Deliforce is the best delivery tracking and management system which bridges the gap between customers and delivery agents and allows the customers to track the agents in real-time thereby reducing the overall delivery turnaround time. It comes with great features like optimized route, automatic dispatch, and many more.

It helps to increase the fleet visibility where admin can have good control over the vehicle’s of the agents. This last-mile delivery tracking and management system assists in increasing overall productivity of business thereby increasing the ROI of the business.





Our experienced development team will make clear analysis and conduct brainstorming sessions to properly understand the issues and come up with the appropriate solutions in order to resolve all those challenges. We focused more on integrating the appropriate features and powerful functionalities to provide ultimate user experience to the target audience.

  • To design and develop custom and scalable website
  • Creating and optimizing website content with SEO strategies
  • To enhance user experience and drive more organic leads to the website.
  • Improve customer loyalty and enhance brand visibility
Deliforce Challenge


Our highly talented developers have efficiently resolved all the challenges by deep analysis and research of the project requirements and behaviours of the target audience. With integration of the unique features and robust functionalities, we ensure in offering exceptional user experience to the end-users. We always use cutting-edge technologies and tools to build the best delivery tracking and management system with user-friendly features.

  • Thorough analysis of competitors and deep understanding of business needs to craft a high quality website which is functionally-rich.
  • Comprehensive SEO strategies and tactics to increase website traffic and generate more leads
  • Website content development and optimization with the keywords most likely to be searched by potential customers.
  • Increased organic traffic and improved conversion rate.
  • Enhanced website engagement and improved customer credibility through effective content marketing strategies.
  • Generated more than 20 keywords ranked on the top of search engine results
  • Generated more than 200+ leads per month
  • Consistent growth in sales and revenue of business.
  • Increased social media promotions to enhance brand awareness and easily connect with prospective audiences.
  • Improved brand awareness and reputation with effective SEO services


As mentioned in the below visual representation, the total number of sessions are consistently increasing with 10,884 pages and 2,434 visitors. Each visitor has browsed around 3.31 pages per session.

Deliforce Audience Review

Acquisition OVERVIEW

With our strong organic approach, we are able to bring a huge amount of traffic with our organic searches (47.2%) from referrals (19%), direct channels (31.4%), and social media.

Deliforce Acquisition Review

Keyword ranking

Our strategic approach for keyword research and optimization of content with relevant keywords has helped Deliforce to rank high. With proper planning, our SEO analysts have optimized the website with valuable keywords and promoted it through blogs and social media.

Deliforce Keyword Ranking Deliforce Google

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