Homeflo is an easy to use service booking application for both customers as well as service providers. It provides various services including painting, plumbing, woodwork, doors, windows & gates, home extension, building maintenance, masonry, site preparation & security, and various other services for a reasonable price.

It enables customers to avail any commercial and residential services from the comfort of their home. Our expert mobile app developers have designed and developed the on demand service booking application with all the robust features and functionalities to meet the clients business requirements.






To design and develop an easy-to-use service booking application for customers as well as service providers with robust functionalities and user-friendly features. To craft a robust and scalable platform where customers can login and book any kind of service and service providers can list their services.

  • Developing and designing a unique and scalable service booking application for customers and service providers.
  • To build an app for customers with various modules like login, book a service, track completed services, etc.
  • To handcraft a service provider app with modules like loin, add location, tasks, accept or decline orders, etc.
  • Integrating a secure payment gateway where customers can make a hassle free and simple payment.


By the implementation of latest technologies and effective strategies, the mobile is built and serves various functionalities. The mobile app is created with flexible features for both service providers and customers. Customers can book a service easily and service providers can specify their services on the platform.

  • With an agile development method, we created an easy-to-use app for both service providers and customers.
  • Using the advanced technologies, our developers created easy login options where customers can book services.
  • We created various modules for service providers where they can mention their service, view completed tasks, etc.
  • Our app developers crafted a robust admin panel where he can check the bookings, order summary, payments, etc.
Site Preparation Security

Site Preparation & Security





Building Maintain

Building Maintenance

Home Extension

Home Extensions

Door Window Gates

Doors, Windows & Gates





What does the system do?

This service booking application provides the required home service for the customers from the preferred service provider for a reasonable price. It is now easy to explore various services, receive a quote from the professional service provider for your task, and hire the service provider with a few clicks.

  • Customers can easily login to the app with their email id and password, add their location and browse the required service.
  • Customers can compare the prices of different service providers and schedule the task for a specified time with a preferred service provider.
  • Even customers can track the progress of their task whether it is open, in progress or completed and make a secure payment.
  • Service providers can also login, add their service and location and update their availability for the specific task.
  • Service providers can also view the customer details, tasks completed, and payment done by the customers.
Homeflo System1

Service booking

Homeflo System2

Service provider

Service booking

Customers can login to their account and book various servious from painting services to plumbing services. They can update required service and location details and get quotes from various service providers. They can also track whether their task is open, in progress, or completed.

Homeflo Service Booking Four In One

Service provider

Service providers can track the orders placed by customers and even view the cancelled orders or completed orders. They can also check the wallet balance like total amount, credit or debit amounts. Service providers can also view the reviews given by customers.

Homeflo Service Provider Four In One

Admin panel

This online service booking application enables the admin to view the details of customers and service providers.
Admin can also track the order history, manage payment details, view customer
ratings, and the growth of the business.

Homeflo Admin Panel
  • View customer details

Admin can view the complete information of the customers like customer name, mobile number, location, email id, and other details of the customers.

  • Check service provider details

Admin can also view the details of the service providers like name, location, service they are providing, price of the service, mobile number, etc.

  • Order summary

Admin can check the complete details of the orders placed by the customer, completed orders, cancelled order, mode of payment, and the complete order history.

  • Manage payment details

Admin can also check various business transactions done through the online platform. He can clearly view all the details like a payment completed or pending.

  • View customer feedback

Admin can view the feedback or ratings from the customer about the home or commercial service once the given task is completed by the selected service provider.

  • Analytics management

Admin can manage complete data of the services availed by the customer's. He can view the growth of the business on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Application flow diagram

The application flow diagram shows the clear functioning of the Homeflo application like login to booking the services, service provider quotes, payment details, and other functionalities of the app.

Homeflo Flow Diagram

User wireframe design

Our mobile app developers analyzed all the functionalities and features of the app to bring the best results. With an agile development process, our developers created customer and service provider apps with various modules like book your services, my bookings, payment options, and many more.

Homeflo Wireframe Four In One

Technology stock

Our mobile app developers built responsive and unique apps using the latest tools and technologies
like Android(Java) and iPhone (Swift) with user-friendly features.





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