Retail Store Management System

Our professionals create expert software solutions for advancing customer experience and increasing the overall customer base. As the leading retail app development company, we administer customer-centric retail solutions across all platforms. By implementing effective retail technologies, we help businesses by applying the right methodologies to streamline functional operations. With the main aim of driving growth, our experts employ strong technical expertise in motivating consumer behaviour. Our proficiency lies in transforming your retail business to the subsequent level of efficiency with effective retail software development solutions. 


As one of the renowned retail software development companies, we build robust software solutions by establishing supply chain management solutions, secure payments, IoT increased consumer rates, UI/UX design, AI and Big Data, indoor positioning and software development. We have a complete team of retail app developers who have effective expertise in augmenting digital business strategy by making the best use of key growth enabling retail technologies and behavioural analytics. With proficient retail services, we help enterprises and businesses to stand out ahead of the competition. 


Carpetcellar provides a wide variety of items which includes shawls, antique carpets, textiles, durries, and many other products. We have designed and developed a custom ecommerce website to showcase their products where customers can find various products, easily add the product to the cart, and complete the checkout process.

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Our Retail Software Development Services

As the leading retail software development company, we have a group of developers who create scalable retail services for streamlining retail business processes. They have proficiency in proffering unique retail software development solutions to customers all across the globe.

Custom Retail Software

With effective technologies, we develop unique retail solutions that are tailored to business needs. Various retail software services comprise POS applications for integration and sales processing, ERP systems for integration, and inventory management systems.

Managing Supply Chain

Our experts administer multiple retail solutions for supply chain management in retail enterprises. It helps to overcome the challenge of product management, supplies, pickups across different platforms, and delivery management. We help retail businesses with automation and asset management.

All Round Customer View

By creating a centralized data hub of retail business we strive to achieve omnichannel customer engagement. Our professionals integrate advanced CRM systems to get a complete 360-degree view of customers and lead to streamlining communication between customers and retailers.

Ecommerce Retail Solutions

With the utilization of robust technologies, our retail software professionals ensure efficient retailing services for expanding your business and boosting its growth. The process includes product management, product delivery, advanced analytics, dashboard, and search engine visibility.

Retail Corporate Portal Development

Nextbrain professionals have proficiency in developing retail corporate portals from scratch. A corporate retail web portal will help the organization to streamline different operations. We strive to deliver robust and user-friendly solutions for business integration.

Retail Mobility Solutions

Our experts have developed and designed retail mobility solutions for clients to administer real-time data access, enable task completion on the go, streamlining different retail activities, and helping customers with expedient service. We build scalable mobile solutions for tracking inventory.  

Data Analysis

For all retail processes, data is the basic framework. Our experts offer multiple levels of data analysis assisting retail businesses in planning sales activities, maximizing process efficiency, etc. With AI and Big data analytics, one can make precise sales decisions and forecasts on time. 

Augmented Experience & Virtual Reality

Our team provides retailers with advanced tools for seamless customer experience and omnichannel benefits. We enable equipping premises with augmented experience and VR tools for helping customers view product functionality. This aids in instant customer decision and brand engagement.

Indoor Positioning

The indoor positioning helps in measuring visitor flows for emphasizing customer and sales engagement. It helps in fast and accurate indoor positioning resulting in enhanced brand engagement all the way through the shopping experience for additional touchpoints.


Probayan offers a wide variety of handloom and traditional sarees for which we have designed and developed a fashion ecommerce website using the latest tools and technologies. Customers can easily find their favorite sarees, make a secure online payment, and get an ultimate shopping experience.

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Retail software development FAQ

What are the advantages of software solutions for retail businesses?

A number of advantages are there when it comes to retail software solutions. The main benefits of retail software solutions include accounting and retail management, improved customer buying experience, increasing the ultimate ROI, marketing and promotion, ecommerce integration with retail software solutions and cost reduction on manual processes by streamlining automation.

What is the budget estimate for developing a custom retail software solution?

While estimating the budget of a retail software solution, it is very difficult to curate an accurate budget. For the most part, it depends upon the complexity involved in the platform, analysing the functionality that it will render, adding business-centric features, and high security encryption. After a complete analysis of the project specifications and tools, one can offer the budget of the retail software development. 

Why is Nextbrain preferred as a retail software solution provider?

We are a renowned retail software development company in Toronto, Canada that comprises a professional team of developers having proficiency in developing retail software solutions for multiple platforms and clients all across the globe. From providing custom software solutions tailored to business requirements to build scalable retail solutions, we have expertise in the arena using advanced technologies.    

How can retail businesses get facilitated from retail software?

The main benefits of ERP in a retail business chain comprises any functional aspects. These comprise better inventory management, omnichannel integration, reliable business data analysis, automation of sale and payment records, increasing customer management, enhancing operational efficiency, and advancing retail operations.


We have developed the best online grocery ordering and delivery app for Krishi Direct that assists customers in purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, flour and millets, non-veg food, and many more directly from the farms for a reasonable price. Customers can easily place orders online and receive products to their door on time.

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