The Essential Features For An Effective Dental Website Design And Development

The dental website must be designed according to the current trends having engaging images, calming colours, and professional videos to make patients feel at ease from the moment they visit the website. Web designers and developers must include relevant information about dentists and dental practices and present them in a visually appealing way. 

Not having a proper dental website design can affect your business growth. The clarity of your dental website design directly reflects what the clients can expect when they visit your clinic. Usually, when the clients visit your website they want to find the data quickly and navigate your website easily which creates a sense of trustworthiness.

So, the website for your dental practice must have responsive design integration and simple navigation so that it works efficiently in all the browsers. The dental website must also meet the SEO standards to attract more visitors online. Below given are the important features you need to know before going to start a new dental practice or redesign your website.

HIPAA compliance

HIPAA compliance is very essential for all healthcare providers, including dentists especially if you have online forms or online payment options. It is required to secure protected health information (PHI) and any demographic information of a patient. The data transmitted via the dental website must be encrypted and secure. It is recommended to have SSL certificates for all websites but especially for dentists to protect your patient information.

Home page

What Are The Essential Features For An Effective Dental Website Design And Development44

The dental website design must have an effective “Home page” with responsive design integration. The home page of the dental website must have a clean header with menus, creative banners and other sections including about us page, services page, gallery, latest news/blogs, FAQ page, subscribe to newsletter and footer.

Pages for each service/treatment

Your dental website must include all the services you provide with a short and informative description of that particular service. It must also have separate web pages for each and every service. By updating the comprehensive lists of dental services you offer makes it easy for your patients to get a clear idea about your services and decide if you are offering the treatment they need. Also, if all the service pages are optimized having appropriate keywords in the title, URL and the page content, then it offers you an SEO advantage.

Procedure explanation photos & videos

Include the videos and photos in the services pages or wherever required explaining the process of treatment in a step-by-step procedure. These videos and photos will give better results if you put on the individual service pages of your website. This creates a perfect understanding of your treatment among the patients as the dentists themselves will be explaining everything about the process of treatment from any simple cleanings to root canals and even more complex treatments. This develops strong confidence in your treatment among prospective patients.

Book an appointment

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Under each services page, patients will have a “Book an appointment” option making it easy for the patients to schedule an appointment with the concerned doctor. Patients can book an appointment by entering their name, age, email, phone number, patient type either new or existing, preferred date and time, clinic location, and comments. Once the patients have filled and submitted the appointment form online, an appointment confirmation email will be sent to patients as well as doctors. Patients also have an option to add the booking date and time to the calendar from their email id.

Location pages for multi-location practice

Similar to having separate service pages, it is also suggested to have separate pages for each location, if you offer treatment in various locations. If you create separate web pages for each location, then your website will get optimized for all those locations which increase the chances of patients finding your clinic in that particular city when they search for local dentists.

Information about dentists

Your dental clinic may have one or more dentists and the “About us” page will let your patients know the details about all the dentists in your clinic. A lot of your patients always want to know about the dentist’s experience, specialization and other details. So it is much required to give all the details of the dentists like educational background, certifications, training, awards, etc to attract online visitors.

Update blogs

A dental website should also include a blogs page having all the latest news of dentistry, dental care tips and any other updates. In the blogs page, the total list of blogs which are updated will be displayed. Anyone can search the blog with its title or filter the blogs by a particular category. The detailed page of each blog will be shown along with the options to share on social media. It will be highly beneficial if the dental blogs are written as per the SEO standards which brings more visitors to the website.


In the gallery section, you can include all the photos and videos of dentists, clinic, team or during any special events. You can also include the photos and videos of your achievements in the dental field. Your patients or visitors can view the list of the gallery, multiple photos in the gallery. There is also an option to view the photos in the slide show. List of videos can be shown where the visitors can play and watch the videos.

Testimonials or Customer review page

Usually, online visitors assess dental practice through client testimonials. For example, the personal story which is shared by a patient who suffered from severe tooth pain and later on got recovered after the treatment from the dentist creates a great positive impact and trust among the patients which makes them schedule an appointment with the dentist.

According to research, 72% of online visitors won’t decide without reading the reviews. So it is beneficial to have a testimonial or customer review page to attract more visitors. In the testimonials page, visitors can view the list of customer testimonials with text and can watch the video of the customers.

Contact information

The website design of a dentist should also have a contact page where all the contact details like the hospital location, email address, phone number, an emergency phone number and any other contact details that your online visitors may require. Also, it will be helpful to give basic directions to the dentist’s hospital so that the patients who are not familiar with that location can easily identify the hospital and approach the dentist easily. 

Social media icons in the footer

t is a great advantage to include social media icons in the footer of the website design as it makes the patients find your website easily and follow on their social media platform. You can also have social media links, live chat support integration, web push notification integration, and FAQ pages.

Lead generation form

In dental practices, appointment requests and the contact forms on your website act as lead generation forms making it easy for new and existing patients to schedule their next appointment or contact you with a query at any time. These submissions act as a key for getting new patients and expanding your dental practice.


Dental websites should always portray the expertise of dentists through elegant designs and high-quality videos. A dental website allows patients to book and schedule appointments, accept new patient forms, and educate visitors about dental health. Nextbrain Technologies is the top website design and website development company in Toronto offering custom dental web design services along with dental SEO services to capture the attention of more patients.

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