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As a leading Logistics software development company in Toronto, Canada, we offer secure and robust logistic software solutions which can effectively optimize the workflows within the companies and improve cooperation between clients, businesses, and partners. Our expert development team assists clients by making them track their packages which improves customer satisfaction. We have many years of experience in offering various kinds of logistics software services that include Warehouse management, Route mapping, Supply chain management, Transportation management, Assets tracking, Fleet management and more.


Our dedicated in-house development team will also automate warehouse processes to offer better accuracy. Our dedicated team will optimize supply chains in order to minimize costs. In order to develop a unique and scalable logistics software, we will clearly analyze all your business requirements to come up with a perfect solution. We assist you with the proper tech stack and include all the necessary features that best suit your business needs. Connect with us for more information about our logistics software development services and solutions for automating repetitive tasks of your business !


DROPR, a reliable and fast courier delivery application is developed by Nextbrain Technologies for the client Movers International, Delhi. This app helps the customers with doorstep pickup as well as delivery of parcels on-demand by connecting the customers and delivery agents.

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Our Logistics Software Development Services

As a leading Logistics software development company in Toronto, Canada, our team of dedicated in-house developers will offer comprehensive logistics software development services and solutions in order to automate any repetitive tasks and reduce the risk of human error.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management

We offer Logistics app development services that will completely optimize the operational processes of the warehouse. Warehouse solutions will manage goods, minimize human error risk, and automate all the repetitive tasks.

Assets Tracking

Assets tracking

As a reputed logistics software development company, we track all outgoing and incoming shipments and closely monitor the condition of  cargo. Inventory management systems keep updated about the condition and location of equipment.

Route Mapping

Route mapping

With a team of highly dedicated in-house professionals, we craft optimized routes for any carriers in order to minimize the fuel costs. With a very short time to travel, it is easy to cut down the expenses of fuel and ramp up the freight line.

Transportation Management System

Transportation management system

We offer TMS solutions that will automatically select a transportation company depending on the route length, cargo type, and  also previous cooperation. TMS solution is essential for the logistics industry.

Fleet Management

Fleet management

We offer robust and scalable logistics software development with which you will be able to track the load level, fleet’s position, as well as equipment condition. This helps in making transportation very profitable and even safer for drivers.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management

Supply chain management apps will deal with the inventory management, purchase-order processing, sales processes, and supplier management. Most of the logistics companies will utilize supply chain management for more profits.


We have developed a corporate website for J.M.Baxi & Co., a reputed logistics company founded in 1916 for improving all its logistics business processes. This logistics company mainly provides complete shipping support services including allied services, husbanding, cruise & naval vessels, dredging support operations, and more.

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Logistics Software FAQ

What is the technology stack and cost for logistics app development?

The technology stack for any project will depend on the business requirements. To develop an Android app, mostly Kotlin will be used and for iOS, it will be Swift. One of the most commonly used technologies for the web are Node.js and Angularjs. It is not possible to clearly tell the proper tech stack or the cost of logistics app development without any prior idea about project requirements.

How businesses benefit from logistics app development companies?

Most of the Logistics software development companies will build fleet management systems, transportation management systems,  warehouse management systems, etc which will assist businesses in automating all the routine tasks, track the goods, as well as enhance user experience.

What is the impact of logistics app development in transforming the logistics industry?

Logistics app development will completely change the way businesses and clients think of transportation. Logistics apps will give them much more control on the process of the shipment as well as the improved details about the cargo.

What are the various kinds of logistics software?

There are many kinds of logistics software which includes Warehouse management systems (WMS), Supply chain management (SCM), Transportation management systems (TMS), Asset management, and many more.

Do you offer support and maintenance services for logistics software development?

Our dedicated in-house developers will offer excellent logistics software support as well as maintenance services. You can choose our expert in-house developers on the basis of various hiring models for logistics software up-gradation, customization, and bug fixing issues.


Deliforce is a SaaS based Last-mile delivery tracking and management system which helps to enhance overall business productivity. It provides optimized routes, real-time tracking, and also increases the fleet visibility so that admin can monitor delivery agents vehicles.

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