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Get a retail ordering and delivery application developed with all essential features by hiring our dedicated app developers. We assure you of developing high quality apps at affordable prices.
Retail Ordering Software

Why must Retail Business go with an Online Ordering and Delivery System?

Retail Ordering and Delivery System helps you save a lot of time and money. When you create a retail ordering mobile app for your business with Nextbrain Technologies, you will quickly increase sales and attract a huge customer base willing to buy products online. We offer a fully-tested and scalable retail ordering and delivery system for your business with a menu list, customer reviews, smart search, easy reordering, product list, payment gateway integration, marketing features, driver application and a robust admin panel. Retail ordering and delivery application allows retail store owners to add or delete items, manage items, their prices, and discounts.
Grocery Online Ordering And Delivery System

Best Retail Ordering system for all types of retail business

Single Retail Store

Single Retail Store

For independent retail stores, we provide all the essential tools and features to grab customer attention and get more profits across all devices at a price you can afford.

Retail Store Chains

Retail Store Chains

For retail chains, we offer retail mobile app development and retail website development which can efficiently increase the business revenue and sales.

Retail Marketplace

Retail Marketplace

If your business brings buyers and sellers together in a single retail marketplace, you can manage everything through one dashboard.


Web Ios Android Application 1

Web, iOS and Android application

English Arbic Language Support 1

English and Arabic language support

View Promotional Banners 1

View the promotional banners

View List Products Home Page 1

View the list of products in home page

New Arrival List 1

New arrival list


  • View the list of retail products
  • Search the required retail products
  • Filter the retail products by category
  • Filter the retail products by discounts and prices
  • Check the full details of any retail product
  • Slide view of the retail products

Retail Product List


Add Items To Cart 1

Add the selected retail products to the cart

Edit Delete Product In Cart 1

Customers can edit, delete and change the quantity of retail products in the cart

Cart Show List Of Items 1

My cart shows the list of retail products added

View Summary Price 1

View the total price history of purchased retail products. It has the total price, subtotal and tax


  • View the complete cart summary
  • Select the delivery address to which the order is to be dispatched
  • Users can add multiple delivery addresses
  • Order delivery can be scheduled immediately or later
  • Select the available slot for delivery and update the delivery notes
  • Apply any promo codes, special offers, etc available on the ordered retail products
  • Mode of payment- Secure online payment gateway and cash on delivery options


  • To make online payments, Razorpay integration option is available for Indian customers.
  • Other countries customers can choose Paypal Integration for making online payments. Apart from this, we also integrate any one payment gateway which works in your country.
  • Once the customers place the order, the information is updated to customer and the admin via SMS and email,
  • Simple SMS gateway integration

My orders

  • Track the list of orders
  • Check the complete details of orders
  • Track the orders using real time tracking
  • Orders cancellation can de done easily
  • Users can download the invoice whenever required

Retail My Order


Deliforce - Ultimate Solution to Streamline Your Delivery Operations

Deliforce is the best delivery tracking and management software which offers real time tracking of delivery agents, optimized routes, automatic dispatch and helps in streamlining all your business operations.

Deliver Sofware


Web admin panel

  • Basic admin panel features like adding, editing or deleting new categories, managing retail products, prices of retail products, etc can be included
  • Admin can use email id and password details to login
  • CMS, analytics management and reports
  • Dashboard and admin settings. Admin can support the customers by sending emails incase of any assistance

Web Admin Panel

Settings Module

  • General settings
  • Location and Currency management
  • Contact and SMTP mailer settings
  • Localization management

  • Language management
  • Social media, email and SMS settings

  • Payment modules management
  • Add and manage the order status
  • Add and manage the weight classes
  • SMS settings

Admin Dashboard Gracery 1180x577

Country & Cities management

  • Add the information of city and country
  • Manage the cities using add, edit, delete, block or unblock options
  • Add and manage the area details


  • CMS page management
  • Use add, edit and delete options to manage CMS pages.
  • CMS page supports in managing contact us form inquiries


  • Add, edit or delete the retail products
  • Manage the category of retail products

Moderator management

  • Add the roles list. Manage the roles list
  • Add the sub admins
  • Manage the sub admins using edit or delete options
  • Allot the sub admins with their roles
  • Sub admin can view the modules and permissions that are alloted to their role, after getting logged into the web admin panel


  • Admin will be able to view the reports of various modules
  • Manage the total orders of the retail products and customer details
  • Admin can provide coupons, special offers on the retail products
  • Manage the products and activity log
  • Admin can track the entire log of notifications for different activities


  • Add the roles list. Admin can also manage the roles list
  • View and track the full information of a particular order
  • View any specific order using filters
  • Export full details of orders into excel sheet


  • Add the coupons for different retail products
  • Manage the coupon list provided on the retail products
  • Export all the information of the coupons offered on retail products to the excel sheet
  • Search for coupons offered on the retail products


  • Send notifications– Admin will be able to send push notifications to the customers using the app from the backend
  • Admin has the option to send the notification immediately to the users or schedule it for the future date.


