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  • Jan 29, 2021
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The new era of digitization has accentuated the utilization of applications among people across the globe. The above fact prompted the expanded profitability of businesses to strategize brand perceptibility. Because of the immense interest, worldwide clients are utilizing applications to boost their business growth.

A versatile mobile application concept can change the actual turn of your business. Today, major business enterprises are utilizing compelling app features to enable their business’s digital functionalities of their business in the global digital market. With the help of trending mobile apps, several day-to-day activities have also become easier and convenient. Are you wondering about the best app ideas that have the capability to change the world in 2021? In this blog, we have given a list of the top app ideas for 2021.

Top App concepts that can change the digital outlook in 2021

Oddappz online for food ordering and delivery 

Now you can delight your customers with the practical usage of the expedient food ordering and delivery app, Oddappz with just a single click. The app is effectively developed by the experts’ team of Nextbrain Technologies. It comprises a user-friendly interface and features that enable multiple payment methods, quick payment, multi-store management, instant purchase, and efficient delivery. With the help of this app, users can view menu, place an order by adding to cart, checkout easily, order tracking in real-time, and manage the order history profiles. The app offers easy and significant business functioning integration with seamless payment getaways, route optimization and easy delivery.

Home cook meal delivery app 

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Are you looking to build a home cook food delivery business? It is a distinctive business which you can make it even stronger with Oddappz app. The app helps all home cook meal delivery business to deliver online and gets exposure to a wide spectrum of the digital market. Nowadays, when bachelors are busy in their professional life, they have no time to prepare food for themselves. Your home-cooked meals can serve very useful to them, and with this app, you can easily reach them.

VNC Dealerdirect

NBCanada Vnc

VNC Dealerdirect is an advanced mobile application developed by Nextbrain Technologies for vendors of VNC Group. It helps them to purchase produced items, easily put in requests and track orders whenever required. It also enables checking of current payables and registering their payment system. This app assists in creating their own account by administering the essential details. With the help of multiple payment modes, one can easily have a safe and secure payment process with quick payment option.

GCain app for innovation projects in Africa

NBCanada Gcain

The mobile app GCain, developed by Nextbrain, is aimed at working for the African innovation projects. With this app, any organization can sign up and explore many projects of their interest. One can create an introductory profile and connect with different professional people to share a view on a specific topic. Different innovation people can use this application to register, login, browse distinct projects and connect with innovators at the same time.

Modern day warrior

NBCanada Modern Day Warrior

Developed and designed by Nextbrain, Modern day warrior is a fitness app which enables users to track their daily fitness routine easily. It keeps monitoring on the day to day fitness activities, shares reports, and acquire updates regularly. By dint of the effectual usage of advanced strategies, the app features fitness tracking capabilities that one can share to other family members too, do exercises and earn points accordingly.

Deliva Africa 

NBCanada Deliva Africa

The best food delivery and ordering app, Deliva Africa, is designed and developed by Nextbrain. The app is built in a way proffering service to clients of Mozambique. The users can locate the nearby restaurants and also get their desired food delivered at their doorstep. Clients can arrange the lavish food from the given menu and effectively get the food conveyed to their doorsteps. The customer can utilize the application to make easy payment and get the food conveyed rapidly.


NBCanada Basket

A premium online grocery ordering and delivery app, Basket, offer expedient and easy purchase of groceries at hand. The mobile application is developed by Nextbrain Technologies and is built with useful functionalities for better user experience. The app offers guaranteed conveyance administration guidelines and extraordinary client satisfaction. Clients can nearly download the application from the Google Playstore and enter the city and region for requesting grocery products online. 


NBCanada Beautyebooking

Beautyebooking is a superior beauty salon and spa booking app which serves as a great platform for connecting beauty professionals and customers at a single roof. Without any difficulty, users can use this app to book appointments of beauty and salon. It provides seamless proffering of services from top beauty professional present in the location. From the expert’s end, they can showcase their services and offers at hand. Thus, it leads to service visibility to a potential user base and thereby embellishes business growth.


NBCanada Mymoney

With a range of secure money transaction services, Mymoney is developed to assist people in Malaysia. With the assistance of this application, people can make easy and quick payments, bill payment, mobile recharges, ecommerce bills and several other transactions. The app is highly interactive, showing payment exchanges rapidly with smileys as they are the latest trends now. All features are customer-driven and built towards a better future.


NBCanada Krishidirect

Nextbrain Technologies have carefully assembled a grocery delivery and ordering application, Krishi Direct. By dint of the apps’ effectual features, users can get new organic products, vegetables, flour, millets, eggs, meat, chicken, and food grains straightforwardly from the ranches at your doorstep. Krishi Direct conveys the best quality items for your ordinary requirements with most extreme consideration and commitment. Since all some staple goods are conveyed easily from the ranches, these natural homestead new vegetables and organic products are suitable for health, and quality assurance checked.


NBCanada Inbloom

Bringing the digital corridor to your home has always been the primordial aim of our development journey. With this objective, Nextbrain developed a cashback app, Inbloom, helping customers to get cashbacks and incentives for buying local items and services. Within the feature-rich contents under a roof, it covers all local merchants, and customers get cashback for purchases done or services taken. The merchants involved can be a beauty salon spa or a grocery store. The user can purchase items through the app and avail cashbacks easily.


NBCanada Otel2go

Otel2go application is a cloud-based property management app, developed by Nextbrain to perform cloud operations with relevant features. As a hotel booking app, it helps owners showcase portfolios of their hotels at different locations, and thus customers acknowledge them via the app and take their service. It enables reservation management, hotel booking, travel deals, rate checking, amenities, offers, and online payment options. The property management application administers multiple property management simultaneously, guest accommodation, guest accommodation, and many others.

Airbnb for cars

Are you on the lookout to rent a car for a specific occasion? It might get difficult at times to find a car when out for a period. Airbnb makes it easier as customers can easily track a vehicle rental assistance that offers a vehicle on lease for quite a long time. Just as clients pay Uber, Lyft, for a short ride they provided to them, clients can lease a vehicle for themselves for a particular period.

Final verdict

Application concepts can be numerous, but the one with the right agenda is going to hit the right chord over time. Success is something to earn, and it is a time-taking procedure. When the unique app ideas anew strike you, and you immediately prepare yourself for the next one to rise to conceptualization.

When entrepreneurs are growing with varied business concepts in the fast-paced digitization, you have to be ready to set their foot to the global business market. A proficient Mobile app development company Ws what you need to validate your business app features and proceed to the next-gen trend-setting of 2021. 



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