As one of the excellent network benchmark operating tools for smart cell and telecom operators, Rantcell is used to examine network performance and measure different KPIs like latency and voice call test of 2G, 3G, 4G(LTE), WiFi broadband, data speed, and CDMA phone network. It has revolutionized the smart way to test network coverage, signal quality and performance on a single platform on a large scale. The Rantcell cloud solution supports different actions such as field test measurements, RF drive test, QoE monitoring, and so forth.

This enables mobile operators to compute the quality of network service they are administering to customers. This reduces the ultimate cost involved in network testing and service quality measurement. The mobile app experience is integrated with Rantcell cloud analytics which enables Rantcell users to access the dashboard comprising graphs and maps for performing post-analysis of test results.






Rantcell has become the revolutionary mobile experience application tool that has the capability to embellish with significant advancements to existing operations and tool processes influentially equipped with deployment and crowd-sourcing. Rantcell acts as an RF Drive test having the potential to optimize mobile network experience enabling users to convert their smartphones to RF drive test tools on several mobile networks resulting in providing data points with the help of Google Maps.

  • Video Streaming Test
  • Effective LTE/5G/CBRS private network testing as well as the monitoring solution
  • Enabling flexible 5G RAN network cell site survey and network testing
  • Efficient network survey for the purpose of QoE/QoS measurement and testing
  • Rantcell plays a major role in crowd sourcing mobile network testing
  • Having the exclusive feature of indoor walk testing
  • Provides an effective platform for cell tower QoE monitoring
  • Software influencing in the auto call system
  • A proper android based solution and WiFi analyzer
  • Vendor labs and mobile operators
Rantcell Solutions

How RantCell works

Rantcell has become the well-known mobile subscriber experience system serving as a landmark tool for small cell, telecom operators, and field test engineers. With the help of such powerful software, mobile operators get the flexibility to measure the quality of network service that are into proffering to their customers. Post analysing the results, they can either enhance the signal quality or optimize it for a better mobile network experience.

  • Rantcell works to measure the key performance indicators like latency (ping) test, data speed, signal quality test, voice call test of 2G/3G/4G (LTE), WiFi and other CDMA networks. This includes a QoE monitoring test.
  • The Rantcell cloud analytics offer solutions for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.
  • Rantcell Pro app is the upgraded version of the system for performance network tests on 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile networks.
  • Rantcell app helps to perform indoor walk testing solutions.
  • Setting up the video streaming feature of the system will enable live streaming of video.
  • Assists in triggering data speed tests on remotely located cellphones through Rantcell dashboard.
  • With RF drive testing and static testing map analysis, it enables analyzing QoE of 3G, 4G, and 5G data.
  • With a view to identifying poor quality coverage zones, location-based geo surveys can be performed.
  • Helps in monitoring real time alarm notifications for cell towers of 3G and LTE.
  • Rantcell administers a complete graphical analysis of test data.
  • It provides real-time tracking features.
  • Ways to use Rantcell PDF report generator.

Use case of rantcell

As a true benchmark network tool for performing latency of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G and speed test, Rantcell is capable of providing real time solutions to existing operations and processes.

Usecase1 Rantcell

Establishing Real Time Remote Monitoring of VIP 3G & 4G Base Station and top-notch customer location round the clock.

  • Setting up of Permanent remote testing point (RTP) with smart cellphones for high demand customers’ locations like 3G and 4G sites.
  • Administering realtime alarms and service degradation on data and voice.
  • Receiving real time notifications on data throughput degradation upon below defined threshold limit.
  • Effective real-time detection of call service failures like call droppings, call setup issues, and CSFB failure.
  • In scenarios where no data error occurs.
  • Scenarios of sleeping cells.
  • Helps in receiving real time service degradation alarms to data having latency. With help of this, the operations group can perform voice testing and demand data testing as soon as the diagnostic actions are completed.
Usecase2 Rantcell

Effective Strategic Trials on 3G/4G/5G networks Apart from monitoring KPIs from 1000+ user devices like small cell deployments.

  • The first and foremost strategy of 3G and 4G rural deployment trials.
  • Along with friendly users, 5G CPE Wi-Fi hotspot deployment validation.
  • Process of small cells as well as DAS deployment validations with friendly users.
  • In addition to monitoring QoE KPIs, remote tests run on friendly users' devices.
  • By means of using the Rantcell admin panel, real test traffic can be performed by scheduling tests on friendly users’ devices.
  • Identification of network problems at the time of revalidates improvements and trial fixing by running tests.
  • Analysing QoE and crowd sourced information in real time with the help of Rantcell dashboard for coverage measuring and data throughput.
  • Effective field trials and minimizes field trial cost.

Rantcell mobile application

Rantcell mobile application is a powerful app system effectively transforming your smartphone into a mobile network drive test device. Get the Rantcel pro analytics for testing your cellular network on a massive scale and improving mobile network performance.

Rantcell Mobile Apps Four In One

Rantcell Features

Major unique features of Rantcell facilitating telecom operators and smart cell operators to have real time action of the mobile experience of a user serving the challenge of network improvement and better mobile subscriber experience.

  • Potential RF Drive test tool for optimizing mobile network

RF drive test tool helps to convert smartphones to a test operating tool on networks & generate post-drive analysis through Google Maps UI.

  • Effective 5G RAN network cell site-survey

It helps in performing cell site surveys on WCDMA, GSM, LTE & 5G-NR radio access networks with the help of the Rantcell application.

  • LTE/5G/CBRS private network testing & monitoring

Assists in monitoring multiple MNC & MCC of private networks. It helps in measuring multi 4G & 5G networks along with measurement data.

  • Cell tower QoE Monitoring & Tracking for VIP customers

Rantcell enables operators to access a permanent remote testing point setup for monitoring QoS/QoE & receiving realtime alarms of VIP locations.

  • Identification of QoE issues on 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G & CDMA mobile networks

By using Rantcell app, it is easy to perform SMS, voice call, upload and download speed tests, cell availability ping, HTTP, video streaming tests.

  • Indoor Walk testing feature

Enables transforming any android cellphone to test indoor cellular network coverage & other networks KPIs by using the Rantcell app indoor walk testing tool.

  • Crowdsourcing platform for regulators

The Rantcell app platform assists the telecom operators to monitor and track multi-operator networks and establish their own performance data.

  • Efficient coverage map comparison between different carriers

The platform helps in surveying multi mobile network carriers & creating carrier coverage maps to find the best network with QoE within a specified geographic area.

  • Allow self service to raise mobile network QoS/QoE complaints

Rantcell administers self-service solution to customer complaints relating to mobile environment & perform RCA operations by analysing QoE/QoS data

  • Measurement of cell tower signal & cell tower range

It helps in measuring the exact cell tower range as compared to the planned cell tower range and assists in visualizing data on Google Maps.

  • Dynamic RAN network to IMS lab testing as well as automation

Supports extensive test automation on lab RAN network setup and diminishes test-time resource effort in vendor labs and mobile operators.

  • Offshore RAN network testing & QoS/QoE monitoring

With the help of Rantcell, the offshore team can perform RAN network testing and network QoS/QoE monitoring in real-time with a networking system.

  • The effective maritime connected mobile network benchmark tool

The tool operates on receiving real-time views of user experience through the dashboard panel from different fleets of ships by excellent network 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi services onboard ships.

  • Aviation onboard mobile network benchmark platform

Effective network like 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi services for passengers on boarded aircraft and real-time view of user experience with the platform.

User wireframe design

Nextbrain employs effective user wireframe design stacks that are highly professional to complete the design and development of the application platform with robust technologies and wireframing.

Rantcell Wireframe Four In One

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