  • Add the customer details.
  • Admin can also manage the customer details using edit, delete and block options
  • Search the customer information
  • Export all the information of customers into excel sheet


  • Admin will be able to send the newsletter to all customers
  • Track the list of notifications for any activity
  • Admin can add and manage the notification templates
  • Add and manage the list of subscribers

Delivery management

  • Add the personal information of the delivery person
  • Admin can manage the delivery person details using edit, delete, block, and search optionson
  • Assign the tasks to the delivery boy from the back end
  • Track the orders list alloted to the delivery boy

  • View the complete report of the delivery boy containing the list of orders assigned.
  • Filter the orders assigned with the delivery status. Filter using the open, processing or delivered options.
  • Admin needs the acknowledgement of the customer and delivery receipt having time and remarks.
  • Admin can view and track the driver location in the Google map through real time tracking.

Our Remarkable Projects

Have a glimpse at some of our outstanding projects crafted with innovation and world-class expertise.
Food Ordering Delivery App 1

Food Ordering & Delivery App

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android

Deliva Africa is the best food ordering and delivery service in Mozambique which allows customers to find the best restaurant within their location, browse the menu, select from the variety of dishes, add the selected items to the cart and order the food online.
See full case study

Grocery Ordering App

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android

Inbloom is the best grocery ordering and delivery app based in Canada which brings all the local merchants under one platform. Customers can shop from the best local stores, scan their bill & win amazing cashbacks. Customers who prefer to order online can visit the Inbloom Mall on the app.
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Grocery Ordering App 1
Best Salon And Spa Booking Software 1

Food Ordering & Delivery App

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android

BeautyeBooking is the best salon and spa booking mobile application which connects the customers and the professional beauty experts/ salons. Customers can choose their desired beauty experts and book their appointments easily without waiting for a long time.
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Single Retail Store

$5000 USD

  • Customer web application
  • Admin web application
  • Customer iOS & Android application
  • Driver android application
  • Default Payment Gateways – Razorpay, Paypal.
  • Default Language – English, Arabic
  • 3 Months free support


Retail Marketplace

$8000 USD

  • Customer web application
  • Admin web application
  • Customer iOS & Android application
  • Driver android application
  • Store Web application
  • Store android application
  • Default Payment Gateways – Razorpay, Paypal.
  • Default Language – English, Arabic
  • 3 Months free support


Benefits of Retail App Development

Our on-demand retail ordering software comes with all the advanced features so that retail stores can expand business and increase revenue.
Customised Advanced

Customised & Advanced

Success Partner

Success Partner

Third Party Integritation

Third-Party Integrations

Seamless Payment

Seamless Payments

User Friendely


Time Cost Efficient

Time & cost efficient

Go Globel

Go Global

Multi Model


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the demo of the software?

Yes. You can get a free live demo by contacting our sales team. You can also reach out to us with your contact details and we will get back to you.

What is expected time to deliver the retail application?

We have a ready made solution which can be deployed in two weeks of time from arrival of the installation document from the client. If any customization is required, then we will give the additional time based on efforts.

What are the deliverables?

We will give the Web front end and back end application, customer iOS and Android native application.

Will there be any support after I purchase the software?

We will give 3 months free support after the purchase of the retail ordering software. Whenever you need help you can contact our support team. After the free support, we charge 20% of project cost per year as annual maintenance cost.

How can retail ordering software help my business?

The retail ordering software is coming with the Customer app, Driver app, admin panel, store owner app, Delivery manager panel, payment gateway integration, Manage multiple tasks, Schedule delivery, optimize route and receive push notifications to streamline all your business operations.

Does the full product be delivered with source code?

Yes. The full product will be delivered along with the 100% source code.

Can I take my offline retail business online?

You can take your offline retail business online and reach a huge customer base by using retail ordering and delivery software.

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