Custom Software development for Manufacturing Industry in Toronto, Canada

We provide well-crafted and custom manufacturing software solutions leveraging advanced technologies for automating your business processes and streamline all the operations. Our team of dedicated and highly qualified developers deliver custom quality manufacturing software development services to clients. We offer manufacturing software development services to startups, SMEs and reputed organizations to assist them in increasing business productivity. We assist in effectively streamline all the production components as well as the manufacturing processes using custom CRM & ERP systems. We leverage next-gen tools and technologies like blockchain, machine learning, IoT, etc. in order to minimize the operational costs. We provide flexible hiring models which makes businesses choose appropriate models based on their project requirements.


With a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals,  we develop and design custom software for the manufacturing industry in Toronto, Canada in order to help them with efficient production planning, responsive manufacturing, remote asset management, and  industrial automation. We help manufacturers and offer exceptional business value with a transparent and a consistent approach. We offer MRP Manufacturing Software that can create an effective workflow between the manufacturers and distributors. We have a good experience of integration of third-party APIs into the software solutions of the manufacturing industry that empowers in gaining a competitive advantage. Our talented development team integrates Computer Vision with the manufacturing ERP software in order to make manufacturing companies run their business cost-effectively. Contact us to know more about our custom manufacturing software development services!

Our Manufacturing software development services

We offer the best software development services for the manufacturing industry in Toronto, Canada. Our team of highly skilled developers delivers custom manufacturing software development solutions to the clients globally.

Production Planning Reporting Solution

Production planning & reporting solution

Our experienced developers handcraft reporting solutions and production planning in order to assist many reputed manufacturing companies for transforming capacity planning, scheduling, as well as the production operations.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Customer behavior analysis

We assist the manufacturing industry to enhance customer services by building AI-powered apps which identify the process users interact with products or services and offer them a personalized experience depending on behavior analysis.

Order And Inventory Management Software

Order and inventory management software

As a top manufacturing software development services provider in Toronto, Canada, we assist in streamlining orders as well as improving the efficiency of inventory by building robust and custom order and inventory management software.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance

By analyzing all the historical data which includes electrical current, vibration level as well as sound made by the equipment, our developers will create precise and clear AI models to greatly improve all the maintenance operations.

Smart Products

Smart products

Our talented developers assist the manufacturing companies by making use of the AI-based models and build smart products which learn from the enabling systems and historical data analysis in order to enhance and execute much faster than ever before.

Third Party Integration

Third party integration

We work very hard and have a lot of experience in third-party API integration into manufacturing solutions. By doing API integration into data modeling, data mining, and report software will save a lot of time in creating an appropriate solution.

VNC Dealer Direct

VNC group is a reputed manufacturing company for which we have designed and developed a scalable app with enticing features. This app helps dealers find the products needed, real-time tracking of the orders, easily register the payments, and also monitor the current payables.

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Manufacturing Industry FAQ

What are the various kinds of software needed for the manufacturing industry?

There are various kinds of software used in the manufacturing industry including inventory software, order management software, product management software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, computer based manufacturing software, industrial IoT services mainly for asset management, etc.

What are the major advantages of custom manufacturing software development in the manufacturing industry?

The major advantages of custom manufacturing software development in the manufacturing industry includes scalability, improved performance, enhancing customer relationship, transformation of machinery control and production plan, assured monitoring, offering accurate business intelligence solutions, and many more.

What is the cost for developing custom manufacturing software ?

A proper cost estimate for developing a custom manufacturing software tailored to your business needs depends on the features included, project requirements, tools and technologies, expertise on developers, reputation of software company, etc. Then only it will be possible to provide an accurate estimate for the cost of manufacturing software development.

Why choose Nextbrain Technologies for custom manufacturing software development?

We have a proven track record of providing exceptional custom manufacturing software development services in Toronto, Canada with a value-driven approach, seamless third party integration, etc. Our team of developers are well versed with advanced technologies, compliances, and have good expertise in technologies like Big Data, AI/ML, and Cloud.

What are the features of order inventory management software?

The main features of inventory management software includes demand forecasting, records repository and management, logistics management, barcode data capture and management, stock movement notification, payment gateway integration, etc.