6 min readWhat are the major factors that influence the cost of designing a mobile app?
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  • Nov 27, 2021
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1Factors That Influence The Cost For Designing A Mobile App

In the mobile app development process, whatever effort you put into making your application unique and appealing will ultimately depend on its design. The mobile app design will mainly consist of user interface and user experience which will act as a better foundation for the entire process of app development. So it is important to be aware of the cost of app design and what services and procedures will mainly affect this pricing.

In general, investing very less on the app design cost will not be a correct decision because it is the foundation for your app’s success. It helps to attract your potential customers. Mobile app design is mainly focused on problem-solving. The major idea of app design is to resolve the pain point of customers. The major mistake that anyone makes is trying to copy the competitor’s solution without analyzing the problems and requirements of the end-users.  

Process of mobile app design

2Process Of Mobile App Design

The process of mobile app designing is very crucial as it includes various services like research, user experience design, user interface design, branding, and a lot more. Let’s check the important steps in designing a mobile app.


In this phase, the business analyst and application designer will make a thorough analysis of the particular niche that allows them to get a clear understanding of the design of mobile apps from many aspects. Analyzing the situation of the market helps to decide the basic positives and negatives of the specific applications. Also, it helps to find out proper solutions as to how all these problems can be resolved in the later stage of the design of the mobile application process.

User experience design 

Mobile UX configuration also known as prototyping is the essential services of designing a mobile app in the process of design creation of mobile app. Based on the project’s complexity, it can have a framework sketch or UX wireframes. This can impact the entire prototype price assessment. Let’s find the important insights for designing an ultimate user experience within the mobile app.

  • UX wireframes 
  • Sketches
  • UX wireframes with the native UI elements

Visual design

Visual design mainly refers to effective communication with the end-users. It is the efficient way of conveying all your ideas behind your services or product and handling any issues by using the visual arrangements. Usually, UI mockups will be made dependent mostly on the UX wireframes and incorporate the design style of the mobile app as it will make a splendid application design. A UI designer specializes in making the overall look of the app very elegant by making perfect choices of colors, shapes, and many other elements in a creative way.


Branding is one of the most important phases of interface design of mobile apps. It comprises the production of text styles, brand representations, and logos. Branding will start with the creation of the disposition board and thereafter moves to the logo plan. An expert UX designer is capable of making your mobile app design more captivating with engaging and interactive visuals.

Illustrations and animations

Illustrations are usually made by making use of the Adobe Illustrator CC. It assists to provide the idea of features of the mobile app or a common app idea. Most of the illustrations will be of different styles but even constantly assembled with the complete idea of designing an application. The overall time for making a single illustration contrasts depends on the style notion, complexity, features need to be included, and a lot more Illustrations which depict users as well as some unique characters will certainly take an amount of time and effort for making.

Factors that influence the cost of designing a mobile app

It is important to be aware of the major factors that influence the cost to design a mobile app. Let’s find the most essential factors which impact the cost of designing a mobile application.

Number of platforms

It is very crucial to consider if you require to design a mobile app only for the single operating system like iOS or Android or you require the app design for both.  Once you decide about this, then it will make a drastic change to the cost of your app design because the designers are required to spend a lot of time on both platforms. Usually, the professional mobile app development company will initiate iOS app development and design and then implement the Android app development and design. Also, various companies implement this process differently.


While discussing the cost of UI design of a mobile app or the price for app development, you need to consider various complexity levels while estimating the UI UX design cost of the application.

  • Simple Apps

The simple applications consist of various designs and animations. Some apps like alarm and calculators are examples of this simple app. These simple apps are not usually designed for meeting the individual platforms requirement as they look similar for almost all screens.  

  • Medium Complexity Apps

These apps will utilize various animations and interactive elements as well as several screens. These are individually designed for iOS and Android platforms and are created to have the native look of the platform. They depend on Google material design principles as well as Human interface design guidelines. 

  • High Complexity Apps

These apps are more dependent on various designs to meet their specific needs. Even various transitions and animations will assist visitors to switch from various screens and finally convert into the potential customer. These high complexity apps will utilize various screens and work on different screens which demands a device specific UI design.


The cost for mobile application design services will differ a lot depending on the country of the mobile app design company or UI/UX designers. In some locations, you may observe very less prices, it will be an intelligent idea to opt for UX designers who are experienced and yet provide mobile app design services for an affordable price. Hence it is important to know about the mobile app design it costs for any particular region as there will be a great difference in app design cost from one country to another. 


Even though the process of mobile app design is a bit complex, it is necessary to invest time, effort, and cost to create an appealing design for your app to easily grab the attention of your target audience. Nextbrain Technologies is a reputed mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada with a team of expert UI/UX designers crafting unique and enticing designs for your mobile app that offers an ultimate user experience to your end-users.