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Since the advent of software development, an ever increasing number of complicated processes in a particular task have been made to handle by the software application. This is due to the fact that the  processing speed has increased over the years.

This has led to an average mobile app of today to have more processing speed and power than many computers of the previous decade. Just to have some perspective, the Apollo guidance computer was responsible for landing people on the moon. This processor was 1300 times less powerful than the one used in the iPhone 5s.

Automotive manufacturing industry too, has come a long way since its inception from the invention of the wheel. Volkswagen making its impact on the public using its passenger friendly car beetle was a milestone that led to the fast passenger cars today.

The cars of today need technology integrated in them because there is a growing demand that it should be the case. Now, The mobile app of today can seamlessly do a lot of tasks.  It can draw and edit pictures, make music, monitor weather and display real-time traffic when you are using maps. This technology of mobile app development is now being looked at with the intention of integrating it into the automotive manufacturing companies.

Many automotive manufacturing companies have unknowingly integrated a lot of technology into the automotive sector, the most popular being the locking and unlocking from a distance using keys. Some keys let you start the engine heating or cooling process, start or stop the air cooler etc. all these can also be integrated to a mobile app. Companies like Hyundai, Ford and Chevrolet have taken great steps to ensure mobile app development taking place for their respective automotive.

We can now see how the mobile app industry can grow if it tries to get into the automotive software industry. It will help some automotive manufacturing companies to get ahead.

NBCanada Ways Mobile Apps Can Help Automotive Manufacturing Industries

Following are some ways that mobile apps can help the automotive manufacturing industries.

Mobile apps can help with command and control

NBCanada Command And Control

Automotive manufacturing industries have to rely on mainframe systems that have the sole purpose of command and control of a particular sector. This presents the disadvantage that such a system cannot be operated remotely. While this is a necessary precaution that  is taken because of security concerns, the mobile app of today can help aid this process. For example, the company Siemens AG has developed a bunch of mobile apps that can help detect failures quicker and also help monitor a plant round the clock.

This is called the Sematic mobile app bundle that is made available to the automotive manufacturing industries around the world to help them with command and control. Command and control is a vital part of automotive manufacturing companies and thus this mobile app comes under the mobile app development services for automotive manufacturing industries.

Mobile apps can help with quality assistance and maintenance

Quality assistance is the process of monitoring the final design product for its quality. It is not a processor heavy activity, and the mobile app of today can help do this quite easily. The facility is also made available to the general public. For example, the leading automotive manufacturing industry Audi has developed a mobile app called CarMonitor. This app uses the car’s OBD-II(On Board Diagnostic -2) port to give its users access to real-time performance data.

This data includes fuel efficiency, speed and carbon emissions information. After monitoring the data, the mobile app also analyzes and stores this information in order to help you reduce carbon emissions through smarter driving. This mobile app also uses the iPhone’s GPS feature to log route information and output performance details that can be uploaded to the automotive manufacturing company’s website for analysis. Auto codes, and car scanner OBD-II are other apps that try doing the same thing.

How mobile apps can help people learn about the manufacturing process?

NBCanada Learning Manufacturing Process

There are mobile apps that are available for the automotive manufacturing industry that help its employees and the general public alike to educate themselves about the parts in the automotive. App development in the automotive manufacturing industry extends to apps that help faster learning to improve the manufacturing process. Many of the top automotive manufacturing companies offer some type of app that helps the user familiarize themselves with their automobile. But there are some third party mobile apps that do the same.

Mobile apps like Hyundai’s owner manual app and Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus’ Enform mobile app. The hyundai’s mobile app is designed to replace the owner’s manual by giving the user in depth information of the vehicle and features 3D tour of its automotive. Lexus gives the ability to watch video tutorials about their different models and also offers services like destination assistance and dealer locator.

Mobile apps that help in actual manufacturing processes

NBCanada Manufacturing Process

Finally, There are a handful of mobile apps in the automotive manufacturing industry that help aid the manufacturing industry. These are typically developed by top industries like siemens AG, autodesk and similar automotive software development companies. One example is Siemens sm@rtclient mobile app, which is part of the Sematic mobile app bundle the company sells.

This app lets the user to functionally control manufacturing hardware using the mobile’s user interface. The hardware can be controlled as if the user or an employee is directly in front of the hardware. This is used in dangerous manufacturing processes like casting and moulding where temperatures or pressures extend beyond the range of normal for human bodies. Thus automotive manufacturing companies are using mobile apps to make their various manufacturing processes fast.

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Mobile apps have come a long way since their development, and automotive software and automotive manufacturing can grow greatly if mobile apps are used in the future to help employees of the automotive manufacturing companies and the general public. Nextbrain Technologies is one of the best mobile app development company that has its base in Toronto, canada. It can help the automotive industry by developing apps suitable for automotive manufacturing companies.



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